What is VulkanRT (Runtime Libraries)? Is it okay to remove it?

by Raven T.

VulkanRT Is an application program. You might have come across this and wondered what it is. A lot of people are still confused about its purpose and why it is present on your PC. Sometimes people confuse i t with either malware or a virus . However, that is not the case . It does not affect your PC negatively. It is often found in your Windows. It is directly downloaded by default under the program files.

People often wonder if removing it from your PC can bring any benefit. If you search online you might get a lot of different opinions of people advising you to uninstall it from your PC. They claim that doing so will protect your PC . However, that is false. These are all false claims. Firstly, the original program is completely risk-free . It will not affect your PC in any negative way. All claims about this being a malware program are untrue. It will not hijack your browser. Many illegitimate programs run by almost the same name . This often tricks people into thinking that it is the original one. Impersonated programs are very risky and pose a threat. Albeit, the original version is completely safe and secure to use.

An introduction to VulkanRT

These Run-Time libraries are usually downloaded on the PC by default . It is done by your card manufacturers. It is developed by The Khronos group . It is a PC graphics API . API stands for Application Programming Interface . In simple words, APIs are used to act as a medium between many different software components . It specifies how they should interact and work with each other accordingly.

It is available across many different platforms . This is what makes it highly unique. It can operate on many different platforms such as Windows, Android and, iOS, etc. It is a 3-D graphics and computational Application Programming Interface.

As mentioned above, it was developed by The Khronos group. It is an American company. The one thing that stands out about this company is that it only develops royalty-free API . It is used to make video games and other media interactive. It makes the media high performing and also adds 3-D real-time . It improves and enhances performance. This helps in making the experience better for the user.

It helps in balancing GPU and CPU . Graphic Processing Unit and Central Processing Unit are both essential parts of the PC. They need to work together and so that they can integrate. VulkanRT provides a better outcome than its counterparts . These include Direct3D, Metal, etc. It is also very effective for parallel tasking. It can also process 2-D models and then generate a photorealistic image accordingly.

Sometimes there can be an overload of work on CPUs. However, VulkanRT helps in avoiding this. It does so by spreading out the load of work . This works out to be very effective when it is divided across different multi-core CPUs.

The use of VulkanRT for PC or any device users

The use of   VulkanRT for PC or any device users
The use of VulkanRT for PC or any device users

All of you must be wondering why this is installed on your PC. What is the main purpose of it and why is it considered to be so important? The main purpose, however, remains the same. It is present so that it provides a greater influence and control on the Central Processing Unit over the Graphics Processing Unit . It then manages the usage of both of these units effectively.

The users of VulkanRT have often compared it with other applications . These applications include Mantle and Direct3D . There are some very prominent differences between VulkanRT and Mantle.

Refer to the table below to take a look at their major differences . This will clarify a lot of elements.




It is available across many different platforms

It is not available on numerous platforms .

Render pass is available on VulkanRT

Render pass is not a part of Mantle

This is even available for phones .

This was present only for AMD cards .

However, Mantle is no more present . AMD donated it. It was then acquired by Kronos Group . They looked into the most prominent and unique features of Mantle. They then came up with VulkanRT. It had all the best parts of Mantle along with many updates which made it ideal to use. Also, Microsoft looked into Mantle. It then came up with DX 12 . DX 12 only works on Microsoft . It is neither cross-platforms or cross-culture.

VulkanRT is very simple to use. It can render graphics more efficiently. On the other hand, its counterparts are not that simple in their usage. Consequently, this helps in multithreading in the Central Processing Unit. Another thing noteworthy is how it only provided with a graphics driver. This is specially dedicated to your GPU -Graphic Processing Unit.

One more feature is that it allows you to download drivers . You can do this at your convenience . There are no limitations. You can download it whenever you want. This helps in making sure that you do not install the wrong driver. This can be a very serious mistake which is therefore prevented. You can restore it in your PC or any other device which you are using even if you have uninstalled or removed the program. However, the process of doing this is not free. You have to pay money to the websites that do this for you. That is one of the reasons why it is often advised to not remove this program from your device that is installed by default.

Features of VulkanRT

The above pointers explain why VulkanRT is such useful software. It also explains its use and purpose. It has been effectively communicated above in a very comprehensive way. Some of its very notable features are mentioned below. You can refer to the pointers . They will provide a better overview.

  • Its main purpose is to improve high-end graphics . It is used on mobile devices. Not only phones but also in the high-end graphics card . This then helps in improving the performance of all media. Video games are especially improved through this. It improves the functioning and its functionality . It is also used in many other graphic applications.
  • One noteworthy feature is that it is cross-platform . This means that it can be operated on numerous platforms. These platforms also cover The Operating System . This is what differentiates it from other applications. Direct 3-D 12 is usually limited to a specific operating system. However, VulkanRT is not. It can be used across many platforms.
  • It helps in making sure The Central Processing Unit is not overloaded with work. It does so by spreading the workload . This reduces the intensive workload that is upon the CPU. It also reduces the drivers' overhead. The process of batching makes it possible. Due to this feature, the CPU-Central Possessing Unit becomes accessible for more than it's standard availability.
  • It also has the feature of scaling. This scaling can be done on more than just a single-core processor. Multicore processors can be scaled to. This is another thing that differentiates it from its counterparts. Its opposite applications such as Direct 3-D 11 and GL4 don't have this feature. They can only function on single-core processors.
  • The code generation and graphics processing unit optimization help in the functionality of the application. It makes it faster and operate more efficiently. This also assists it in maintaining it better. The driver packages are then consequently more compact. This takes up less space. It reduces the space that is standardly required.
  • Usually, there is a need for an additional step. It is required to separate API from the use of graphics API. However, this is not the case with VulkanRT . It provides efficient management of computing kernels . Additionally, graphic shaders can be handled as well.

It is used as a part of AMD drivers . This helps in making sure that it is high performing in both its speed and also its functionality . Not only this but it assists in providing a high-quality image. This image can be in both Linux and Windows . It is capable of many other things. Its compatibility with The Operating System is something noteworthy. Even the hardware works to its highest extent. The rendering options are also a part of this.

Should you remove VulkanRT from your device?

To put it simply, NO.

It is an excellent software that provides many different functions. It has a lot of features that set it apart. Not only that but it also has AMD and NVIDIA drivers . These graphic card drivers help you, the user to have an interactive video gaming experience . It enhances the graphics, making the experience memorable and worthy. If you want to play games without much hassle, then you need this software installed on your device. It makes the functionality very efficient.

Is VulkanRT a threat to your device?

The answer to this is a hard NO . It is not a threat to your device. It does not contain any malware or viruses that will hack your device. You can let it remain on your respective phone or PC without any worry. It is safe and secure.

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