Best Netflix Alternatives for 2023

by Raven T.

Best Netflix Alternatives for 2023 - It is a fact that Netflix is one of the most popular and reliable streaming services out there. A survey conducted by ClearVoice (in which 2000 people participated) revealed that people spend more time streaming contents from Netflix than watching traditional television.

Why Looking for an Alternative to Netflix?

Netflix is not the only streaming services available, there are similar streaming services that are equal or better in reliability, popularity, and have more contents in their libraries. Majority of Netflix users don’t bother tolook for alternatives because they are addicted to Netflix, and others don’t find alternatives because they are afraid there are no credible alternatives. A day is coming when you will surely need an alternative to Netflix; it is better to prepare for such a day. Although, while surfing the web for Netflix alternatives, you will come across various streaming services that claim Netflix equality, not all of them do, the few that do are reviewed below in this write-up.

Best Netflix Alternative List for 2023

Highlighted below are fifteen 12 excellent streaming websites that are worthy of being Netflix alternatives. Since Netflix is a premium streaming service, let us examine premium alternatives first.

Amazon Prime Video - Alternative Link

Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video tops the list of the best alternatives to Netflix; we can categorically say they are both on the same level when it comes to user experience, video quality, premium services and other qualities of rating a streaming website.

Amazon is not only into online shopping and delivery service as everyone knows, the company also ventures into entertainment, and that is why Amazon Prime Video came into existence. The streaming service features a vast collection of entertainment videos and movies; you will find various genres, classics and newly released videos in Amazon Prime Video library. As someone would expect of a reputable company like Amazon, all videos are of the highest quality, original and exclusive to Amazon Prime. The website only provides legal contents.

Streaming on Amazon Prime cost a little more than streaming on Netflix, but the fact that Amazon Prime provides newer shows and movies justifies the price. For the standard streaming package, it costs US$8.99 per month. The complete Prime membership package costs US$10.99 per month; this complete membership package gives you full access to the Amazon Prime Video library, free video shipping in eligible countries, and more benefits. Visit the Amazon Prime Video website to see the full description of the available packages.

Another advantage of Amazon Prime Video is that you can use rewards from other Amazon services to pay for your Amazon Prime subscription. You can enjoy the free 30-days trial when you sign up, visit to get started or download the mobile app for Android or IOS.

Hulu - Netflix Alternative Link

Best Netflix Alternatives for 2023: Hulu
Best Netflix Alternatives for 2023: Hulu

Hulu goes side-by-side with Netflix and Amazon Prime when it comes to popularity and contents. Hulu features a vast collection of its original contents; like District 9, The Handmaid’s Tale, Jackass 3, Ask Dr Ruth, Shakespeare in Love, etc. Hulu is also home to the latest Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, Manga/Anime Series, and more.

Streaming on Hulu costs less than streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime, which is why it is a credible alternative for both. The standard streaming package cost US$7.99, that is a dollar less than Netflix and two dollars less than Amazon Prime. However, new members can not subscribe to the standard package immediately after signing up; they must subscribe to the US$5.99/monthly package for a limited time, this package is great as well but features some ads.

Use a PC to stream on Hulu via, or, download the Android or IOS app from their respective stores. You can also stream Hulu contents on Xbox One and other platforms.

HBO NOW - Netflix Alternative


If at least you haven’t heard of ‘Game of Thrones’, then maybe you are living under a rock. HBO NOW has made its name known for ground-breaking TV series like Sex and the City, Boardwalk Empire, Axios, Gentleman Jack, Big Little Lies, and many more. HBO NOW is an excellent alternative to Netflix, especially when you love TV shows, you can also find a lot of documentary and kids’ program in HBO NOW library. HBO NOW is one of the few streaming services that provide the best video quality in their movies, fans of Game of Thrones can relate.

Streaming on HBO NOW is quite expensive than the first two streaming services mentioned; you will be paying US$14.99 every month to stream on HBO NOW, but it would worth it. Get started with the free 30-days trial when you sign up at

Sling TV - Alternative Link

Sling TV
Sling TV

Sling TV is an exceptional streaming service on this list; it does not only provide movies and TV shows for streaming, but it also features sports and news. Sling TV is an all-around streaming service, but can still go head-to-head with Netflix in TV shows, thus making it an alternative to Netflix.

In similarity to other excellent streaming services, Sling TV offers three options; the basic option is US$20 which gives you access to 25 channels, and the standard option is US$25, you will have access to 40 channels. The unlimited option comes at US$40, and you will have access to all channels.

You can start streaming online via or download the mobile app on the Google Play Store. Sling is only available in the US, but you can access the website from anywhere in the world with VPNs.

CBS All Access - Alternative Link

CBS All Access
CBS All Access

Now, this is a perfect alternative to Netflix if you have fallen in love with CBS shows, CBS All Access gives users access to stream over 8500 episodes of various CBS shows on demand, that’s much content that will take a very long time to stream. Plus you can also stream live shows as they are happening.

