Best Contact Names for People You Love : Dad, Mom, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, and Friends

by Raven T.

Contact names are those names that make you have a sense of belonging with your dad and mum . It also inculcates a sense of attachment to your girlfriend, boyfriend, and other people around you. While your parent is the first set of people you have an intimate relationship with , in your early years, your girlfriend and boyfriend are at one point in time important to your existence . They contribute meaningfully to your progress and total well-being . Hence, the deep familiarity you have with parent and friends lead to you creating contact names for them. This contact name strengthens the relationship between both of you . It makes you realize sometimes how important they are to you, and how much you cherish them . Contact names are sometimes funny. It gives a true reflection of how close you are to each other.

Best Contact Names for People You Love

These names may be used to save their contact number or address . Today, I will be unveiling some creative, cute, and funny names you can give to your dad, mom, girlfriend, boyfriend, and friends around you.

Creative and Funny Contact Names for Dad

Creative and Funny Contact Names for Dad
Creative and Funny Contact Names for Dad

Dads are not only important to the existence of a child , they are also held in high esteem in a typical family setting. They promote your inner growth, strength, and confidence . They are also supportive of all things. Therefore, they deserve to be called with a creative and unique contact name. These names and their meanings are listed below.

  1. Admiral : for your dad when he has total control of the house .
  2. My lord : for your dad when he meets all your needs .
  3. Buddy : when he's more than just being a dad .
  4. Beany : for a dad that makes you feel good always.
  5. Braveheart : if he loves defending human rights .
  6. The man : when he exercises full authority.
  7. Chef : when he cooks the best meal in the house.
  8. Chief : when he has total control of the family .
  9. Dadinator : when he takes charge of all men-related issues in the house.
  10. Dictator : when your dad is very strict .
  11. Sparky : when your dad is lively .
  12. Skinny Dom : when your dad is very slim .
  13. Constant helper : When he always come to your aid .
  14. Cool pop : when your dad is an easy-going man .
  15. Einstein : when your dad is brainy .
  16. Gandalf : when your dad loves performing magic.
  17. Dork: when your dad is not social and fashionable.
  18. Coach : When your dad is your mentor and life instructor .
  19. Ghostbuster : When your dad loves getting rid of evil spirits and ghosts .
  20. Hercules : When your dad is your hero .
  21. Defender : When he loves shielding you from danger .
  22. Alpha : When he leads the whole family .
  23. Materialist : A good name for a dad that love material things.
  24. Piddu : A name for your dad when he is sociable and makes others happy .
  25. Rooster : A good name if your dad if he loves doing domestic cooking .
  26. Buffy : When he loves funny quizzes.
  27. Carebear : When he shows more love to you .
  28. Four eyes : A funny name for him if he uses spectacle .
  29. Fixer : If he loves repairing damaged things .

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Creative and funny contact names for moms

Creative and funny contact names for moms
Creative and funny contact names for moms

Moms are not just influential in your life, but they are like a Goddess to you . She is ever committed to your progress in all ramifications. Therefore, the contact names listed below are created to reflect how important you take her to be in your life and undertakings.

  • Household CEO : When your mom manages all affairs of the home .
  • Playground medic : When your mom is always available to take care of your injuries from the playground.
  • Captain : when your mom holds forth the entire household in unity .
  • Chauffeur : for a mom that is an expert driver that loves driving you around.
  • Candy floss : when your mom likes appearing attractive at all times.
  • Anchor : when your mom is supportive at all times.
  • Luminous : when your mom is a brilliant intellectual .
  • Dearest : when your mom is close and dear to you .
  • Momzilla : when your mom controls your affairs .
  • 24/7 mom : when your mom is always available round-the-clock .
  • Numero uno : when your mom is the most important personality of your life.
  • Savior: when your mom is always at your rescue in all situations.
  • Moonlight : when your mom is your motivator .
  • Listener : when your mom is an attentive listener .
  • Executioner : when your mom dominates your dad in making key decisions .
  • Darling : when your mom is lovely and caring .
  • Sunny : when your mom energizes and motivates you .
  • Life joy : when your mom is the only one that gives you joy .
  • Queen : when your mom independently rules the house .
  • Heartbeat : when your mom is so important to you that you cannot do without her .
  • Big mama : when your mom is the leader of the house .
  • Superwoman : when your mom is brilliant, elegant, and strong .
  • Paradise : when you feel contented and fulfilled while with her.
  • Healer : when your mom's presence brings comfort to you always .
  • Lawmaker : when your mom delight in making domestic laws in the house.
  • Sleep scientist : when your mom knows what to do to make you feel relax and sleep .
  • Hairstylist : when you prefer having her handle your hairstyle than others .
  • Manner expert : when she is an expert in teaching you how to behave both domestically and publicly .
  • Domestic engineer : when your mom is skilled in handling gadgets in the home.

You can get more contact names for your mom from › contact-names

Cute and creative contact names for girlfriend or boyfriend

Cute and creative contact names for girlfriend or boyfriend
Cute and creative contact names for girlfriend or boyfriend

Your boyfriend or girlfriend is an individual you have an inserparable and strong feelings for in all ramifications. The cute and creative contact names and their meaning you can give to her are listed below.

