Top 7 Security Practices to Encrypt Your Data During Online Transaction

by Raven T.

Information security in Canada is something that every online user should be concerned about. That's because the internet space involves the exchange of vast data that is stored on various databases, which makes it a target spot by cybercriminals.

Your information is essential when doing online transactions because, without that, you might lose your funds without your knowledge to the hackers. It's common knowledge that most people in Canada don't take their data security seriously, which puts them at risk of losing everything.

If you don't know how to safeguard your data during an online transaction, don't worry. We linked up with our expert Kevin Cochran (view profile) to elaborate on the vital aspects you must consider.

Top 7 Security Practices to encrypt your data during an online transaction

Top 7 Security Practices to encrypt your data during an online transaction
Top 7 Security Practices to encrypt your data during an online transaction

Separate database servers and Web servers

Don't do the mistake of putting your data on a central point. Unfortunately, many Canadian have been doing that, not knowing the risk they are placing themselves at. You should keep your database server in a secure and locked environment.

The control points should be out of access to unauthorized persons. In other words, it means that you should put your database servers away from the web servers or the main operating applications of your machine.

That way, you will have escaped the risk you would have put your data at. You should separate your database server from the webserver because the latter is easily accessible to the public due to its location in the DMX.

If your web server is weak and allows the database server to operate on the same machine, it will be advantageous to cybercriminals.

Be careful when transacting with popular sites
Be careful when transacting with popular sites

Cybercriminals are ever on the lookout for ventures that will allow them to scam many people at once. The Canadian online casino sector provides them with an ideal spot.

When sending money to popular online casino sites, you should be certain that you use a secure payment in casino and no third party has information about your transaction online. Using only the best online casino Canada is enough assurance that your personal will be safe. You can pay by card in a casino or even use eWallets.

Regularly update your data system and patches

It's a recommendation that you be updating your data system regularly and the patches. That will allow your data systems to have the latest security features and patches that will seal any latest vulnerability on the operating system.

Also, ensure that as you update your data system, all the data security controls provided by the database are functional. That is important for a database connected to many third-party applications that each require their own patches.

Test your database security from time to time

Your database security infrastructure is important. After you have constructed it, you must subject it to regular testing. Putting it under a real attack will be an ideal way of knowing how the security system will be effective.

Also, subjecting your database to auditing will be a good way of discovering if there is anything you left out. You can hire a third party that is specialized in checking if the system is in a position to defend itself. They will do that by trying to penetrate through it.

Only save what you think is necessary

Often, the systems store information that you save in them. If you operate a business, you will want to have your customers' data that will allow you to follow up on them. Information plays a critical role in business and it may not sound nice to lose it.

But it's also not advisable to be saving every piece of information you get. To limit the hackers from getting access to the critical data you have in your system, save only what is necessary for you. If you are operating a business, ensure you separate your business data from your data.

Back up your data

Backing up your data will help you in recovering them in case of a loss. It's an ideal way of encrypting information. That way, recovering your data will be easier, especially if you do regular data backup.

Have a response plan towards data breaches

You need to be ever prepared for any bad scenario that can transpire when transacting online. Many people assume that they are free from attacks, but the truth is that every internet user is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Your plan should include how you will close up the holes and also how you will report the occurrence.

As you can see, securing your data against attack will allow you to be on the safer side, especially if you are dealing with massive data. You don't have to go through sophisticated processes to make your data secure when pay in casino or even other platforms.

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