How to Get Free Robux and How to Use Robux Generator

by Raven T.

Earning Robux is synonymous with making money, only that the former is a virtual currency. Robux is a currency that is used on Roblox to get or purchase game features. Roblox, as we know it to be, is a platform used to create and design games. Simply, this means: you can design your own game and add features as much as you want.

Robux, being a significant feature of Roblox, can be earned for free - which is the essence of this article. Most people think it is almost impossible to earn Roblox's Robux for free. Well, I would be discussing various ways you can get this virtual currency as well as other important details you should know.

Before I go into the details of how to earn free Robux, it is essential that I tell you to be mindful of the Robux Generators you find out there. Most of these generators are for scams and are only out there to get your hard-earned money or install virus malware into your device. In order not to be a victim of these malicious activities, I have put together a list of websites and apps that can be used to earn Robux so that you could play Roblox freely.

Best 8 Apps/Websites to Earn Free Robux in 2023 Using Roblox

Here is a full description of the best 8 apps/websites to earn free Robux to play Roblox without hassle.

Bloxmate - Free Robux Link


To get RBX in a Roblox game, Bloxmate is one of the best apps to use. This application allows users to collect daily rewards and complete simple offers and tasks as a means to get points. Also, watching ads and taking up a referral program is another way to earn points that can be used on Roblox. The earned RBX can be transferred using a Builders Club Member's Roblox account.

Bloxmate is available in two versions: first, Get RBX - a free software app from Recreation Subcategory and is only installed on Android devices; second, Get RBX (v 1.0.9) -file size of 7.34 MB which when downloaded scans and acts as an Antivirus. This app was released in 2019 and currently has half a million downloads since its launch.

InboxDollars - Robux Link


The website was created in 2000 and has been known for rewarding members with gift cards and cash. To make things even better, the app was designed so that Roblox users could earn RBX easily. It doesn't cost so much to use InboxDollars, which is what makes it outstanding.

What you need to do is join by signing up on the app and then take all the tasks given to you. Not only will you win RBX for Roblox, but gift cards from eBay and Amazon awaits you. InboxDollars is easy to use and has a good reputation; thus, it is highly recommended.

Swagbucks - Free Robux Site


One of the best ways to earn free stuff online is through Swagbucks. There are so many tasks available on the app that need to be solved every day; as you solve them, you get rewarded. Rewards are often as free gift cards and cash. The rewards can also be in RBX to play Roblox.

Basically, you would earn points for these tasks, which is quite rewarding because you have to shop online, watch interesting videos, answer surveys, and search the internet. These points are redeemable; therefore, you can choose what you want. Over millions of dollars have been paid to Swagbucks members, which shows that it is trustworthy and reliable.


Having to take surveys online is one of the ways to earn points online. These points can then be converted into different things, including cash and RBX. On SurveyVoices, you can make over $300, which is good enough. Most platforms may not be able to do as much as this, but it is incredible and fast.

Also, points earned when converted to real cash can be used to purchase RBX from Roblox's site. Whatever method you want to use, bear in mind that it is legit and safe. You can join today by signing up - it doesn't take more than a few seconds, and you can start taking surveys.

LifePoints - Free Robux


By joining LifePoints, you get a good chance of getting rewards for new surveys. This platform has a community that participates in a new survey. There are time limits for every survey, and for each task completed, life points are rewarded. These points can then be converted into RBX or be used to buy RBX on Roblox.

Generally, LifePoints is a website to connect, contribute, and collect. Over 10 points can be earned at the point of registration; there are over 5 million members on the community today who have been rewarded so far. It is indeed a perfect way to earn RBX.

CashForApps - Robux Site


This application is known for being the quickest way to earn both free Gift Cards and In-App purchases. This implies that: you can earn RBX for free as an In-App purchase - Roblox in this regard. Basically, what you would be doing is downloading a new set of apps on your mobile device, and you get paid for doing so.

CashForApps is available for both Android and iOS devices. Using CashForApps on either of these devices, a list or collection of apps is provided. You start to earn points for the app you download. These points are then redeemed into whatever you want, i.e., Gift Cards, RBX.

RobuTrc - Free Robux Link


One of the easiest places to get tricks on how to earn free Robux for Roblox is to use RobuTrc. This application is on both the Play Store and App Store for download. Here, you don't have to take a survey or complete a task; you only need to read. Generally, you would be reading guides and helps on how to receive Robux for free.

RobuTrc app is only a few months old, and it already means so much to Roblox players. The methods advised by this platform to earn Robux are quite unique and fantastic; hence, it is a great choice to use with RBX-earning applications/websites.

Robux 2023 - Robux Website

Robux 2023
Robux 2023

Finally, to get free Robux, the application Robux 2023 is one of the best choices. It is a Robux generator that is confirmed safe and fast. All you have to do is play spin the wheel, and you earn. This application does not need a password or other personal details other than Roblox username. Also, delivery of Robux doesn't take time - in a few seconds, your request is processed.

There are no limits to the amount of RBX you can earn using Robux 2023; this is why it is a fantastic choice. Robux 2023 was released on July 23rd, and has proven to be reliable.

How to Buy Robux in 2023?

Getting Robox for free is very nice, but sometimes, it is great to check how to purchase them. There are a few paid options to get Robux available to play Roblox. For instance, packages such as Starter Kit, Super Value, and so on would earn your RBX bonus. On a minimum, you could get 50 RBX, and on a maximum, you could get over 20,000 RBX. Therefore, this is how to buy Robux in 2023.

What to do with Robux on Roblox?

For new players who are still new to Roblox, here is a list of things you can do with Robux - just in case you don't know what else to.

Premium Games : One of the things you can use Robux for is to buy exclusive premium games. There are some levels you may want to unlock, and without RBX, it may be impossible to do that. With RBX, you can unlock and even play special games on the platform.

Game Passes : Robux being a virtual currency is a mode of exchange, i.e., it is a pass to many levels on the game. For each level of the game, there is a required amount of RBX that must be paid; if RBX is limited, such levels or game may not be accessible to you.

Cash Exchange: No doubt, it is also a currency, which is why it can be converted into real, local currency. On the game, there is an equivalent of 1 RBX to $. The number of Robux you have determines the amount of cash you would have at the end. Thus, it would be nice if you had a great number of RBX to convert to cash.


With all of that being said about Robux and Roblox, it can be agreed that the virtual currency is vital if you want to have fun. There are just so many things you can do with it.

Described above are ways to earn free Robux without any cost. However, there are paid ways to get it too. You can decide to use all of these apps or websites simultaneously. Remember - the higher the Robux, the exclusive the game, and the more the money.

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