Best Places to Sell Used Appliances Near You to Make Instant Money in 2023

by Raven T.

At some point in time or other, we all have to get rid of some old and used appliances. To be honest with you, there are way too many places wherein for selling your second-hand appliances in exchange for cash. Here, through this guide, we will help you find the right places to sell your second-hand appliances and make some money.

Best Places to Sell Used Appliances Near You to Make Instant Money in 2023

Amazon - Link


The trade-in method of Amazon works much like any retail store. All you have to do is perform an easy search for the electronic item you intend to sell, enter all the requisite details, such as the screen size, storage, and others, and then provide details of the appliance's condition. Once you provide all the details, Amazon will make an offer in exchange for your gadget. You now have an option to accept or reject the offer. If you accept Amazon's offer, they will provide you with a free shipping label for it. Moira, an educator with TFTH , shares that she sold her home security device with Amazon, and it has been the best and the most convenient seconds selling experience she has ever had. Well, we are quite sure, Moira.

At present, some of the items that you can sell with Amazon are wireless routers, video doorbells, and other security devices. After shipping the item, Amazon will thoroughly examine it. It will then ensure that the item you have shipped matches the description you provided on Amazon. After a thorough check, if all reviews out, the money will be credited in the form of an Amazon eGift card for the decided amount. Please know that in any case, if your provided item is in a better condition than what is described by you, the customer service can even pay you more.

So, when you do decide to trade-in your appliance with Amazon, check out their list of locations where you can take the devices. The best thing is you can even sell your non-functional devices on Amazon. Of course, there is a drawback, and, that is, you do not get cash. Instead, the money is credited to your Amazon account.

Decluttr - Link


Decluttr has more than five million satisfied customers, and it is thus, a top contender when it comes to recycling your old appliances. Zain, a do my python homework expert, shares that he always uses Decluttr to sell his old appliances because they have an easy selling process and they pay incredibly well. The good thing is you can initiate a sell via their mobile app or the website. The Decluttr app is available on both Play Store and App Store.

So, how can you sell? See, you can begin by picking the product, which you wish to sell on the Decluttr application. Further, provide the details, such as the model number, included accessories, condition of the appliance, and more. Once you provide all the requisite information, Decluttr will quote a price to you. An incredible thing about the platform is that they back their quoted price with a Price Promise. But what is Price Promise? Decluttr says that as and when it receives your details, it will immediately review your product, following which you will receive the quote in a span of only 24 hours.

Best Places to Sell Used Appliances Near You to Make Instant Money in 2023: Link

Once everything is negotiated, they will send you a free shipping label via email. So, now, you can box the appliance and send it across to Decluttr. When Decluttr receives your item, it will be inspected, and if and where necessary, they will remove all the personal data from the appliance. The best thing about Decluttr is that it pays the customers promptly.

In case your appliance is not in as good a condition as you described, they will immediately contact you with a revised trade-in offer. Now, it is on you whether you want to accept the offer or not. If you decide to decline the offer, Decluttr will ship the device back at zero cost. You will be paid just a day after receiving your device, and sellers can choose the mode of receiving payment. It can be either via PayPal, direct deposit or check. If you want to donate, you can choose to donate this money to a charity.

Facebook Marketplace - Link

Facebook Marketplace

It allows you to promote your home equipment. You can submit an advert for free on their marketplace. Usually, all the advertisements on the marketplace are seen inside the 100 sq. km space or the locality. So, this makes it easy for the individuals in your vicinity to view your second-hand appliances and call you. At times, they may buy the item without an inspection too.

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