Free Best Android Music Players in 2023

by Raven T.

Android smartphones come with pre-installed Google Play Music. It is the default music player in Android devices. Many people don’t like the user interface of Google Play Music. It lacks many features like an equalizer and folder view. You can’t edit the tags of files. Also, it comes with many unnecessary tools. Thus, people look for other alternatives.

List ofFree Best Music Players for Android 2023

Google Play store has hundreds of Music players. Most of these music players are available for free. But, which one should you choose? We have created a list of 8 best and free Android Music players. These music players will improve your listening experience.

1. Musicolet - Player Link


Musicolet is a lightweight Android music player. It is ad-free. Thus, you won’t get annoyed by advertisements. Musicolet offers various features to its users. You can control the music player by your earphone button. It allows you to pause or play music by clicking a single button. You can play the next track by double-clicking your earphone button. If you want to listen to the previous song, then you need to triple click your earphone button. You can also fast forward the current song by clicking your earphone button 4 times. Musicolet is the only android music player which supports multiple playing queues. The best thing about Musicolet is its simple user interface. You can easily access your songs, artists, playlists, and albums.

You can also improve the audio quality by using the in-built equalizer. It also allows you to edit tags of your favorite songs. You can add the widget of Musicolet on your home screen. Thus, you can play your favorite songs directly from the home screen. It is currentlythe best Android music player in terms of functions.

Key Features of Musicolet:

• You can use the multi-queue manager for managing over 15 queues.

• You can use the Tag editor to edit the album arts of your songs.

• You can use the equalizer to improve the audio quality of the song.

• Advanced music control lets you control the music player with your earphones.

2. Phonograph Music Player - Music Player

Phonograph Music Player

Phonograph has an amazing user interface. It is famous for its material design. The User interface changes according to the song you are playing. You can customize the music player by downloading different themes. It is definitely the best looking music player on this list. But, the Phonograph music player is not limited to its looks only. It also offers various features to its users.

It will automatically download all the missing information about your audio files. You can use the tag editor to edit the tags such as artist, the title of your songs. It also allows you to change the tags of whole albums.

It also offers various unique features like tag editor and gapless playback. The app is 100% free. But, you can do in-app purchases to remove ads.

Key Features of Phonograph:

• You can use the theme engine to customize the user interface.

• Phonograph will automatically categorize your music library.

• It will automatically download missing information about music tracks from

3. Pulsar Music Player - Player URL

Pulsar Music Player

Pulsar Music Player is very popular among Android users. It is a completelyfree Android music player. The best thing about Pulsar Music player is that it is lightweight and ad-free. Thus, you won’t get annoyed by ads. It has a gorgeous and beautiful user interface. The user interface contains animations. But still the music player is very light-weight. If you want to customize the user interface, then you can download themes from the store. It will allow you to sort your music library according to artists, folders, genre or artists.

The app also provides various features like gapless playback and tag editor to its users. You can use the 5-band equalizer to improve the audio quality. But, the equalizer is available only in the pro version of the app. You can also the widget on your home screen. Thus, you can play music on your home screen. Pulsar Music player is a tiny app which comes with many features.

Key Features of Pulsar Music Player:

• Chromecast and Android Auto support

• You can create playlists according to recently played, newly added and most played songs.

• It is easy to search for artists, songs and albums.

4. PiMusic player - Player Site

PiMusic player

Pi Music player is another beautifully designed Android music player. It contains all the features which you expect from an Android music player. The app has 4 different themes. You can select any theme to customize your user interface. Pi Music Player has an excellent user interface. You can easily find settings and other options in this app. You can play favorite music tracks from any library you want.

You can also add their widget on your home screen. Thus, you can control the app from your home screen. It also offers features like equalizer and Sleep timer to its users. You can use the ringtone cutter to create custom ringtones. The app is available for free. But, it contains ads. You can make an in-app purchase to remove ads from the app.

Key Features of Pi Music Player:

• You can use the 5-band equalizer to improve the audio quality. The presets contain 3D Reverb effects, Bass Boost, and many more effects.

• You can also listen to podcasts on this app.

• You can easily find your favorite audio files.

• It allows you to share your favorite tracks with your friends.

5. BlackPlayer Music Player - Player Website

BlackPlayer Music Player

This player is definitely the best music player which offers a lot of unique features to its users. You can completely customize the user interface according to your taste. You can control the app by gestures and swipes. It also allows you to change the UI color and font of the app.

It supports most of the audio formats like WAV, MP3, and OGG. You can change the theme of the app. It also comes with a tag editor. Thus, you can easily edit the tags of your audio files. Blackplayer also offers various other features like Gapless playback and Widgets to its user.

BlackPlayer Music Player is completelyfree. It also doesn’t contain any ads. If you want more features, then you can buy the premium version of this app.

Key Features of BlackPlayer Music Player:

• You can use the 5-band equalizer to improve the audio quality.

• Supports WearOS and Android auto.

• You can edit and view the lyrics of songs.

• It also supports . lrc (synchronized) files.

6. n7player Music Player - Player Link

n7player Music Player

N7plater has a very cool user interface. It also has an innovative search feature where you can zoom in to find any file you want. Thanks to this search feature, you can easily find any music files.

It also provides various features to its users like band equalizers and gapless playback. You can use their in-built tag editor to edit the tag of your audio files. It also comes with an awesome widget. You can add this widget in your home screen. Thus, you can play music on your home screen.

There is no version of this app available. You can use the trial version free for 14 days. But, after that, you need to buy the pro version. The price of this app is very low. Thus, anyone can afford it.

Key Features of n7 Music Player:

• You can use the 10-band equalizer to improve the audio quality. It contains many different presets.

• It allows you to customize the theme of the app.

• Support DLNA, Chromecast, and AirPlay.

7. MediaMonkey - Player Link


This app is another very famous music player. You can browse the library according to the audiobooks, artists, tracks, albums, composers and even genres. You can also use the folder view free for the first 15 days. The search algorithm used by MediaMonkey is quick and accurate. It will find your favorite songs in seconds.

MediaMonkey will also automatically download your missing song lyrics and art. It also has a Windows version. Thus, you can sync your Windows player with your Android player. You can see the seek bar of your track in the notification panel. It also has additional features like tag editor, home-screen widget and sleep timer. MediaMonkey is one of the free and best music player apps available for Android devices.

Key Features of Media Monkey Music Player:

• You can use 5-band equalizer to improve audio quality.

• It supports Chromecast, DLN and UPnP devices.

• You can bookmark large audio files like podcasts or audiobooks.

• It uses third-party websites like to find missing album art.

8. Musixmatch - Player Link


Musixmatch is another very famous android music player. If you like mixing your favorite songs, then Musixmatch is perfect for you. It has a floating lyrics widget which will let you see lyrics in real-time. Thus, you can see your music lyrics while you are using other apps.

You can search for songs by their artist name or title name. You can also search for songs by their lyrics. Musixmatch offers various features like custom playlists and real-time lyrics. You can easily browse according to the album, genre, folders, and artist. The app is free. If you want to remove ads, then you can purchase the paid version of this app.

Key Features of Musixmatch:

• You can see the lyrics in real-time.

• It can identify the lyrics of music which are playing in your background.

• You can share the song lyrics with your friends.

• Supports WearOS and Chromecast.

These are the best Android music player apps available on the Play Store. There are many music streaming applications which offers offline playback. But still people prefer using simple music players. You can customize the user interface of these music players. You should try every music player on this list. If you need Chromecast and WearOS support, then you can try MusixMatch. You must try every app on this list and find the perfect app for you.

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