How to Test Hardware on Android in 2023

Best Applications to Test Android Hardware

by Raven T.

The android device is a mobile operating system designed specifically for smartphones and tablets. For better use, it's important to download applications that will improve the performance of these smartphones. This is why we've taken time out to write about the best apps you can use to test the functionality of your android device.

In this article, we will discuss about specific apps that will help check the hardware information on your device and how you can use them to fix hardware issues that may occur. Most of these apps are available on Google Play Store, so ensure you check them out.

List of Best Applications to Test Android Hardware

The following apps can be used to test hardware on your android device:

  • Sensor Box
  • TestM Hardware
  • Phone Doctor Plus
  • DevCheck Hardware
  • System Info Droid
  • Z-Device Tester
  • AccuBattery
  • Test Your Android

1. Sensor Box

Sensor Box
Sensor Box

Sensor Box is an application for Android devices designed to detect available sensors on your mobile device. It has a simple and amazing interface that is quite easy to operate and that can be seen with it's over 5 million downloads on google play store.

Tests you can carry out with Sensor Box app:

· Light Sensor

· Accelerometer Sensor

· Proximity Sensor

· Orientation Sensor

· Gyroscope Sensor

· Temperature Sensor

· Sound Sensor

· Magnetic Sensor

· Pressure Sensor

Certain sensor tests might not work though, depending on your mobile device. This is due to the fact your hardware might not support it.

Sensor Box was designed to help detect changes in temperature and pressure which can be very useful for you, if you are someone that loves to keep track record of weather forecast. You can also use this feature to monitor your device temperature (It shows you if the temperature is too hot or too cold).

The gyroscope, orientation and accelerometer sensor are very useful because of their ability to measure or detect directions and screen rotation. This is also applicable in mobile game development.

You can also watch this video on YouTube to learn how to use the app

2. TestM Hardware

TestM Hardware
TestM Hardware

The TestM is an android application dedicated to measuring and testing the functionality of a mobile device. It analyses several components on android devices by putting them through a test. You can either perform a quick test or a full test that will give you detailed report about the device.

Tests you can carry out with TestM Hardware app:

· Phone Speakers

· Screen Performance

· Sound

· Connectivity

· Movement Sensor

· USB Port

· CPU Cooler

You can evaluate your phone by selecting any of the categories listed above.

The TestM Hardware is a quality app designed to check camera storage. You can also test selfie quality and inspect your touch screen sensitivity.

One unique quality I personally love about this application is the "RAM Booster" feature. It will serve as a storage cleaner and also help monitor your battery level.

So much talk about testing, but let's not forget about another unique service this app can do for you. That's the "troubleshooting services". This app will help diagnose and fix hardware issues on your android device.

I will highly recommend this app for your smartphone. Ensure you check it out today.

You can also watch this video on YouTube to learn how to use the app

3. Phone Doctor Plus

Phone Doctor Plus
Phone Doctor Plus

Phone Doctor Plus is designed to take good care of the overall health of your smartphone. This is a special android app dedicated to testing your phone's hardware due to its many features.

Tests you can carry out with Phone Doctor Plus app:

· Memory Check

· Multi-touch

· GPS and 3G chip

· Vibrator Check

· CPU Performance

· Storage Speed

· Spec Check

· Display Check

· Compass Stability

· Volume Control

· Flash Light

· Speaker and Microphone

· Monitor Network Usage

This app offers several tests such as the battery calculation feature. It will show you the battery information and lifespan. You can record daily battery charge cycles and the battery overheat notice is a feature you can use to extend battery life. That's great right? I know you'll love it.

Phone Doctor Plus is also unique in its own way due to the lack of ads popping up on the user interface. For some, ads can be annoying but be assured you won't have to deal with that on this app.

If you need a basic app for hardware testing, look no further than "Phone Doctor Plus".

You can also watch this video on YouTube to learn how to use the app

4. DevCheck Hardware

DevCheck Hardware
DevCheck Hardware

This app is designed to help get a detailed information about your android device. It will show you real time graphical information and it has a unique dashboard display designed to monitor certain features about your smartphone.

