Best Online Shopping Websites in the USA

by Raven T.

Online shopping is a flourishing market in the United States and other parts of the world. In a survey executed in April 2019, it was discovered that about 40% of US-based internet users admitted that they bought stuff online various times per month. The report also shows that approximately 42% of US citizens consumers have searched for and purchased products or services online. The survey report also shows that there were just 14% who search online and still went on to buy in a physical store.

According to industry specialists, there are numerous reasons why an increasing number of people are shifting from shopping in shops to shopping online. Even though comfort remains the biggest attraction. The availability of massive coupons and discounts are also significant factors that have caused an increase in online shopping. Buyers also tend to buy, sell, and trade based on friends and family's advice, recommendations of products on prominent social media platforms, and online reviews.

Summary of Best Online Shopping Websites in the USA

Below is a table of summary of the Online shopping website listed above.

Shopping Websites Year Founded CEO
Amazon1994Jeff Bezos
eBay1995Jamie Iannone
Walmart1962Doug McMillon
Kohl's1962Michelle Gass
Zappos1999Tony Hsieh
Kroger1883Rodney McMullen
Newegg2001Fred Chang
  1. Eric Koger
  2. Susan Gregg-Koger
Best Buy1966Corie Barry
Barnes & Noble1886James Daunt
  1. Richard Warren Sears
  2. Alvah Curtis Roebuck
USPS1971Owned by the United States government

List of Best Online Shopping Websites in the USA

List of Best Online Shopping Websites in the USA
List of Best Online Shopping Websites in the USA

So, in case you haven't joined the online shopping bandwagon yet. It's high time you do. So you can get the good products and service you desire delivered right at your doorstep or anywhere you like with a few swipes and clicks.

Below is a list of shopping sites that can take care of every US citizen's desires irrespective of where they are.

1. Amazon - Link


Amazon is a Seattle-based online shopping site. It has stretched its branches worldwide, earning the title of the largest online shopping site in the whole wide world. The list of shopping options that you get on this great app is fantastic. Shopping on Amazon meets your desires for electronics, books, toiletries, upholstery, furniture, accessories, clothes, and many other trending products you can think of. Amazon offers excellent choices for unique offers, deals, and discounts.

Amazon is a shopping site that assures every American the best quality of the item that they are paying for. The items sold on Amazon are divided and sub-divided into various varieties to make it easier to shop.

Prospective buyers can even search for a product by description or type in the brand of product they are searching for. Amazon has great policies that cover consumer protection. So, you can always consider its platform whenever you want to shop online.

2. eBay - Link

Best Online Shopping Websites in the USA: eBay
Best Online Shopping Websites in the USA: eBay

eBay also is an excellent shopping site. You need to check out this impressive website to know the type of discounts, offers, and deals they have on the platform's products. You can get on eBay everything you can think of. Items on eBay range from clothes, latest electronics products to home and outdoor products.

eBay is known for stunning deals, great discounts, the ability to shop branded and fashionable products, along technological innovations. One of eBay's fantastic features that you need to know is how products can be sold on the platform. You can sell your used and old car parts or electronics on eBay at a great price. eBay also has some products that cannot be found elsewhere while shopping online. Whatever you are looking for online, you are most likely to get it on eBay.

3. Walmart - Link


Walmart is another shopping website located in the United States of America. You can find varieties of products ranging from tech items, furniture, pet requirements to baby products.

Walmart is an online shopping mall that started as a small store in the US. Today, it is one of the dominating multinational companies making a list for well-known e-commerce shopping sites. It delivers more than the price you are paying for products. Millions of shoppers meet their daily desires with the assistance of Walmart's shopping website. Walmart gives a $25 discount for new accounts on their first purchase. So, if you haven't shopped at Walmart before, this offer is waiting for you.

Walmart also has its credit card that enables you to pay for expensive products in installments.

4. Kohl's - Link


Kohl's is the second biggest department store in the US. It has been enjoying massive success due to its fantastic range of products. It focuses on the desires of a customer to take care of them daily. They make products available to their customers at incredible prices, great discounts, and deals.

You can easily browse through the various categories of choices from jewelry, books, toys, school items, and clothes for children, women and men, bath and bed products, furniture, and many other things sold on the platform. It also has many inventive options like the order placing for pick-ups in store. This feature saves you from worrying about how your loads will get home after shopping.

5. Zappos - Link


Zappos is an online shopping website that caters to the needs of kids, men, and women. It deals with an extensive range of collections under several categories like plus size clothing, travel accessories, luggage, wedding attire, jewelry, sunglasses, and watches. Shopping can also be done for different events and occasions, including your regular workouts. It's currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was founded in 1999. Amazon later acquired it in 2006.

6. Kroger - Link


Kroger is an online shopping website that has become a choice among Americans for purchasing groceries. It offers impressive discounts on its foodstuff. Kroger special sales and offers are available daily and weekly online. This online website provides coupons and discount codes that assist you in saving money.

7. Newegg - Link


Newegg is an online store for computer hardware and software. Aside from the primary products offered by the website. Some other categories of products they offer include different types of sports utilities, electronics, accessories, and many more.

The comprehensive specifications of each item, along with reviews left behind by customers on every product being bought, make shopping easier and saves a lot of time on the platform. To enjoy amazing offers and deals, you can use their notification button that will notify you about the drop-in price to various discounts. Newegg is the largest online seller of electrical and electronic commodities in North America.

8. ModCloth - Link


ModCloth is an American online shopping website that is made to sell indie decor, clothing, and accessories. It is located in San Francisco, South of Market District. ModCloth is a shopping website devoted to American women's needs to look smart and be in the limelight for the choice of jewelry, watches, bags, shoes, clothes, shoes, and other commodities needed to be a complete woman.

9. Best Buy - Link

Best Buy
Best Buy

This is also an online shopping website known for its consumer electronics gadgets at a competitive price. The products of Best Buy are essentially under three brand names, which are; Best Buy, Magnolia, and Future Shop.

10. Barnes & Noble - Link

Barnes& Noble
Barnes & Noble

Established in 1853, Barnes & Noble is the world's largest online retailer of books of all kinds. Barnes & Noble ranks as a Fortune 500 company. It sells almost every book, ranging from business to biographies, health-related to cookbooks, fantasy to fiction, novels to comic books, horror to crime and mystery stories, and religious to romance. You can also shop for movies, music, games, toys, and textbooks.

11. Sears - Link


In October 2018, Sears filed for bankruptcy. This led to the online shopping website been forced to reduce some of its outlets across the United States. Despite their financial issues, Sears continues to maintain a formidable online presence.

Sears still maintain a position among the top online shopping platforms, even though its current financial crisis threatens its closure. It sells all kinds of products, including household goods, clothing, electronics, furniture, and much other stuff.

12. USPS - Link

Best Online Shopping Websites in the USA: USPS
Best Online Shopping Websites in the USA: USPS

The United States Postal Service operates one of the populated shopping websites in the United States. The USPS Store sells gift items, postal stationery, and postage stamps.

Unique postage stamps and stationery that express numerous themes and celebrations can also be bought from the website.


More than these great websites with online shopping features, you can also locate some that are not on this list. As the number of those who shop online increases, it is wise that retailers again open up an internet-based shop.

Lingering on the online retail fortune can prove fatal to any business. For consumers, online shopping gives massive benefits. They get great discounts that enable considerable savings.

Also, online stores offer doorstep delivery to customers. Selection of products is usually high when shopping online. Now, online retailers propose buying in installments, which increases the joy of shopping. The sites listed above are among the topmost in the business. You can surf through these online shopping sites when searching for any product. You will certainly locate the desired product you are looking for.

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