Phil Collins from EssayService Explains How to Save Money on Textbooks With These 8 Sites

by Raven T.

Phil Collins from EssayService Explains How to Save Money on Textbooks With These 8 Sites

Top 8 Sites for Students to Buy New and Used Textbooks

Education has never been cheap or even affordable. Getting into your post-secondary education bears with it plenty of expenses, from tuition and fees to room and board. And while all these costs can accumulate in rather large sums, there is one kind of expense that can seem small but then end up draining your budget a lot.

We are talking about textbooks. The 2023 report by the Education Data Initiative revealed that college students spend an average of $628-$1,471 just on books and supplies. During the past year, the cost of a hard copy book could get up to $400 per piece. And the cost of these materials is known to grow by an average of 12% with every new edition.

Needless to say, shoe-string college students' budgets struggle to cover such a huge cost of textbooks. After all, apart from books, young people have to pay for plenty of other things, including tutors and write my essays online services that help them deal with homework and keep their grades up. But are there any ways to cut down the costs of your textbooks? The good news is that it's possible. Read on, and we will tell you about the best sites that will let you buy new and used textbooks and save significantly.

1. Chegg (H2)

If you start looking for ways to save on your textbooks, Chegg would probably be the first platform you come across. Originally it was founded as a textbook rental company. That is, students can actually rent their books here and, thus, reduce their expenses by up to 90%. Now that the company has grown, it offers more options. Students can use Chegg to rent or buy books. The catalog includes both physical and digital, new and used products-all at affordable prices. They also offer other study materials and resources. So if you need a trusted site to buy everything you need for school, Chegg is a good option.

2. AbeBooks (H2)

The next site we recommend students try works slightly differently. AbeBooks is a well-known and reliable online marketplace that functions similarly to Amazon. Its core mission is to connect buyers with independent booksellers from all across the globe. On this platform, students will find a massive selection of textbooks, both new and used ones, that are available at very pocket-friendly prices. On top of that, this site offers rare and collectible books for sale. So you should definitely be able to find whatever you need here.

3. Amazon (H2)

The next site isn't a specialized bookstore. But it shouldn't surprise you to see Amazon on this list. As you all should know, this is one of the largest online retail stores in the world. In total, Amazon boasts a whopping 6.3 million sellers. The list of goods sold here is also huge, and, of course, it includes lots of study materials and textbooks. The main reason why we love Amazon is its competitiveness and versatility. Here, students can find both new and used physical and digital books on literally any subject at very competitive prices. So if you want to save cash to be able to write papers for money with the help of academic writing services or just have a little safety budget, Amazon will help you save.

4. Barnes & Noble (H2)

Barnes & Noble is a very famous name in the world of literature. It's a Fortune 1000 company and a brick-and-mortar bookstore chain that boasts the largest number of retail outlets in the US. However, not many know that this brand is also present online. On its website, the company offers a big assortment of new and used textbooks, e-books, and other digital resources at very competitive prices. So if you want to spend less, check out this website.

5. BookFinder (H2)

The next site on our list doesn't actually sell you books. Instead, BookFinder is something like a search engine designed to help students find the best deals on new and used textbooks. When you make a search request, BookFinder analyzes all matching offers available on the market, compares prices of different online retailers, and gives you a list of the best deals. With this tool at hand, you will never have to overpay for your books again, so be sure to try it!

6. ThriftBooks (H2)

The name of the next recommended website speaks for itself. ThriftBooks is an online bookstore that specializes exclusively in selling used books, including textbooks and some other study materials for school and college. This site isn't new on the market and is considered rather trustworthy. ThriftBooks also boasts a large selection of affordable textbooks. And the best part is that it also offers free shipping on all orders over $10.

7. Half Price Books (H2)

Half Price Books is a widely known brick-and-mortar bookstore chain. It gained popularity thanks to offering a huge selection of books at the most affordable prices on the market. And they also have an online presence. On the website, Half Price Books offer you to buy both new and used textbooks, as well as other books and media, at discounted prices. So if you want to have more money for a living or to use the best research paper writing services while in college, be sure to bookmark this site and use it to cut down the costs of your books.

8. CampusBooks (H2)

Finally, the last site we recommend you try is CampusBooks. Similarly to BookFinder, this site doesn't directly sell textbooks. Instead, it lets you search for the needed textbooks and compare prices for them across a variety of online retailers. What's more, it lets you compare prices not only for new books but also for used ones.

The Bottom Line (H2)

Buying books and other study materials for college is always budget-draining, but it shouldn't be!

Now you know about some of the most trusted and popular online resources that will help you save significantly when you need to buy textbooks.

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