30 Best Anime Streaming sites

by Raven T.

30 Best Anime Streaming sites - For anime lovers, watching anime on-streaming sites is not exactly a walk in the park. This is because the majority of the free streaming sites do not cater to their anime viewing needs. Viewing anime could be as simple as getting a streaming site and making a click. Unfortunately, such sites are not exactly popular.

The percentage of those who are aware of sites that only stream anime is low. This is because it is often only a certain set of people that enjoy anime. In spite of this, anime is now more popular. This popularity is due to the influence of the internet over the past few years. Now, more people are aware of what exactly anime is all about and more and more people are also catching up on it.

Still, on most sites with 'large' libraries, anime shows remain missing. This could be why most of the anime free streaming sites have set themselves apart from that of other movies.

100% Complete List of Free Best Anime Streaming sites

100% Complete List of Free Best Anime Streaming sites

With the strong influence of the internet, you can now get to watch anime anywhere and everywhere. This is because all that needs to be in place is a good internet connection and a streaming link that works. It is also because there are now many popular streaming sites for anime. Not being aware of this means you've been missing out on a lot of fun.

If you are a lover of anime, then you are in luck. In this post, we have put together in details, streaming sites that provide anime shows for free. We have curated a rundown of free anime streaming sites for the benefit of the anime darlings out there. Check them out to see which one works for you. If you have loved, bookmarked, and shared our popular list of best free movie sites, chances are you'd come t love this frequently updated list of anime streaming sites too.

2. AnimeHeaven - Site Link

As its name depicts, this site is a heaven of anime shows and series. It consists of various genres ranging from adventure to romance all for you to enjoy. Not only does it allow you to explore anime series, but it also has a library of movies. With AnimeHeaven, it doesn't matter what team you are on. Whether you are team dubbed viewing or team subbed viewing, you get to choose your preference.

What's more, other than streaming the videos, you can choose to download your favorites. You would love this if having a video buffer every now and then does not particularly tickle your fancy.

3. Gogoanime.IO - Site Link

If there is one free anime streaming site that has almost all the anime you might have heard of, then it is Gogoanime. It is one of the most popular sites for streaming anime. Its library is so vast that you can get to stream about any type of show that you want. Its categories that you don't have difficulties choosing what to view. If you already have a particular anime in mind, then it is easier. All you have to do is make use of the search box by typing in the title of the anime. You would then get to see the varieties of anime shows with titles like the one you typed in. Thereafter, you can go on to choose the particular one you want.

4. AnimeStreams - Site Link


On AnimeStreams, you would find a clean interface and display of all your favorite anime in one place. Deciding on what to watch is easy as you can look through each category before making your choice. It is fine if you would rather not watch an anime show in a language other than English. There is an English sub or dub option for you to choose from. If there is any other thing that makes streaming with AnimeStreams enjoyable, it is this. On the site, you do not get disturbed by pop-ups. Also, if you do not come across the anime of your choice, no need to worry. All you have to do is to make a request for it by making use of the request form available on the site.

5. Chia-Anime.TV - Site Link

In case you're new to the world of anime watching then chances are high that you have not heard of Chia-Anime.TV. Well, it might be your go-to from now on. It's ranked aspart of the most used streaming sites for anime shows and with good reason. As when it'scompared to the other anime streaming sites, its speed is ten times as fast. This gives a stress-free experience. It also ensures that you can stream whatsoever resolution of anime that you desire.

The homepage lists new anime or you can browse through the site's alphabetical library. This site allows you to stream and watch your favorite anime in high-quality. You get to decide to download if you wish.

6. Ani.me - Site Link


This site claims to be the easiest to remember anime streaming site in the world and you can't help but agree with them. Ani.me does not only provide anime series and movies, but it also includes news on all things anime. If you want to be able to stream anime shows that have high resolution, you're in the right place. You can also stay informed on anime news such as the ranking of anime composers. On Ani.me, you can get to watch trailers for the newest anime too. You can also explore this free streaming site by tags such as sports, horror, action, adventure. With Ani.me, streaming free anime shows is as simple as simple can be.

7. AnimeSeason - Site Link

AnimeSeason does not only give you an opportunity to stream and watch as many anime shows as you want. It also lets you know whether a show is ongoing or completed. Watching with ease is also certain as there are no pop-ups and ads that could frustrate you. Also, you get to watch with captions and animated features alike. While the site might not have a search bar, the anime series are in categories. You can click on any of them to get the particular show you wish to watch.

8. KissAnime.to - Site Link

This site is easy to navigate and has a large arsenal of anime series all at high quality. Kissanime.to also allows you to pick what resolution you would like to stream and watch videos in. It also lists ongoing, upcoming series on its homepage and allows for advanced search. Also, shows are in categories such as new and hot, recent additions and most popular. There is a long list of anime to choose from as well as an opportunity to make reports or requests.

