Top 5 WORST Games of 2023 - More to Come?

by Raven T.

Since the year 2020, players have been eagerly waiting for some thrilling new games in 2023 and while there have been some great additions to the gaming industry this year, there are a ton of new video games that didn't quite turn out to be as good as players expected them to be.

There are a number of reasons why the developers might have messed up with the lockdowns and all seem to be on top of the list but nevertheless, we have gathered up some of the worst games of the year 2023, so far with the hope of not seeing any more mess ups in the future. So, here is the list of top 10 worst games in 2023.


Biomutant's gameplay has been replicated time and time again, yet you're still left with a boring narrative, meaningless morality choices that will drive you furious and forgettable characters. There actually isn't much to talk about the game, as many features of the game are actually borrowed from other games and not in the best way possible.


However, it's not all bad after all the improvements that we see in the updates. Some players might still enjoy some of the fun features in the game but overall, it's a mess.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood

Game developers have always found it quite fascinating to base their games on fantasy worlds. Though the World of Darkness setting has some fascinating touch to it, it hasn't always transferred well into video games. Just like this game that has made it to our list, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, which focuses on the stories of werewolves. The game doesn't feel like doing much on any of the fronts. The combat is clumsy, the characters including the protagonists feel very forgetful, and there's not much to keep you interested.

Warhammer : The Age of Sigmar

RPG games hold a different meaning in our lives, players dedicate a lot of their time getting into these games but every RPG title deserves to get that spot. The Age of Sigmar scenario may be used to create some interesting experiences, particularly in the tactical RPG genre. However, Storm Ground falls short owing to obnoxious rogue-like gameplay. There are a lot of things that just don't work well in the game besides all the different bugs in the game and lack of features such as indications indicating which unit has a turn available. So, if you are fan of Role play games instead play and get Elder Scrolls Online key and actually have some fun!

Redout Space Assault

Redout is a wonderful experience and definitely worth getting into as a futuristic racer channelling Wipeout and F-Zero. So, why would the developer, of all things, venture into space shooter territory? Redout Space Assault had the potential to be an interesting experiment, but it was ruined by bad performance, mission design, and strange controls. Worse, it's mostly an on-rails shooter with little flexibility to roam and auto-shooting, which eliminates any sense of difficulty.

Apex Legends - Switch Edition

Apex Legends became quite a hit in the FPS community on PC and when it was announced to be released on Switch the expectations were very high as to how the game would perform.Well, now we can say that the answer is "poorly," with not so good graphics, poor performance and unsteady framerate. It's not even the greatest option for existing players owing to the absence of cross-progression, so if you are playing with someone on an Apex Legends PC account, you would be decimated to say the least.

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