Is Instagram Down? - How to Fix Instagram App Not Working Issues So It Can Be Up

by Raven T.

Everyday Instagram is used by 500 million people for sharing stories. Instagram is used by 11% of social media users to shop online. Many online businesses use Instagram to grow their businesses. The most downloaded app on Apple Store with over 1 billion users worldwide is not only used for social networking but also, it's a source for growing business.

It's quite frustrating when you are using Instagram and it's not working. There are many reasons for that. We try our best to resolve the problem, but it still not works. The problem can be from our side but sometimes it's the app that's not working.

Today we will discuss what are the possible problems you can face and their solution too.

Is Instagram really down? Don't worry

Managing 1 billion users is not an easy task. Sometimes a small bug create problem that cause the system to shut down. Such problem occurs when a server is not working . If Instagram is not working and your friends are also facing the same problem then this means the Instagram server is down. When Instagram is down you can't use the it.

The problem can be minor and major . In case of major problem, you can't use app. The minor problem can affect certain features of app e.g. failure to sign up or sign in, can't see your stories etc. you don't need to worry because the Instagram technical team is there to resolve the problem. Once they get notified about problem, they try their best to resolve the issue as soon as possible. In such situation you don't need to do anything , as everything will be fixed by Instagram team automatically.

How to Confirm "Instagram is down" error?

There are multiple ways to find out if Instagram is down or not. When you face problems like error popup, white screen or receive no response etc. You can use these methods to find if there is an outage or its just You.

You can search news about an outage happening with Instagram. There are different social networking platforms that shares current happenings in the world.

To confirm that Instagram is really down you can check Instagram official twitter account. If currently any outage is happening, they do update such news on their twitter account. If there is any outage you will see #instadown #instagramdown or similar hashtags on trending list . Once you click on any of these hashtags you will see people tweets about outage happening right now. Sometimes these tweets also let you know the nature of problem. Now a days whenever any unusual event occurs people start to make memes of it and some memes goes viral too. So, by checking your friend's Facebook or WhatsApp stories you will find out if there is an outage happening or not.

Instagram official twitter account
Instagram official twitter account

Another thing you can do is check third party website detectors . Such detectors tell you what is the current status of Instagram . Such kind of websites are created to let other know if there is any outage happening or not. one such detector which is widely used is Downdetector. Downdetector is an online website that shows real time status and outage information. It's the best source to find out what is current status of Instagram. The site shows the number of reports sent by users. At the bottom of page, you will find those reports in much details. Moreover, it shows the real time graph that displays last 24hours of any problem recorded. The reported problems are categorized which makes it very easy to find out which problem is mainly reported. It also shows a location on map from where people have reported.

DownDectector for Instagram
DownDectector for Instagram

So, it's the best source to find out if Instagram is really down. The best thing about Downdetector is it also provides insights about outage.

How to Fix Instagram App Not Working Issue

There are certain problems that are caused by the app in your phone. We will discuss such problems and their solutions one by one.

Are you using latest version?

It is always good to check whether you are running latest version of app or not. Instagram team keeps trying to add new features or remove bugs to improve their app. In that case you should check if there is any update available or not .

If you are Android user

  • Visit Google Play store; on top left you will see three lines tap on it
  • Tap on My apps & games
  • You will see list of recently updated and available updates, if you see Instagram in available updates, tap on update.

For iPhone users

  • Open App Store
  • Tap on updates tab
  • If Instagram is present in list of updates, tap on update button next to it

Check your internet connection

If you are uploading picture, replying to comment or any task on Instagram and its taking more time then it's your internet connection. Sometimes a poor internet connection or frequent disconnection causes several problems.

If you are using Wi-Fi

1. Restart your router

2. Reset the router if it's not working

3. If still not working call your Internet service provider and get a new router.

If you are using mobile data, then the reason can be poor signals or your data package. You can try turning airplane mode on/off to see if signals get strong, if not change your location

Reinstall or Reset Instagram App

Sometimes Instagram app keeps on crashing or you get unusual errors . If you are using updated version of Instagram and still gets such errors, then you should reinstall the app . There is a probability that a bug will appear during installation or update the app. The best way to sort out this problem is to first uninstall then reinstall the app again. Whether you are android user or iPhone user we will guide you how can you do the uninstallation and reinstallation process.

Uninstallation on Android / iPhone

The first step is to uninstall the app. For Android users

  • Go to settings
  • Tap on Apps & Notifications
  • Select Instagram from the list
  • Tap on uninstall

If you are iPhone user, simply tap and hold on Instagram app icon, after few nanoseconds you will see cross or X on the tap left of app icon. Once you tap on it the app will be permanently deleted. You can do the same on android, but you will have to drag the app to a dustbin icon on top mid of the screen.

Reinstallation on Android / iPhone

If you are Android user go to Google Play store , search and download the app again. iPhone users should visit App Store and download it from there.

If you are using updated app another alternative is to clear the cache and data of installed app. You can simply do that by

1. going to settings

2. Tap on App settings.

3. Tap on Instagram in the list

4. Tap on Storage

Now you will see three options

  • Change storage location
  • Clear Data
  • Clear Cache

Tap on clear Cache and Clear Data. A warning message will popup when you click on Clear data, just tap on it and all the data will be erased . Now you will have to sign in again because all the data i.e. profile or account settings have been permanently removed. This will surely resolve all the issues that you are facing.

Using Instagram on PC

Sometimes while we are working it becomes very annoying to switch again and again between phone and PC. So, we login our Instagram account on PC or laptop. In case Instagram is not loading properly, you should go to browser settings and

  • Clean the data
  • Clear cookies and Cache

Refresh the page and sign in again.

Check the Instagram help page

Check the   Instagram help page
Check the Instagram help page

If your internet connection is good and you have tried the all of the above tips, but still having problems, then its time to check the help page of Instagram. The problem that you are facing can be a bug within app or it's a legit problem. The help page shows any problem that is currently bothering its users and it's been frequently reported. You can click on known issues to find out if there is any issue. You will see a detail description of current problems and their solution.

If you are getting error message then you should check the I'm Getting an Error Message page.

Report the bug

If the Instagram help page don't include the error that you are facing then you should report the bug. Reporting the bug will let the Instagram team know what's the unique problem that you are facing and surely, they will get back to you as soon as the problem has been resolved.


Today we discussed the generalized solution of commonly occurring problem that people face. You learned how you can check outage for not only Instagram but also other social networking platforms or famous apps. We have discussed several methods You can do for fixing any kind of problem. We hope this article have helped you a lot. Let us know in the comment section below about your thoughts.

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