9. Manga-Anime Here - Site Link

If you are a huge fan of the Manga comics and anime, then Manga-Anime Here would provide you with a win-win situation. The interface of this site is one of the neatest out there when compared to other anime sites. Its homepage makes choosing what show to watch easy as it lists the popular manga turned anime shows. The icing on the cake is that it allows you to get the manga series considered to be a must-read. Making use of this site means you also get to read manga-anime news. The simplicity of this site and its amazing features makes streaming stress free.

10. AnimeFreak.tv - Site Link

AnimeFreak is available to cater for freaks of anime shows. With this site, streaming and watching anime shows for free is easier and better. Here, new anime are in genre categories and ongoing series are also listed. Although the site has many ads, it boasts of thousands of episodes in its very vast library.

11.Crunchyroll - Site Link

Crunchyroll has one of the most complete anime library that there is. The site is especially known for being available in various countries. It also has a downloadable app on play store. The site also contains anime related news and all the videos are of high quality.

12. Funimation - Site Link


As a standout amongst the best of free anime streaming websites, Funimation offers a lot of anime categories for anime sweethearts out there. Its library incorporates a wide range of anime from over the years. Users consider Funimation one of the best anime streaming websites in North America. Remember that Funimation does not restrict access at all. You can just open the site from anywhere in the world.

13. WatchAnime.co - Site Link


WatchAnime.co is free for everyone. However, there is a catch. There are occasionally pop-up ads and pop-under promotions. On the good side, users can get to watch high-quality videos. The homepage display right away latest uploaded Animes. There are menu links on the top to navigate down to the category you like. As always, you can look for your favorite anime by a small phase in the search bar.

14. AnimeNova.org - Site Link

With this site, you get to watch not only anime shows but also Korean movies. It categorizes its library from A-Z and into popular, new, recent, ongoing and completed. The shows are also categorized into their respective genres. These three categories would definitely make searching for your desired show very easy.

15. Anilinkz - Site Link


This super unique site is one you might want to check out right away. Why? Anilinkz takes it a step further by giving a list of shows it recommends for you to watch. Another pro is that it makes videos available in both subbed and dubbed versions. A con it has is that it does not allow for downloading of videos. This means to enjoy streaming, a good and quick internet connectivity is a necessity.

16. Narutoget - Site Link


If there is name every anime lover knows, it is Naruto which may be what inspired the owners of Narutoget. As expected, the site has all the Naruto series in the Manga and movies form. Getting videos of topnotch quality is a certainty on this site. Although it is not possible to download the videos, you might have to keep streaming to enjoy them.

17. Anime Ultima - Site Link

If you would rather watch your anime shows in the subbed version, Anime Ultima has got you. If you are a fan of watching in a dubbed version, no worries as you would find that some shows have dubbed versions. The site would also help your decision-making process. It does this by listing anime series popular in a particular season. That way, staying up to date with anime shows is easier. There is a collection of movies for you to choose from. There's nothing else an anime lover could ask for. If there's one more thing to love Anime Ultima for, it's that it is devoid of any form of ads. Watch your favorite anime shows on this site and get the ultimate pleasure.

18. Masterani - Site Link


Of all the other free anime streaming sites, Masterani has to have the simplest homepage. Not to worry, this isn't proof of how loaded or not it is with anime shows. Whether it's a movie, you want to stream or a series; they are just some clicks away. You also get to choose the resolution that suits your data or internet connection. This is a good feature seeing as you can only stream the videos and not download them. High-quality viewing is certain and subtitles are equally available. You can opt in to receive updates on movies, tv series, and news by subscribing on the homepage.

19. Viewster - Site Link

The Viewster site is home to anime and cartoon alike. If you are a lover of both, you're in for a treat. The fun doesn't stop at cartoons and anime shows. There's a host of documentaries, independent films and TV shows. Accessing all these is not limited to the site alone. You can download the Viewster app on both Android and iOS. Could all this be why Viewster is said to reach over 39 million unique users every month? We never can say but one thing is this - visit the site and become one of its million users.

20. TOKU! - Site Link


Toku! has to be one name that least depicts an anime streaming site on this list. Yet, it's loaded with lots of amazing anime shows and series. It also works differently from other streaming sites. Using it for the first time gets you a 30 days free trial. You would be able to watch the first episode of every series for free. Unfortunately or not, you would have to subscribe to keep watching after using up the free trial. Yet, this subscription worths it in every way. On the site, you can view the schedule with which the series or movies would be showing. You can also change the time zone from EST to that of your location. That's a unique feature other streaming sites do not have.

21. Midnight Pulp - Site Link

Midnight Pulp

The tagline on this site's homepage says to "stream all things strange". Looking at the site's name, that's not much of a surprise. Fantasy, horror, sci-fi are some of the genres of movies you would find on this site. Of course, you would find your favorite anime shows too. That's the only reason it would be making this list in the first place. The subbed and dubbed versions of all anime movies are available for streaming. Here's what to love about Midnight Pulp. Not only can you stream the most interesting anime, you get to filter by region and by theme! Your favorite anime to watch are Japanese ones (region)? Your favorite theme is say supernatural or samurai? You get to find anime series with both features faster! How cool is that?