CBS membership options are simple, you will have access to all contents in both options. With the US$5.99 option, you will see ads while the US$9.99 option is ads free. You can decide whether you prefer to pay an extra US$3 to get uninterrupted streaming experience, or rather endure with pop-up ads. Either way, you are still going to have access to high-quality videos of your choice.

Stream on CBS All Access with your PC via or download the mobile app on Mobile Stores. A 30-days trial is available for users to check out the fantastic CBS All Access streaming service.

Feeln - Alternative Link


Feeln is an excellent streaming service for movie freaks; the website hosts a vast collection of movies that will make you feel good while watching them. Thus you can rely on Feeln as a credible alternative to Netflix. Feeln focuses more on romantic, family-friendly and heartwarming contents. So, it’s a perfect streaming service for the whole family.

Feeln provides two unlimited streaming packages, which are monthly package and annual package. The annual package goes for US$35.99, which breaks to roughly US$2.99 per month. Alternatively, you can go for the monthly package, which goes for US$5.99.

You can stream on Feeln via the official website;, or download the Feeln mobile app.

MUBI - Alternative Link

Best Netflix Alternatives for 2023: MUBI
Best Netflix Alternatives for 2023: MUBI

MUBI is one of the few streaming services that put the effort in curating classic, independent and award-winning movies; it is a go-to movie streaming website when you wish to re-watch old movies but in high quality. The site’s admins add a classic movie to the collection every day, and the added movie spend 30 days before admin remove it and replace it with another one. Don’t get carried away with the classic features, MUBI has got a lot of new movies too.

MUBI features only one streaming package, which is the US$5.99 monthly package; this package gives you unlimited access to all MUBI has to offer, no hidden charges whatsoever.

Visit to stream with your PC, or download the suitable mobile app for your mobile device.

Select TV - Alternative Link

Select TV
Select TV

This is a streaming service that offers way more than the amount it charges. With a token amount, Select TV gives you access to over a million contents that include movies, TV shows and series, and more. Fans of Select TV see the streaming service as an alternative to cable TVs, but it is an alternative to Netflix too.

Select TV does not host its original contents but instead serves as a channel to stream premium contents from the major streaming websites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and so on. When you sign up on Select TV, you will have access to over 400,000 TV episodes, over 100,000 movies and more than 2000 TV channels. With this function, Select TV can save you much money on video streaming.

With all the services mentioned above, Select TV only charges US$2.99 monthly, isn’t that amazing? Visit to get started.

Free Netflix alternatives

The following streaming services offer good streaming experience, have vast libraries and can be used as alternatives to Netflix. What makes them more surprising is that they are free to use.

YouTube - Alternative Link


YouTube is one of the first websites that come to mind any time a streaming website is mentioned; YouTube hosts one of the largest video databases in the world, you will find varieties of contents in its library. YouTube is known for music videos, movies and movie trailers, documentation, animes, live channels and much more.

You can find contents by uploader account or channel, or you can find contents directly with the search box. YouTube is free to use, visit to start streaming with a web browser or download the YouTube app to stream from your mobile phones. YouTube Go is a minified version of the YouTube app, and it consumes lesser data than the main app.

Crackle - Alternative Link


Crackle is a new movie streaming service, despite being an upcoming streaming website Crackle is still getting more web traffic than some big names in the streaming business. It should not be surprising if Crackle becomes the number one streaming service in the nearest future. Crackle is sometimes referred to as the free fashion of Netflix by its users, so it can serve as an efficient alternative to Netflix.

The renowned Sony Electronics owns crackle, and with the company resources, Crackle is able to offer wide varieties of TV shows, series and movies. Crackle has a vast collection of movies from different movie industries such as Hollywood, Bollywood, and so on.

Visit and register to start streaming high-quality movies; it is free.

PopcornFlix - Alternative Link


PopcornFlix is undoubtedly one of the best free alternatives to Netflix; the streaming website is home to different types of movies; ranging from drama to horror, actions, adventures, comedy and more. PopcornFlix collections may not be as extensive as Netflix’s and also the contents may not be as new as Netflix’s, but it is a website to explore. Especially when you are searching for free alternatives. Visit the movie site or download the mobile app for your mobile device.

SnagFilms - Alternative Link


SnagFilms is another movie streaming website that features a lot of independent movies. SnagFilms indexes over 5000 titles of movies, documentaries and TV shows. It is one the favorite go-to streaming website when there is a need for free Netflix alternatives.
You can start streaming on SnagFilms via Mobile apps are also available for various mobile platforms.

Conclusion of Best Alternatives to Netflix for 2023

There is no rule or law that says you must stick with Netflix, there are numerous alternatives you can explore, and who knows? You might discover a new favorite while exploring these alternatives.

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