Top Korean Fashion Brands in 2023

by Raven T.

Korean fashion trend seems to be taking the world by surprise.

Why a Need for a Good Korean Fashion Brand in 2023

Without a doubt, the fashion industry is starting to feel the touch of one of Asian’s giant. In this article, we will be sharing with you some of Korean clothing brand and the brands that have helped shaped this rapidly growing industry. Interestingly, you don’t have to break your pocket to get one of these designer wears. From Seoul down to Jeju-do, the Korean Fashion industry is growing at an amazing speed.

List of Top Korean Fashion Brands in 2023

Just tag along, as we take you on a never-ending Korean Fashion World. Grab a cup of Asian Barley tea and of course, a bowl of Bibimpap (Korean Rice with mixed vegetables).

1. 66 Girls - Fashion Site

66 Girls

The first name on the list is the 66girls. One of the top brands in Korea, the 66 Girls Clothing is a force to reckon with. Need a comfy, trendy, casual and nice-looking clothes (for girls of course), then the 66 Girls should be your go-to site to find one. They have a site that caters to their customers. You should visit today. They’ve got flat footwears, shoes, and bags that come at an amazing price.

2. Kye - Fashion URL

Top Korean Fashion Brands in 2023: Kye
Top Korean Fashion Brands in 2023: Kye

Next on the list is the Kye clothing brand. Owned by Korean-American Kathleen Kye, the brand is fast becoming the darling of the people. Kye didn’t just start the brand because everyone wanted to own a clothing line. She prepared for this. She graduated from the University of Central Saint Martins 8 years ago with Masters in Menswear. After this, she opened her own clothing line in 2011. This clothing brand deals with sassy, fun, out of the box, casual wears. They make unisex clothing but pay detailed attention to the ladies. In an interview she granted, she talked about the identity behind the brand ‘Kye’. She said it was all about the casual wears. For the past 8 years, the brand has grown in lips and bounds. She has also partnered with like-minded personalities, famous clothing brands like Adidas, Gentle Monster, Big Bang, with her friend Irene Kim, C.L , and Shu Uemura.

3. 8seconds. - Fashion Link


For you to know how Koreans feel about this brand, you need to understand how Spain feels about Zara – Now, you get it!. the clothing brand was launched in the second month of 2012 by Cheil industries (one of Samsung’s Subsidiary). It has now become one of Korean fashion giants. It is now the direct rival of some popular companies like UNIQLO. In 2012, the company made over 60 billion Wen (which is approximately $54 million in revenue. A year later, the company made about 150 billion ($134 million). According to the company’s name, and the mission statement slightly insinuate, the time is ‘’now”.

The 8seconds store prides itself as the trendsetter in the industry. Some of the company’s signature looks and styles are the Space Age – silver bomber jacket coupled with a retro polka dot blouse, and the leggings with neon tribal print. The interesting thing about the brand is how affordable their products are.

4. Style Nanda - Site

Style Nanda

Another trendsetter in the Korean Fashion Industry is Style Nanda clothing brand. For every fashion freak who has had a taste of the Korean Fashion, recognizing Style Nanda won’t be a problem. To understand what they stand for, see them as a perfect mixture of the Asian and Western fashion. A fusion that looks classy but screams freedom (the LA style). From Retro to the classy wear, you will find what ‘suits’ you. they do not only make clothes; they’ve got their own makeup line too. it’s the 3CE, you should check that out too while you are out there trying on some Style Nanda clothing.

5. Tibaeg - Fashion WebSite


The Tibaeg clothing brand has a similar story just like Kye. Both are owned by passionate individuals who just want to leave a mark in the clothing world. The company was founded by Eunae Cho after gaining over a decade of experience as a worker at big Korean companies. There, he learned the trade of running a business empire. The Tibaeg brand was inspired by the founder’s love for tea. Cho creates is designs from simple but effective inspirations. His goal is to create a style that would bring joy to whoever has the Tibaeg Cloth on. The secret lies in the art of tea spreading and engulfing the water with its taste. for the past 8 years, the company has made notable collaborations with bigger companies such as Disney. They’ve also stocked at Robinsons, SocietyA, and Ps. Thirtyfour.