  1. Pumpkin : for her when she's bright and lovely to be with.
  2. Dove : for her when you see her as been fragile and gentle .
  3. Happiness : If she's your source of joy .
  4. Peach : for her if she's very beautiful and attractive .
  5. Darling : for her if she's your dearest .
  6. Rose : for her if she is precious to you .
  7. Sweetheart : for her if she's sincere to you in all things.
  8. Angel : for her if she's always by your side .
  9. Babe : for her if she's always looking sexy .
  10. Love : when all you see in her is love .
  11. Kitten : when she's easy to modify .
  12. Lollipop : when your girlfriend is always looking sweet .
  13. Cupid : for a girlfriend that is fairly cute .
  14. Sprinkle : when your girlfriend show loves to you always.
  15. Jelly bean : when your girlfriend is soft at heart .
  16. Yummy : when your girlfriend is extremely good and sexually active .
  17. Sweetkins : when your girlfriend is sweet, lovely, and attractive .
  18. Fruitloop : for a girlfriend that act crazily .
  19. Spring : for a girlfriend that makes your day colorful .
  20. Doll : when she looks perfect from your point of view.
  21. Queen : when she's the queen of your heart .
  22. Bubble : when she is friendly and jovial .
  23. Giggle : when she laughs in a silly manner .
  24. Freckles : when she's not consistent in her loyalty to you.
  25. Smiles : when your girlfriend put smiles on your face always.
  26. Cheesecake : when her favorite is cheesecake .
  27. Bub : when you see her as an adorable person .
  28. Melody : when she has a sonorous voice .
  29. Goober : when you want to tease her with a pet name .
  30. Precious : when you consider her to be valuable and respected .
  31. Amore : when she's exceptionally funny, beautiful, and with a nice bum .
  32. Bella : when your girlfriend is beautiful and has a nice character .
  33. Milady : when she's gentle, noble, and fashionable .
  34. Charming : when she looks appealing to you .
  35. Soulmate : when your girlfriend is your romantic partner .
  36. Gem : when she's priceless and beautiful .

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Cute and creative contact names for boyfriend

Cute and creative contact names for boyfriend
Cute and creative contact names for boyfriend

(1) Lover : for a boyfriend that you love so much .

(2) Everything : when he means all to you .

(3) Dearie : when he's dear to your heart .

(4) Anchor : when he's supportive and faithful to you .

(5) Baby boo : when he's so dear to you .

(6) Captain : when you trust his leadership .

(7) Carebear : when your boyfriend is caring and accommodating .

(8) Champ : when he gets tough situations under control easily.

(9) Cookie : when it is fun to always be with him .

(10) Crush : when he's special to you and you desire to be with him .

(11) Dobby : when he's always there to help you out .

(12) Ecstasy : when he makes you feel excited at all times .

(13) Gumdrop : when he is indispensable to you .

(14) Handsome : when he has an awesome outlook .

(15) Hero : when his existence is a source of encouragement to you .

(16) Lil dove : when he is peaceful and positive about all things .

(17) Minion : when he's gentle and easy-going .

(18) Nemo : when he's character is amazing .

(19) Romeo : when he's your loverboy .

(20) Sexy : when your boyfriend looks appealing sexually .

(21) Sky : when he's so amazing that he makes life beautiful for you .

(22) Star shine : when he's extraordinary and outstanding in all things .

(23) Sugar : when he's exciting, alluring and fun to be with .

(24) Sweetum : when he makes life more pleasing and pleasant for you .

(25) Teddy : when he is irresistible .

(26) Tulip : when he's cheerful and jovial .

(27) Tweetie : when your boyfriend is an extrovert .

(28) Untame : when your boyfriend is energetic and strong .

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Best contact names for friends

Friends are important individuals that form part of our daily life . Having discussions and spending time with them makes your day a fulfilled one. The best contact name for friends and their meaning are listed below.

(1) Genius : when your friend is a brilliant intellectual .

(2) Bestie : when your friend has proven to be the best in all things .

(3) Chatterbox : when your friend loves texting and talking all day .

(4) Rainbow : when your friend is colorful and radiant .

(5) Doctor : for a friend that is fond of finding remedies to your illnesses and domestic injuries.

(6) Shortie: for a friend that is short and tiny .

(7) Gorgeous : for a friend that is beautiful or handsome beyond measure .

(8) Smarty pant : when a friend has a know-it-all attitude .

(9) Mars : when your friend consistently feels like belonging to another planet .

(10) Champ : for a friend who is yet to miss an opportunity to make you proud .

(11) Bee: when your friend is fond of canceling meet up plans but will always make up for another one .

(12) Huggsie : for a friend who is always warming you up with hugs .

(13) Hearty : for a friend that is exceptionally kind and generous to you .

(14) Gum: for a friend that is addicted to bubble gum .

(15) Buck : when a friend is always available to lending you money .

(16) Joker : when the words that come out of your friend's mouth is filled with jokes .

Get more contact names for friends in the link below › Relationships


Just as your dad, mom, girlfriend, boyfriend, and friends are the most important individuals you cannot regret spending time with. The contact names listed above together with their meanings will guide you through choosing a cute and creative contact name for them.

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