Best Wi-Fi Hacking Apps for Android in 2023

by Raven T.

Best Wi-Fi Hacking Apps for Android in 2023 - It might shock you to know but the term "hacking" doesn't always mean criminal activity. The term hacker is originally used to denote a skilled computer programmer. One that utilized their technical knowledge to resolve a problem.

What Created a WiFi Hacking App Android?

But somehow, down the decades, the general public and mass media have misused or limited the meaning of the word. Only a few still understand it's context till today. Don't get us wrong, we're not saying hacking is a good thing or vice versa. What we want you to know is that the act of hacking is having some technical computer knowledge. And as often the case, any knowledge can be used for right or wrong depending on who holds it. Hacking is a skill, a good skill that one must know if you want to venture into professional computer programming. But the word always pops up to mind or even as blogs and newspapers headlines whenever a cyber-criminal activity has occurred. This has caused a stereotype that has made the word hacking synonymous with cyber-crime. However, we're not ignorant of the fact the general public wants to get the knowledge of this skill to use for their malicious gain. Even worst, some use it to steal credit card details and many other financial motives. For some companies, they deploy hackers to acquire information that can be used as leverage in the market.

In a more positive sense, they are people that use their knowledge of hacking for security reasons. Some of these might be to weigh up system weakness and to create a stronger defense against potential negative hackers.

Like we said earlier, hacking is a general knowledge and like all other knowledge, you can apply it for right or wrong.

Speaking of knowledge, today we would be writing on the best Wi-Fi hacking apps for Android. It is not yet enforced as a criminal offense to hack into Wi-Fi that does not belong to you. But chances are if you find a Wi-Fi locked, then the owner does not want just anyone using it. It's bad enough to hack into that kind of Wi-Fi, you wouldn't be happy if that was done to you instead. We advise that you move around and search for free Wi-Fi. Some companies and banks do have public Wi-Fi available for use.

List of Best Wi Fi Hacking Apps for Android in 2023

But let's say you're stranded somewhere and the only means you have to reach help is a closeby Wi-Fi your phone detects. It might not be bad after all to hack into it and get help for yourself. We don't just want you using this knowledge for malicious and greed motivated reasons. So hack safe.

P.S: When you get a hold of this knowledge, and you see a Wi-Fi named " GrandmaMay ". Do not hack! I repeat do not hack! I don't want my Grandma panicking (lol).


We promise only to give you the best and this Android hacking app is one of the best out there. Aircrack was created by Enthusiasts and Developers at XDA Developers. The company produces an online tutorial that would guide you on how to install and utilize the app. It comes in three options which are Live CD, Linux distribution and VMWare image. You can use your preferred choice. But we advise you pick based on the one you're more familiar with. For example, using Linux distribution would require you have a deep knowledge of it. If not, you can try VMWare or Live CD. These one doesn't require much experience, but it works with a limited host OS. Also, we recommend that you verify that the wireless card can inject packets. After that, you can start WEP cracking. Feel free to visit their website and read the tutorial to know more about Aircrack .

Aircrack doesn't just let you hack into Wi-Fi. It can also test the security of networks and also provides tools to protect you from hackers. This is one of the reasons why it's so commonly used by many.

Its attack system is the standard FMS attack with optimizations. It utilizes top Algorithms to recuperate wireless passwords by capturing packets.

Using Aircrack for Android is easy but you might experience difficulties finding chipset for monitor mode.

WPS Connect

WPS Connect
WPS Connect

You can quote us anywhere, WPS Connect is one of the best if not the best Wi-Fi hacking app for Android phones. It is easy to use and has very good hacking tools. The app includes algorithms like easyboxPIN , Stefan or Zhao Cheung. WPS Connect offers diverse abilities which makes it widely use and highly recommended.

The developers of this app claim that its primary function was to help verify and secure your Wi-Fi router. But WPS Connect can do a lot more than that.

First, you can use WPS Connect to access a network and then disable other users. This feature might come in handy in a case where you want to download huge files. You can easily disconnect other users and then block their access to increase your speed.

WPS Connect has a maximum number of routers. Its chances of breaking into locked Wi-Fi is high. It can also find the network's hidden password. That means that if you can't burgle into a house through the window, you can always find the spare key and go in through the front door. Most routers have WPS protocol enabled. This easily makes then appear like easy preys to WPS Connect

WPS Connect also has strong protection for you. It examines any router to confirm if it's safe to use. It also strengthens the WiFi network.

Although WPS Connect is very easy to use, it doesn't work on all Android. First, your Android needs to be version 4.0 and higher. And next, you need to root your Android and then you can download and use the App

Wi-Fi Inspect

Best Wi-Fi Hacking Apps for Android in 2023: Wi
Best Wi-Fi Hacking Apps for Android in 2023: Wi

It was in 2012 when a member of the University of Birmingham design this amazing app with several functionalities. The app was designed for an ethical purpose. It was intended for computer security professionals to test and examine the Wi-Fi networks they've been granted access to. This allows these security professionals to monitor networks around. Its design is simple but you need to have a good level of technical knowledge to be able to operate it well. WiFi Inspect has an ability that can identify the device connected to your network. Devices such as Laptop, TV, PS, Mobile, XBOX, and others.

WiFi Inspect can hack into any network easily. Aside from that, it is also able to monitor and controls the devices connected to your network. The app can also analyze and provide information on a device. It can reveal the IP address of the devices connected to your network. It also tells the MAC address of the device connected. You can also disconnect their network usage.

If you want the best Wi-Fi hacking app that doesn't require you to root your phone, then get WiFi Inspect. This app doesn't require you root your phone in other to use it. But you still would have to root it to use its special features. The app supports other languages and its speed is very fast .

WiFi Kill

WiFi Kill
WiFi Kill

If you are looking for an app to block or rather "kill" Wi-Fi intruders then WiFi Kill is all you need. This app allows you to disable any Wi-Fi connection to your network. It is most helpful when your WPA based Wi-Fi network has a weak password. With WiFi Kill, you can even dare to leave your network open. You can always kill any intruder with this app. It doesn't require much technical knowledge to you. We can boldly say it requires none. That is how simple we rate its user interface. And that is also one reason it has a lot of users.

Wi-Fi kill is not only good for killing alone. It can also expose information. When a device is connected to your Wi-Fi, it can show you the network name, and traffic use. It also shows you the website the device is visiting and the content downloading. Yes! WiFi Kill is indeed a very good snitch. Lastly , if you scan your network and find many users connected, it has a kill button that immediately shut the internet connectivity.

WiFi kill only works on rooted Android devices so be sure to root yours first if you haven't done so.



Kudos to the house of Zimperium for creating this app. It was primarily designed to examine the strength of your Wi-Fi network. It is very popular among security professionals because it uses it to check the vulnerability of a network. The app is also very useful for killing connections from intruders. It does this by preventing them from accessing any website. You can also mirror the method used from a cyber attack and identify the loopholes in your network. ZANTI has this simple user-friendly interface. Likewise, it's penetration toolkit.

ZANTI requires you root your Android device in other to make use of the app.

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