6. Steve J. and Yoni P. - Site

Steve J. and Yoni P.
Steve J. and Yoni P.

Steve L. and Yoni P. first launched their first collection over a decade ago (2007 to be precise), these two designers have come up with designs that have made statements in the high – end fashion world. You can find their designs at international fashion retailers such as the Opening Ceremony amongst other high-fashion retailers worldwide.

7.Imvely - Site


Next on the list is the one brand that first started out making just clothes. But that was some years back. Now, they have grown to a point where they now make their own makeup line. the makeup line itself is known as the Vely Vely (interesting name). They’ve got formal clothes and casual wears. Some of the office wears are below $60 (pretty affordable). A popular figure in Imvely organization is the famous model Im Ji-Hyun who is also the company’s Managing Director. She is known for a unique red lipstick and her bob (a trendy combination).

8. Reike Nen - Fashion Link

Reike Nen

The Reike Nen Clothing line was founded a decade ago by Rei Yoon Hong Mi. what the company does is reconstructing popular classic footwear. Once the reconstruction is done, the wedge or cut them up and turn them to sandals.

Even after the entire reconstruction, and the color restrains, they still expertly come up with some nice and ‘original’ designs. Most of the designs are simple and not attention-seeking. Even though they are made from Wedges, they are still one of the comfortable footwear you will find in Korea. Interested? Go to their online store and see, who knows, you might find something that suits /fit you.

9. Lucky Chouette - Brand Site

Lucky Chouette

Even if you are skeptical about Korean Fashion Style, one thing you can’t take away from them is the bold statement they make with their fashion sense. They clearly express this confidence in the clothing style. The Lucky Chouette clothing brand makes street-inspired, accessible and variegated clothing that would definitely fit perfectly no matter the style you rep. founded by Kim Jae Hyun, these clothes aren’t just accessible, but are also part of a unique Seoul’s 10 Soul which is a fashion project launched by the government to help promote Korean Designers to the rest of the world.

10. L.I.E - Brand URL


Apart from the interesting name, the L.I.E is one of Korean Prominent clothing brand. The company was founded by Lee Chung Chung. The Founder’s parents were also known for their own company known in Korea as Lie Sangbong. The company made its first debut in 2013. The L.I.E fuses modern silhouettes with nicely made fabrics to make luxury, yet stylish clothing. The company makes ruffled blouses, High – wasted trousers, and Tailored coats reflect. They add a feminine – touch to most of their designs. If you’d love to get one for yourself, visit TANGS, Takashimaya and Robinsons.

11. D.GNAK - K Fashion Site


The trendy and innovative silhouettes fused with a well-designed Avant-garde style make the D.GNAK a force to reckon with in the industry. Founded in 2008 by Kang Dong Jun. Dong Jun graduated from Parsons School of Design and hosted shows in London, at Milan’s Men’s Fashion Week. The company combines retro designs with a well detailed geometric fitting. It’s a perfect option for guys who want something more.

12. JainSong - Site


Need clothing with stylish, sleek, sophisticated looks? Then Jain Song is what you need. She (Jain Song) learned from her mother, putting in sleepless nights as an intern to get the needed experience from her mother. She launched her clothing line in 2004. Jain Hasn’t looked back ever since. She has collaborated with some other high fashion boutique such as 10 Corso Como, Lope, and Esteee Lauder. Her mother Kim Dong – Soon is also a veteran in the industry. If you’d love to have a feel of a different style from what you are already used to, then Jain Song is worth giving a try.

13. MVIO - Fashion URL

Top Korean Fashion Brands in 2023: MVIO
Top Korean Fashion Brands in 2023: MVIO

The last clothing line on our list is a unique one. They major in business wear for men. If you love to dress up, look sharp and elegant, then MVIO should be your next option. They offer out – of – the – box designs (business casual clothing) for men. This is the second Samsung subsidiary on our list. The company is headed by director Han Sanghyuk. Director Han is known for his traditional styles with an aggressive style. To get the three-piece sets of trousers costs over $170 but they are relatively affordable.

Take Away of Korean Fashion Brands to Try in 2023

There you have it. If you thirst for a different style, an out–of–the–norm kind of fashion, then your next destination should be Korea where you will find a sassy, classy, casual and comfortable style that will suit your taste.

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