Best Einthusan Alternatives In 2023

by Raven T.

Indian Movies are famous all across the globe. Most of us only know about Hindi movies because they are more accessible than the other Indian movies that belong to other States of India. Tamil and Telugu movies are one of the most famous South Indian movies in the world.

Over the years we have noticed that there are thousands of fans out there who are looking for ways to watch other regional movies as well . But unfortunately there are only a handful of websites that host and stream other South Asian movies.

So if you a fan of regional Indian movies which almost all Asian and Indians around the globe are, then you most probably already know about Einthusan which is a movie website that allows you to watch movies from nine different states in India.

What is Einthusan?

Einthusan is a South Asian movie website that runs globally and allows users to stream free online movies that are not widely accessible. You can watch full-length movies, listen to movie songs, and enjoy short movie clips and so much more.

It is way different from other movie sites because instead of just featuring famous Indian movies like most Hindi movies websites do; the site has a collection of movies in different languages. This South Asian movie website has won hearts since it was initially launched and by now it has a huge collection of over 4000+ movies in 9 different regional languages of India.

Features of Einthusan

Features of Einthusan
Features of Einthusan

Even though Einthusan is quite famous around the globe, there are still people who don't know about the entertainment that they are missing out. It has been only 4-5 years since the website came into operations. The free-movie feature on the website is attracting more and more visitors each day but along with that there are other features of the website as well so let us look at them in detail as well.

1. Largest South Asian Hub

Einthusan has become the largest South Asian Movie hub on the internet within just a couple of years. You can easily get your hand son high quality full length movies, video songs, movie clips, images and so much more on the website. If, you haven't yet tried it then you definitely need to check out this largest South Asian Movies Hub on the internet to enjoy some entertainment.

2. Legal Entertainment

The thing about Einthusan is that even though there are rumors about it being illegal, the site itself claims to have a collection of over 4000+ legally licensed content in 9 different regional languages of India. So you can easily stay back and enjoy the shows for hours with your friends and family without worrying about any consequences.

3. Supports 9 languages

The feature that makes Einthusan the best on the Internet when it comes to South Asian movies is that it supports 9 different languages which means that you get to watch movies and entertainment clips from nine different regions in the world. The languages include

  1. Tamil
  2. Hindi
  3. Malayalam
  4. Telugu
  5. Kannada
  6. Bengali
  7. Marathi
  8. Punjabi
  9. Chinese

4. Premium Service

Even the site operates free of charge which means that you don't have to pay a single dime to enjoy the services provided by it. But if you are running it for free, then you will have to face several ads so in order to provide the visitors with a smooth experience the website also comes with a premium service. The premium service gives you access to some special features that we will look at later.

5. Advanced Server Control

One of the best things about Einthusan is that it provides the users with the best servers for streaming movies and video clips online. You can easily rate the movie or the clip on the website so give your feedback about it so that in case there are some discrepancies, the site owners can fix them for you in the future .

What is Einthusan Premium Account?

As mentioned earlier, Einthusan provides its users with the premium account service as well just like most other entertainment websites. The thing about Einthusan premium account is that unlike other entertainment websites, this one doesn't charge you with a regular monthly subscription fee. Instead the website offers a lifetime subscription for only $25 that you can avail in the beginning. You only pay once and get to enjoy the premium services for a lifetime. Some of the main features that you get you enjoy as a premium account holder on Einthusan are;

· UltraHD Movies (1080p)

· Enhanced Video Streaming

· Extended Movie Collection

· Download movies

· Offline Movie Support

· Wide Angle Ratio Screen .16:9

· Highlighted Comments

· 24/7 Email support

These are all the features that you get to enjoy for a lifetime by only paying a few dollars in the start. You can enjoy Ultra HD streaming experience at your home on your laptops, smart TVs, home theaters and etc. Plus the extra 24/7 hour support always comes in handy no matter which service you are using. So get your premium version and enjoy an unlimited collection of South Asian movies in HD quality as your home.

Does Einthusan have an App?

Most entertainment websites have an application in order to assist users but in case of Einthusan, unfortunately you won't be able to get your hands on any legit app at the moment. There was an app on the Google Play Store in the past but because of some technical reasons it was removed by the developers . The app provided the same features as the website but currently it is down for maintenance you can say and as soon as it gets up and running, we will definitely let you know.

Although, there are some Einthusan mirror apps on the Play Store that we have heard about since the original app went down. So you need to be careful that you don't end up downloading a mirror app because it is totally fake according to our knowledge. You can always access the Einthusan website in order to access the movies. We recommend that you refrain from downloading such applications.

This is one of the most popular questions that every user has about entertainment sites so why would Einthusan be any different. To be honest, Einthusan has been banned in many countries around the globe and India is one of them. It is mostly banned for duping users for the one time subscription fee and also for streaming pirated content on their website. But at the same time the site itself claims to have legal licenses to over a 4000 movies. Thus they advertise themselves are totally legal. So whether Einthusan is legal or not is a tricky question that no one can answer directly.

5 Best Alternatives For Einthusan

Einthusan is a great entertainment website but at the same time we also know that it is banned in certain regions. You can access it using a VPN but there are some quality conscious people out there that don't want to do so. Thus we have come up with a list of the best alternatives for Einthusan which are totally legal to use. So let us look at them in detail so that you can enjoy quilt-free online entertainment.

1. Hotstar


Hotstar is another Indian entertainment website similar to Einthusan. But the best part about Hotstar is that it is legal. It also comes with a huge collection of movies it is free section. Plus, unlike Einthusan it also has a certified IOS and Android application. You can download it on your smartphone to binge watch movies.

2. YuppFlix


YuppFlix is another legal alternative to Einthusan. It hosts a wide collection of Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi and Tamil movies. But unlike Einthusan you won't be able to watch free movies for life time on YuppFlix . You will be provided with the 3-day trial. After that you will have to pay for the subscription in to access the collection of movies.

3. SonyLiv

SonyLiv is a famous entertainment website since it is owned and run by Sony itself. It is one of the best TV streaming websites operating on the internet. It gives you access to both movies and TV shows. The site comes with a huge collection of content. But some of it is free while you will have to pay the subscription fee to enjoy the premium features.

4. YouTube


YouTube is the most famous streaming website on the internet. Almost every individual that has access to the internet uses YouTube on daily basis. The site has the largest collection of media content including South Asian movies. The best part about the content on YouTube is that it is legal and free as well .

Conclusion of Einthusan Website and the Alternatives In 2023

Einthusan is a gem in the entertainment world. Almost every Bollywood fan wants to get his hands on other Indian regional movies. That is where Einthusan comes in and provide free access to the visitors. It has the largest collection of South Asian movies. Plus the users can watch these movies for free so it is a delight for the movie lovers around the globe.

Since, it is banned in many countries because of some legal issues, thus the best way to access it to use a VPN. We always recommend you to turn on your VPN every time you access content from an entertainment website. You can never know which content is legal and which is not. So protection always comes first. If the site is banned in your region, then you can turn on your VPN and enjoy unlimited access to a wide collection of movies.

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