Tests you can carry out with DevCheck app:

· Device Model

· GPU Specification

· CPU Specification

· Memory Details

· Battery

· Network Information

· Storage Information

· Operating System

· Advanced Camera Specifications

This is a must have application because of the clear and accurate way in which it gives you device information. You can easily monitor your smartphone hardware with this app and it's quite easy to navigate.

You can also use this app to get details about the Wi-Fi service and mobile networks availability. It will teach you about your android device architecture and how to make the most use of it. It's a special app.

This app comes with a pro version that will assist you in monitoring your device signal strength, GPU and CPU frequency, network activity as well as switching theme modes. It's an amazing app - believe me!

You can also watch this video on YouTube to learn how to use the app

5. System Info Droid

System Info Droid
System Info Droid

System Info Droid is a special app dedicated to testing the performance of your android device and to free up the RAM memory so as to improve the performance of the device.

Tests you can carry out with System Info Droid app:

· Graphics Processing Unit Info

· RAM Memory Info

· Display Info

· Storage Space Info

· Processor Info

· Temperature Info

· Sensors Info

· Camera Info

This app is very useful for getting system information and there's a smart widget included that provides information about the device CPU usage. Temperature and Frequency usage can also be checked on the widget.

You can also share your device statistics on the internet if you want to, but it's important to understand the device permission restrictions.

This system reports are exported by email and there's a little storage space required to install the app. That's a good one if you ask me.

You can also watch this video to learn how to use the app

6. Z-Device Test

Z-Device Test
Z-Device Test

The Z-Device Test app is a powerful application designed to get a comprehensive analysis of a smartphone. This app allows you to test all hardware components of your device effectively.

Tests you can carry out with Z-Device Test app:

· Light Sensor

· Accelerometer

· GPS Signal

· Vibration

· Battery

· Sound

· Camera

· Speakers

· Flash Sensor

· NFC Near Field Communication

This app gives you detailed knowledge about hardware specifications and tells you if certain features are compatible with the device.

I actually like this app and had to include it on the list because it has several functions you won't get in other applications. You can also check the android device health with this app.

If you need to compare sensor accuracy and technical information, this is the best app for you.

You can also watch this video on YouTube to learn how to use the app

7. AccuBattery


This particular app is a special device designed to monitor and optimize android battery health. Its main purpose is to keep your battery in the best condition.

Tests you can carry out with AccuBattery app:

· Discharge Speed Check

· Historical Session

· Battery Statistics

· Mode Switch

· Battery Capacity Estimate

· Battery Consumption Check

· Measure Charging Current

Unlike other applications we've been talking about, AccuBattery has a specific function which might seem limited but one that is very important for us to enjoy our smartphones.

No one wants to move around with a device with battery issues, so we thought it's a must-have for everyone. This app will optimize the performance of your battery by performing series of health check on it.

This is another app that won't pop up unnecessary ads, so I can guarantee you'll enjoy using it.

You can also watch this video on YouTube to learn how to use the app

8. Test My Device

Test My Device
Test My Device

Test My Device is different from most other apps for hardware testing due to its super-fast nature of running a full-test in a rather quick manner on any android device. This is one for everybody.

Tests you can carry out with Test My Device app:

· Test Camera

· Test GPS

· Test Proximity

· Test Display

· Test Battery

· Test Microphone

· Test Vibration

· Test Speaker

· Test Proximity Sensor

Talk about saving the best for last? Not really. We couldn't have rounded this article up in a better way though, without adding "Test My Device" to the list.

This app has a unique feature which is the Material Design User Interface, that helps you test every device features on your smartphone. You can also check device information with this app, such as processor count. It is quite similar to Test Your Android app. Why not give it a try? It's a simple app you'll enjoy using.

You can also watch this video to learn how to use the app

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Kindly inform us about the other apps we didn't talk about in the comment box. We will love to know more about them and hopefully try them out.

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