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by Raven T.

Looking to buy games on Steam for free? Or simply don't have the money to spend on Steam games? You are in the right place.

Although Steam is mainly used to download games, one can also earn cash via a Steam wallet. The interesting part of this is that it is relatively very easy to do. This is because earning money via Steam only involves completing surveys or watching video ads. With the money you earn, you can easily buy more games without spending your own real money provided you are ready to put your PC and internet connection to work.

Why a Need for Free Steam Wallet Codes?

Steam is one of the biggest video game platforms that game developers use to distribute their games to consumers. Developed in 2003 by Valve, it has since moved from being a game distribution service to much more. Now gamers need steam to update their game and also to save their progress. Steam also has an active community where gamers from all over the world can discuss tactics and different things about games they are currently playing. That way, they can also access it on any other device as long as they connect to the Steam server.

While Steam is free to use and even free to download, it is not entirely free. This is because the main purpose of Steam is to act as a digital distribution service. In other words, games found on it come at a cost. Of course, this is understandable, right? The company has to make profits somehow for the service they are providing. Hence, each steam game needs to be paid for before you can play it on your PC or Mac and it is no hidden fact that many of these games are expensive. The best thing about Steam is that there is no monthly fee to worry about. Asides paying for games before you download it, there are no other fees to worry about.

Steam Wallets and Steam Gift Cards

When you create a Steam account, you also automatically receive a wallet from Steam. You then have to load the wallet with cash before you can buy games with it. Loading Steam wallets with cash can be via Gift cards, Credit cards as well as Steam wallet codes.

Steam Gift cards function like every other Gift Card. They are physical cards that come in several denominations and you can only redeem it if the card is still unredeemed. The gift cards, just like credit cards, will credit your steam wallet with the amount of money the gift card is worth.

Steam Wallet Codes also functions just like Steam Gift Cards. You can redeem them on your account as credits and then purchase games or software with them.

How to get Free Steam Wallet Codes in 2023

Steam Wallet codes are very useful, especially if you want access to lots of games without spending real money. The fact that you do not want to use your hard-earned money to buy games is not bad at all since there are lots of people out there who also get these games for free. The comprehensive guide below will show you how to get Free Steam Wallet Codes.

Before moving to the list, there is one super easy method of getting a free steam wallet code that has a 50% chance of working. This method involves using Steam wallet codes found online. This method is genuinely fast since all you have to do is copy and paste the codes. However, it has a low success rate which is why it is not a full method on its own. Here are some codes you can try out:



3) JE9S5-R27V4-7FAHC


5) 2QM9A-7ZL94-4YXVK






























Best Ways to Get Free Steam Wallet Codes 2023

Below are more valid methods to get Free Steam Wallet Codes 2023:

1. PointsPrizes - Free Steam Code Site


When it comes to winning gifts and money online, PointsPrizes is one of the few websites that come to mind. From claiming free gaming accounts to earning money into your PayPal account, PointsPrizes does it best.

PointsPrizes also allows you to earn Steam Wallet Codes provided you gain enough points. To earn points, you have to sign up on the site and complete surveys as well as other tasks. Some of these tasks include promoting the site, site newsletter sign-up, among others. The best part is you can earn as many points as you want.

NOTE: How many points you earn depends heavily on your location. Popular locations like the US, Canada, UK, etc. will find more tasks to complete.

2. Swagbucks - Free Steam Code Site


Swagbucks is another good website where you can earn real money and valid gift cards. The site lets you earn points doing what you normally do online. This includes shopping online, watching videos and skits, surfing the web, signing up for great deals, answering surveys, and many more. Doing these tasks earns you points which are stored in your Swagbucks account. You can then redeem these points into gift cards of popular online retailers like Amazon or Walmart. If you want, you can also redeem your points into PayPal cash to get the money sent to your bank account. Either way, once you redeem your point, you can easily top-up your steam Wallet.

Mobile apps are available for you to complete surveys on your mobile device.

3. LifePoints - Free Steam Code Site


LifePoints is a legitimate survey company that pays people to take surveys. The surveys are usually used as research information by other companies.

When you take surveys, do note that each point you earn is worth 9 cents. Although if you want to redeem it into your PayPal account as cash, each point's value drops to 8.3 cents. As a result of that, you might have to take lots of surveys to earn substantial money that can buy a game on Steam

4. Use PrizesRebel - Free Steam Code Site

Use PrizesRebel

PrizesRebel is another site that allows you to earn free Steam Wallet codes as rewards. The site has tons of surveys and does not depend much on your location. All you have to do is sign up on the website with your email and password.

Asides from taking part in surveys, you can also sign up for offers as well as watch video ads to earn points.

Note: The easiest task to do on PrizesRebel is to take surveys.

Steam codes are not the only reward you can earn on the site. You can also earn gift cards that are useable on Amazon and Netflix. You can also earn PlayStation Codes (PSN codes) if you are interested in the site.

5. InboxDollars - Free Steam Code Site


InboxDollars is a very good platform that has consistently paid people for completing surveys, playing games, reading emails and even watching video ads. As long as you are comfortable with registering your email on the site, you can earn real cash on the site. Once you withdraw the cash, you can then use it to purchase Steam gift cards or directly load your Steam Wallet with cash.

6. Earn Steam Wallet Codes on - Free Steam Code Site

Earn SteamWallet Codes on
Earn Steam Wallet Codes on is just like the other two websites previously mentioned above, PointsPrizes and PrizesRebel. You can earn rewards by completing tasks such as surveys and watching ads. There are tons of prizes you can choose when you complete tasks and all of them are gaming related. The site is always updating its rewards list which makes it useful not only to get Free codes but also to earn other useful rewards.

7. AppNana - Free Steam Code Site


Did you know you could earn Steam codes by simply downloading and installing apps on your phone?

AppNana is a platform that rewards you for downloading third-party applications developed by their sponsors. When you download an app, you get assigned points in your wallet on the platform. Once you collect enough points, you can redeem it for wallet codes for steam.

NOTE: You might have to open and even use some of the apps you install before you get the points

8. Enter Giveaways

This is the last method on the list and for good reason. It is the least reliable method of getting Steam wallet codes and should only be your last option. The main reason for this is because you have to continuously compete with tens of thousands of people to win the steam wallet codes. In other words, the chances of winning are usually very slim. However, this does not mean you can't try.

To enter, all you have to do is search "Steam Giveaways" and you should find different search results. While this is a viable method, only enter giveaways that are not two weeks old.


Steam is one of the safest ways to download and install games on your PC but at a cost. The above methods are just some of the many ways you can buy steam games without using your real money.

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