Best 5 BIN Checkers 2023

by Raven T.

For those who don’t know what BIN is? BIN stands for Bank Identification Number. This is the first 6 digits of your debit or credit card number. In some other places, this same number is known as the Issuer Identification Number or in short IIN. The idea behind the Bank Identification Number is to enable Merchants to use it to check for financial crimes/fraud. The most important thing about BIN is help determine if the particular buyer who is trying to make a financial transaction is real or fake.

Why the Need for a BIN Checker

For merchants, it is quite necessary to check the BIN of a customer before transacting with him/her. Corrupt minded individuals often look out for weakness in the system. So, if you are a lazy merchant, you are likely to fall victim (if you haven’t fallen already) to these fraudsters. In a situation where the particular merchant doesn’t have the right system put in place, it makes it easy for fraudsters to commit credit card-related crime.

To avoid credit card related crime, the use of BIN Checking system is important. What is a BIN checker? With the BIN checker, merchants are able to check the credibility of a credit card. What the BIN checker does is to verify the BIN present on the credit card. In a situation where the BIN is not a valid one, then the card will be rejected. What it then does next is to search the BIN in the BIN database (to check for the identity). After returning the query, the data of the card owner will be displayed (data which include the bank issuer’s name, the card number, card type, currency, card type and the card issuing country. Once the merchant gets the card information, it will then be possible to match the card to the owner/customer. In a situation where the card details don’t match the information provided by the customer, chances are he/she is a fraudster.

Not to bore you, we made a list of some of the Best BIN checkers. These BIN checkers are reliable and can be trusted. Also, you will be securing your site when you make use of these checkers. How is it done? The BIN Checking system is integrated into your e-commerce site. By getting the API of the BIN checker, the system can be added to your payment platform.

List of Best Bin Checkers 2023

List of Best Bin Checkers 2023
List of Best Bin Checkers 2023

Here is a list of the 5 best BIN Checkers. They are:

1. IIN BIN List


First on our list is the IIN BIN List. It is one of the easiest BIN checkers today/ It boasts of a huge database with over 340000 unique credit and debit cards BIN merchants can make use to help secure your e-commerce website. it is said that the IIN BIN List’s database receives regular updates.

A lot of merchants make use of this Checker thanks to its reliability. No wonder they appreciated globally. All you have to do to incorporate this BIN Checker on your site is to incorporate the API on your payment platform. The API gathers important (necessary) information of the particular card and compare with the information provided by the buyer. Not to worry, this process doesn’t take time, within seconds the verification process is carried out. They provide you with JavaScript if you will be using it on your site.

Some of the features of IIN BIN List.

  • It has a 99.90 % accuracy coupled with a comprehensive database of unique BIN codes information of unique Issuer Identification Number (IIN).
  • The Issuer Identification Number List is updated on a regular basis.
  • They offer API which is used on the e-commerce site (payment platform)
  • It requires no third party during the BIN verification.
  • As a user, you are allowed to search the first 6 to 8 digits of a customer’s credit or debit cards IIN.

2. Credit Card Rush

Credit Card Rush.
Credit Card Rush.

Next, best BIN Checker on our list is the Credit Card Rush platform. Available for anyone who is in need of a BIN Checking system. Designed to help confirm the true identity/information of a customer’s credit or debit card. The Credit Card Rush comes with an auto-verification system which first verifies the authenticity/validity of the customer’s details. It then returns the BIN search result.

The Features of the Credit Card Rush

What makes the Credit Card Rush special? The features of the Credit Card Rush include:

  • The ability of a user to be able to match result which often comes in the form of category, card type, number, card issuer, and the card issuing country.
  • Credit Card Rush provides users with 100% accuracy. Accurate results and information which can then be used by the merchant.
  • With Credit Card Rush, you are protected from Credit Card financial crime.

3. Free Bin Checker

Premium service, this is what you get with the Free Bin Checker system. First, the customer has to input the first 6 digits of their card number. Your site (with the help of the Free BIN Checker) check the Bank Identification Number. What your website now does is to search for the particular BIN in the Free BIN Checker database.

Just like the previous BIN Checkers we’ve talked about, Free BIN Checker has over 600 000 BIN Records in their database. They have unarguably one of the updated databases in their industry. As a user, you can integrate the system on your site with the use of their API. With this system integrated on your platform, you need not worry about online credit fraud.

Due to the privacy policy, the data inputted by the user is cleared off after the verification process. The tool has a unique feature which allows users to make use of different cards. For example, you can check by vendor, company, card type, brand or card level.

Some of the features of the Free BIN Checker.

  • It can be downloaded for free and can be used on your site without license issues.
  • It accepts the first 6 digits of any credit card.
  • You don’t have to worry about your privacy as the tool clears the inputted data after the verification process.
  • Provides accurate card data.

4. Bank BIN List

Bank BIN List
Bank BIN List

The Bank Bin List is an online BIN checker which does a database checkup for BIN. Once the card’s BIN is inputted, the tool returns the relevant information which has been stored in their database. The Bank BIN List was designed to help prevent card-related fraud. There are two major checks which are carried out by the system. The first one is the apps ability to link up the BIN to its Issuer. Secondly, it uses an IP to search for a customer’s location.

When these two checks are done by the app, it yields an efficient way of preventing card fraud. It also ensures that the transaction is declined immediately the information provided is flagged. With the regular update, they have a relatively reliable database which provides accurate information of the particular Bank Identification Number. The tool currently has over 10 million IP addresses and over 300 000 Bank Identification Number.

Some of the features of the Bank BIN List.

  • It allows for the merger of verification of two countries.
  • The Bank BIN List provides users with accurate information which is served from the database.
  • In the case of information inaccuracy, the tool does not accept liability.
  • Carries out checks for the approval and denial of different transactions.

5. Exact BIN

Exact BIN.
Exact BIN.

Last on our list (but definitely not the least) is the Exact BIN. Are you a merchant? Then this is one BIN Checker you should have integrated on your payment platform. It helps you secure your e-commerce site. It provides an accurate detail of the card thanks to an up-to-date database filled with Bank Identification Number. With the tool, merchants are able to cancel a transaction once the information provided by the online customer doesn’t match the information on the Credit card. Their database is updated on a monthly basis. The BIN Checker can be used to source for card information. Information that includes card type and card subt ypes.

Some of the features of the Exact BIN

  • The Exact BIN database can be used to check the integrity of a transaction.
  • Users are able to use the BIN lookup to get valuable information from cards.

Why do we need BIN Checkers?

Without trying to sound like a broken record, there are tons of reasons why one should integrate a BIN Checker to one’s e-commerce payment platform. There are many benefits one stand to enjoy when making use of these tools. Benefits which includes:

  • Helps reduce the risk of online card transaction fraud.
  • Gives merchants and other users access to important fraud information.
  • Gives one’s site full security and your safety is assured.
  • They are absolutely free. You don’t have to pay to get access to these tools.

Conclusion of Best BIN Checkers in 2023

In conclusion, it is very important to take note of every online transaction. One of the ways to do that is to look out for the cards Bank Identification Number. It doesn’t matter the type of transaction. One should always check the Bank Identification Number / Issuer Identification Number. Using a BIN Checker makes the job easier. So, in case you are thinking of creating an e-store of your own, you should make plans for a reliable BIN Checker just like the ones we’ve mentioned.

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