22. KuroAni - Site Link

You love all things anime but no one around you does? You like to chat about shows and series you've seen but when it comes to anime, there's nobody to chat with? Well, you are in luck. The KuroAni site solves two problems. It gives you eye-catching anime series. It also helps you to connect with other anime freaks. There is an avenue for lovers of anime to come together and converse about all things anime. Just scroll to the bottom of the homepage and see the different options available. That aside, other than the usual filtering by genre, you get to filter anime shows by their years of release.

23. Anime-Planet - Site Link


There are many dubbed and subbed versions of anime series to watch on Anime-Planet. Also, you get to put episodes in either a 'watching' list or a 'want to watch' list. This would go a long way in helping you not to run out of what you watch. There's a community on Anime-Planet as well. There, you get to read or write reviews, partake in challenges. Just like KuroAni, there's a chat room for anime lovers to connect. That of Anime-Planet boasts of over 4000 members. That's quitehuge but then it's a planet, you shouldn't be expecting anything less.

24. Aniplus Asia - Site Link

Aniplus Asia

Here, you enjoy much more than streaming anime for free. Members of this site's community get a lot of freebies. Giveaways, special preview of anime movies, access to anime events are other perks. Are you artsy and can make anime art? Aniplus Asia is where you should be. You get to submit your anime art, photo or video and win prizes while at it! That's not all the site has in store for you. There is an actual store for you to shop from. Anime themed notebooks, cushion pillows, T-shirt and other interesting products are up for sale. With Aniplus Asia, you get to flaunt your passion and love for anime.

Free Movie and Anime Streaming Sites

It's good to know that there are streaming sites that areexclusive to anime shows. Yet, having to shuffle between different sites to see a movie and to see an anime might not be everyone's cup of tea. Good news is there are a few sites that stream both movies and anime. It is only right thatthey make this list. Below are 7 sites you may or may not be familiar with that stream movies alongside anime

1. Crackle - Site Link


This site has been around for well over a decade and its value is still topnotch. It has an app that is downloadable and it's also compatible with many devices. There are tons of movies and shows on it that can't be found elsewhere. When it comes to anime, there's only a few but still, this counts for something.

2. Watchbox - Site Link


Watchbox is not only a streaming site, it is also available as an app. A catch though is that it's in the German language. If you have basic knowledge of the language, then you might want toput it to test. There are films, series and of courseanime for you to choose from. The content rating is teens and above friendly. You also get to choose todownload the anime shows you stream.

3. Asian Crush - Site Link

Asian Crush

Get to watch both new and old anime shows and further fall in love with them here. Searching for movies is as simple as it gets on this site. You can filter through the collection on Asian Crush by the year the series or show was released. You get to stream the largest collection of Asian movies. There is a blog where you can access anime related news and Asian pop culture news. You can download the app on your Android and iOS devices.

4. SideReel - Site Link


The anime section of SideReel is rich and loaded with top anime shows. The shows are categorized into mechs and sci-fi, fantasy, high school, Shonen and so on. There's also an opportunity for you to read reviews of each episode. When you sign up on the site you get news personalized for you. The site does this by tracking your favorite anime movies and then bringing news on them to you. You would find all your favorite movies and TV shows there too.

5. Tubi TV - Site Link

Tubi TV

Registering for free on Tubi TV gives you access to a host of free movies and TV shows across many genres. The site has over 12,000 titles of movies and TV shows from top studios. Apart from the website, you can download the app on Google play or app store. It has all the latest shows which makes it hard to believe that you wouldn't have to use a credit card at all. It might be too good to be true but it is true.

6. Hulu - Site Link

30 Best Anime Streaming sites

To access this site, you have to first sign up for an account. This makes you eligible for a 30- day trial. Users returning to the site after a long time also get this privilege. After the 30 days though, keep enjoying the site by subscribing. Choosing to get the Hulu app is an option to make the viewing experience more enjoyable. Set up a Hulu account for yourself and gain access to classic anime shows.

7. Netflix - Site Link


If it's only one name you get to recognize in this list, it has to be Netflix. It's one of the biggest streaming sites out there. As it is with Hulu, you would get a 30-day free trial. Netflix has a wide range of video content from movies to series and documentaries. The main concern here is anime, and it has lots of those too. Downloading to watch on the go is an available option. You also get to choose whether you want to watch the anime series in dubbed or subbed versions. Don't limit your viewing on Netflix to movies and TV shows alone. Be sure to add anime series to your watching list.


Gone are those days when getting to watch anime series with ease was almost impossible. Now, more and more free anime streaming sites are emerging. Pick one or two or twenty of the streaming sites in this article and have a fun anime viewing experience!

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