How to Get Free US Number for WhatsApp Verification 2023

by Raven T.

There have been people who are curious about using the US number for their WhatsApp, leading to the methods and ways on how to get free US number for WhatsApp verification 2023. What’s with the fuss, anyway? Do you think that you would be interested in using the US number too? Here are some basic facts about the WhatsApp and the usage of different kinds of numbers.

How to Get Free US Number for WhatsApp Verification 2023

Getting Free US Number for WhatsApp
Getting Free US Number for WhatsApp

Understanding WhatsApp Technology

Who doesn’t know WhatsApp? These days, social messenger apps are getting more and more popular – and they are coming in various forms. WhatsApp is liked because of its many improvement and development – not to mention that it is easy to use and it is coming with lots of handy features.Understanding WhatsApp Technology

Another thing to like about WhatsApp is that it is compatible with most operating systems, such as Android and iOS. The app is now even available for PCs with its window version. You don’t have to download anything – simply visit the web and you are good to go. Now you understand why the app itself is pretty popular and liked, right?

So, what about using the app with the US number anyway? It is believed that there are several benefits of using the app with the US numbers, such as:

  • It offers you more privacy
  • Since you will be using another number, which isn’t yours, it is going to protect your number in a simple but secure way
  • You have the chance to use an international number, which can expand your reach
  • It also allows you to have unlimited call, especially the international ones, for free

Basically, if you are looking for a free service with a wider coverage (for international and global sector) and the ability to ‘hide’ your real number, then using the US number seems to be quite beneficial and handy. These are the reasons why people are curious about how to get free US number for WhatsApp verification 2023.

Features of WhatsApp US number

  • We can truly enjoy free service without any hidden cost or whatsoever
  • You are able to record the call
  • We can expect the app (and the number) to work just fine with any devices without any problem
  • You will be able to create the account with the international number of +1 series

Primo - Whatsapp Verification Link

Use Primo
Use Primo

The curiosity of how to get free US number for WhatsApp verification 2023 originates from privacy matter. Internet has created an advanced world which can be super useful and it can connects everyone in the world. However, privacy can be a serious threat and problem. People start losing their privacy and personal info because of the interactions they are doing online. By using US numbers, you can hide your real number – and you don’t have to pay anything for it!Use Primo

So, what are the steps to manage it?

  • You will have to download a certain app and install it in your device. There are several apps that can help you with this. For this one, we are going to use Primo. Just find one from Google Play.
  • Once it has been downloaded, open it and sign up for it. Keep in mind that when you sign up to use the app, you will have to provide your real phone number through One Time Password or OTP.
  • When the verification process is done, you should be able to see the menu – located on the left top side.
  • Click on the menu and you should be able to see the US number (it has +1 extension number) on the bottom side.
  • Write the number down on a piece of paper or elsewhere
  • Open you WhatsApp. You will have to delete the previous version of the app and then reinstall the new version
  • In the verification stage, provide the US number (which you already had before)
  • Wait for the activation of ‘call me’ option
  • Once it is active, click on it and Primo will ‘call’ you
  • Just listen to the call and write down the verification number or the code
  • That’s it. Now your app is running with US number.

Text Plus - Verification URL

Use Text Plus Whatsapp USA Number Free
Use Text Plus Whatsapp USA Number Free

In the event that the method of using Primo isn’t successful, don’t lose hope – there are still many apps that you can use to get yourself the US number. In the past, people might be using Voxox to get them access with US number but, unfortunately, the app has been banned now. No need to worry, though, because you can still use TextPlus.Use Text Plus to Help You

The procedure is almost similar to Primo:

  • You can find the app in Google Play. Once you find it, you can download and install it
  • Open the app and you will be required to register. You will have to provide the information of gender, name, date of birth, password, and email.
  • Go to the left top area and click on the menu option. There is an option to get the number with TextPlus app
  • Simply click on it and you will be required to provide the information of your country
  • Choose US with the code number
  • You should be able to see the new contact number
  • Verify your WhatsApp account with the new number. Just change the old one with the new one.
  • As you can see, these two methods on how to get free US number for WhatsApp verification 2023 are fairly easy and simple. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist just to figure things out.

2ndLine - Whatsapp Check

Use 2ndLine for Free USA Number Whatsapp
Use 2ndLine for Free USA Number Whatsapp

As it was mentioned before, there are several apps that can help you with your new US number. With 2ndLine, here are the stages.Use 2nd Line

  • Find the app at Google Play.
  • Download and install it
  • Open the app and click on the option ‘Get the free phone number’
  • You will see a new page requiring you to provide info about your email and password
  • Simply provide any random password and email. No need to worry because you won’t have to verify the email
  • There will be permissions that you will have to confirm ‘yes’. Just do it.
  • You will be given the option to choose the area code. There are many of them. You can choose 513 for Ohio. But feel free to choose another area code for Mexico or New York or elsewhere. Once you do it, go with ‘Continue’
  • You will see lists of US numbers with the area code that you want. Simply choose one. If you want to wait, they will be refreshed and a new (fresher) number will appear. Click ‘Continue’
  • Open your WhatsApp and enter the new number. Don’t forget that it has +1 extension. Click OK
  • WhatsApp will try to send an SMS to the number, which will definitely fail. You need to choose the option ‘Call Me’
  • On your 2ndLine app, you will get a call so you will have to keep the app open
  • Accept the call and listen to the information of the verification code
  • After you get the code, enter it to your WhatsApp
  • Your WhatsApp is now ready and working with the US number.

Conclusion on Getting Free US Number for WhatsApp Verification 2023

WhatsApp Free US Number
WhatsApp Free US Number

As you can see, these methods can work quite well to give you new numbers. Now that you know how to get free US number for WhatsApp verification 2023, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to manage everything.

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