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by Raven T.

The world of streaming is advancing by the day. You can now access lots of content either for free or by paying for it. Free streaming services come with a lot of restrictions. With the paid-for streaming services, you have unlimited access to content. With Vudu's free promo codes, you can buy or rent your favorite movies for free. Vudu puts out these promo codes as a way of attracting more customers. Customers want to get stuffs or access services at a cheaper price or even for free. If you don't know what Vudu is, just keep reading on. This article explains what Vudu is and the benefits you can enjoy using Vudu.

What is Vudu

Vudu is a digital streaming service owned by Walmart. Though not as popular as platforms like Netflix or Prime Videos, Vudu still offers a whole lot of great content that cannot be found on these other platforms. With Vudu, you don't have to pay a subscription fee before you can stream movies. It allows you to rent or buy your favorite movies and TV shows for a small amount. Vudu also allows you to:

  • Buy movies and animes
  • Access a large collection of free movies and TV shows
  • Rent or stream movies in 4K

To create an account on Vudu is free. After creating your account, you can buy or rent any movie of your choice. When you rent a movie on Vudu, it remains in your library for 30 days. If you don't watch this rented movie within this 30 days, it will be removed from your library. Once you begin watching a rented movie, you have a maximum of 24 hours to complete it. To have a movie or TV show permanently available in your library, you will have to purchase it. Key features of Vudu include:

  • Early access to great contents
  • Good user-interface
  • User-friendly prices
  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • Access to bundle packages
  • Getting your movies delivered in DVD formats
  • Disc to digital conversion
What is Vudu
What is Vudu

Early access to great contents

Vudu customers can access lots of movies and TV shows before they become available on other streaming platforms.

Good user-interface

The Vudu app has a user-friendly interface. Movies to buy and those to rent are categorized differently.

User-friendly prices

The prices of buying and renting movies on Vudu is low compared to other streaming service providers.

Anytime, anywhere access

You can watch your movies anywhere and anytime on Vudu. Vudu plays on all devices, including Android, iOS, Windows 10, game consoles, smart TVs, connected Blu-ray players, and more.

Access to bundle packages

You can buy or rent movies individually or as a bundle on Vudu. The bundle packages contain a bunch of movies at a discounted price.

Getting your movies delivered in DVD formats

When buying a movie on Vudu, you can go for the option of "Disc + Digital" or "Own". The "Disc + Digital" option means that you are requesting that a DVD or Blu-ray format of the movie be sent to you. This is in addition to the digital format for you to download.

Disc to digital conversion

You can convert your Blu-ray or DVD movies into digital movies with the Vudu app. To use the Disc to Digital feature, follow the procedure below.

  • Download Vudu from app store
  • Sign in or sign up
  • Select Disc to Digital from the menu and grant the app access
  • Scan, convert, and watch instantly

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How Vudu Works - Link

How Vudu Works
How Vudu Works

The interface of the Vudu app is similar to that of Netflix. The movie arrangement and genre selection is similar to other streaming platforms. The arrangement of movies on the app is similar to the arrangement of books in a book store. Locating your favorite movie is very easy. Now let's discuss in detail how you can rent or buy a movie in Vudu.

Renting a movie on Vudu

To rent a movie on Vudu, follow the procedure below.

  • Visit or download the Vudu app from app store
  • Sign in or sing up (it's free)
  • Click on the movie you want to rent
  • Check if the movie is available for rent
  • If the movie is not available for rent, you have to wait for some extra time when it will be back
  • If the movie is available for rent, pay the amount fixed to rent the movie

As earlier stated, movies rented will be in your library for 30 days, after which it will be removed.

Buying a movie on Vudu

Follow the steps below to buy a movie on Vudu.

  • Visit or download the Vudu app from app store
  • Sign in or sing up (it's free)
  • Select the movie or movie bundle you want to buy
  • Check if the movie is available
  • Proceed to checkout for the movie or movie bundle you wish to buy
  • Add promo codes if you have any to get additional discounts
  • After payment, download the movie to your library or stream it if you like. Also, expect the physical copy of the movie if you select the "Disc + Digital" option

We have discussed what Vudu is and the benefits of using the platform. Let's now move to discuss Vudu promo codes that work in 2023.

Free Vudu Codes in 2023

The chances that these codes will work for you is dependent on when you make use of them. Vudu codes have a very short validity period. Therefore, grab and use these codes immediately you come across them. Note that the codes can be case sensitive. Use them as they are listed here. Ensure to try all the codes, you don't know which might work for you. The codes are not listed in order of importance. Go ahead and use whichever appeals to you.

  • vuduversary10percent - This code gives you a 10% discount on movies and TV shows
  • VMPAG9ELHDYESDEH - With this code, you can get 5 movies for free
  • VWGNA2BCXGFRQHJ8 - This code gives you $2 off of your order
  • MoviesAnywhereisaBIGFATCOPYCATTER - Use this code to get a free movie
  • VSVFGFG86RX4EJLK - With this coupon, you get a gift with your purchase
  • THENEWDAY - This code gives you 20% off of your next purchase
  • 1DVZSG5XCBQUNFJ8 - With this code, you get $4 off on your movie or TV show purchases
  • FreeFamilyFun - This code allows you to choose one free movie
  • LIGHTUPVUDU - This code gives you 25% off on a movie or TV show
  • VBPRRKR6VPUB3Z2E - With this code, you can get the movie "Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn" for free
  • NICELIST - With this code, you can get the movie "Elf" for free
  • VUDURENTAL - This code gives you 50% on your movie rental
  • VRFF553CKCGHM5HJ - With this code, you get free credits worth $5
  • PARANORMAL - With this code, you get free credits worth $2
  • SelmaOnVudu - With this code, you get HD Selma for free
  • TAKEOVER - This code allows you to choose a movie for free takeover

The table below shows more Vudu codes that can be used in 2023

Free Vudu Code

Code Use


Get $10 Vudu credit free


Get $20 Vudu credit free


Get $50 Vudu credit free

Expired Free Vudu Codes

The below codes are free Vudu codes that are outdated. A lot of websites still list out these codes as working. They are expired, but they may work later.

  • Rental40
  • Rental60
  • vmscz6czsfevge2y
  • Vedtgpt6xmarmpgg
  • Summer25
  • vptqh9vwsctmuqh2

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How to redeem the Vudu promo codes

You can use the Vudu promo codes when purchasing on the Vudu platform. Redeeming the promo codes is a straightforward process. Once you have a Vudu account, you can follow the steps below to redeem your Vudu codes.

  • Visit the Vudu platform either through the app or website
  • Select a movie or movie bundle you want to buy or rent
  • Go to the checkout page
  • Click on promo code at the checkout page
  • Add the promo code you intend to use
  • The website will check to see if the code you entered is valid
  • If the website finds the code valid, you will enjoy the discount

You can also redeem your code by following the procedure below.

  • Visit the Vudu website
  • Click on the redeem tab on the menu
  • Select the Vudu code option. This will take you to the "Vudu Code Redemption Center"
  • You can visit the Vudu Code Redemption Center directly by clicking here
  • Copy and paste the code you want to use from the list above and click submit
  • If the website finds the code valid, you will be able to enjoy the discount


If you are a movie lover, you can consider the Vudu platform. It's a great platform that allows you to rent or buy movies at affordable prices. You can also get some movies for free on Vudu. If you love watching or streaming shows for a small amount, Vudu is for you. When buying a movie on the platform, do not forget to use the promo codes above. You will enjoy additional discounts using them. Ensure to try the codes one after the other. You don't know which will suit you the most. I hope you find this article helpful.

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