Five Most Inspiring Netflix Documentaries That Will Change Your Life

by Raven T.

Let's Binge Watch! Netflix entertains you with famous worldwide movies and seasons. But few people know of the inspirational content on Netflix. You turn to Netflix through all kinds of emotions. Whether you are feeling bad or good, you switch on Netflix. But when you want to change your life and mindset, Why not head toward Netflix?

One too many inspirational documentaries can change your life and mindset. For instance, go down your memory lane when you win Online Keno, and you feel a sense of confidence for your future games, Right? Similarly, the inspiring documentaries let you feel enthusiastic about your future and better life.

Let's see some of the most influential documentaries that will guide your life:

Five Most Inspiring Netflix Documentaries That Will Change Your Life
Five Most Inspiring Netflix Documentaries That Will Change Your Life

The Last Dance

Here is some good news for sports fans. The last dance talks about the life of Michael Jordan. You will learn about his struggle through his final season with the Chicago Bulls. Jackson named it 'The Last Dance' because it portrays the importance of a team's unity and understanding in their last run.

This particular documentary not only inspires the athletes to win championships. But it also motivates ordinary people to give their all and not lose hope if they want to succeed in their respective struggles.


An extraordinary way to correct the misconception of happiness is to watch 'Happy.' This documentary exemplifies the true meaning of being happy. Most people think that riches and treasures bring absolute joy. But this documentary will prove it wrong.

Happy depicts life in slums to the swamps of Louisiana. The people live poor lives but still radiate the joy of life. This documentary provides an excellent lesson to stay happy even if you have nothing.

The Magic Pill

The magic pill is a documentary about the relationship between health issues and food habits. It portrays five people struggling with medical conditions who switched diets to high-fat.

This film follows scientists, doctors, patients, chefs, farmers, and journalists around the globe to combat health issues. The uproar of diseases in the world all have a common background arising from the shift in eating habits.

Fixing eating habits and replacing them with fat as primary fuel promises improved health conditions. If you are interested in health issues, this documentary will surely be an eye-opener.

A Life On Our Planet

For centuries, natural resources have been consumed by humans leaving impacts on Earth with each passing day. A Life On Our Planet shows the passion of David Attenborough for exploring the globe.

As the documentary progresses, you will see the impacts of human beings on the Earth and the desire of broadcasters to preserve the natural reserves for future generations. This documentary will urge you to protect your beautiful planet to the best of your abilities.

The Mind Explained

If you are curious, The Mind Explained will entangle you in its fantastic illustration in no time. As the name shows, this documentary explains the emotions and thoughts in your Mind and the process behind them. Suppose when you think about What is the best bitcoin casino? Several brain procedures are involved in this single thought.

The Mind Explained is an excellent opportunity to learn what happens inside your Mind when you dream or the effects of hallucinogenic drugs.

A Quick Review

Many people desire to understand new cultures but don't have the means. Documentaries are an easy way to familiarize yourself with the world.

Netflix represents many inspiring and motivational documentary films that can help you to change your life. So, Curl yourself on your favorite sofa and grab the remote to play the documentary that attracts you the most.

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