How to Donate Car to Salvation Army 2023

by Raven T.

How to Donate Car to Salvation Army 2023 – You may want to learn about How to Donate Car to Salvation Army 2023, especially if you are thinking about giving up your vehicle for a good cause.

People have different reasons for donating their vehicles, and Salvation Army is one organization that has been in this social industry for quite a while. Despite their good intention, some people don’t really know how to manage the car donation.

How to Donate Car to Salvation Army 2023

How to Donate Car to Salvation Army 2023
How to Donate Car to Salvation Army 2023

And if you simply entrust your car to anyone claiming to be able to manage your donation, you may end up risking your valuable item to the wrong person and you lose money along the way.

Or worse, you may be involved in a legal problem – and you aren’t even aware of it! So, read on if you want to learn more about How to Donate Car to Salvation Army 2023.

Salvation Army Concept and Principle

Do you know that you can actually gain benefits in the tax deduction while helping out others? In case you don’t know it, tax deduction is basically a tax reduction. Let’s say that your annual tax is around $2,000. If you donate your car and you can get, let’s say, $900 for the tax deduction, it means that you only need to pay $1,100 this year. Not a bad figure, huh?

Okay, going back to Salvation Army, it is an organization with a positive reputation. More importantly, it has been around for quite a while so you can be sure about its good name and its credibility in generating the tax deduction benefits.

When you make a car donation to this organization, not only you are able to help others but you can also gain the financial benefits from the tax deduction. It’s based on the concept of karma: you will reap what you sow.

So, when you are able to help others, the kindness will return to you. Now, you only need to know how to donate car to Salvation Army and the overall process.

The Salvation Army has been running since 1865, so it has been more than a century old. That’s why it is also referred to as the oldest charity or social organizations in the world. Their principle is to help those with broken lives and help them to undergo a recovery path.

They have been sponsoring programs to help disaster victims and also the homeless, work to prevent and tackle human trafficking, organize day camps and also summer camps for kids, open and also manage soup kitchens, provide senior services as well as rehabilitation centers, and also create (and manage) youth intervention program.

For them, there is no such thing as a small good deed. No matter how big or small your donation is, you have made the way to create a difference around the world and also around the neighborhood. They support local programs as well as the global ones.

Salvation Army Concept and Principle
Salvation Army Concept and Principle

With so many charities and social organizations running and operating, it is so easy to get confused. Many of the social organizations focusing on the car donations, it would be easy to get lost and be overwhelmed of which one to choose. After all, why would people want to donate the car? Why not just selling it, anyway?

  • You see, not all cars are ideal for the owners. Some people are sick and tired of their old cars which cost them a fortune for the repair and fix. When compared to buying a new car and managing a lease on it, the money spent for the repair is just too much. A lot of the donors claim that they are simply sick of the facts that the cars are in the mechanic shop again. Not only it hurts their wallet, but it is also emotionally tiring and energy draining. For some people, they have reached the point of their patience, and it is their last straw.
  • It is also possible that some car owners simply don’t have any special budgets or funds for the repair anymore. They are probably thinking about selling the car, and yet they understand that the value may not be high. It is a problematic for them – they want to get rid of the old piece and yet they don’t really have the resources to do so. This is why donating the car can be a good option for them. So, why choose Salvation Army, anyway?

Before learning How to Donate Car to Salvation Army 2023, you should learn some of the donation benefits. There are some reasons why you should donate your car to Salvation Army instead of donating it to other charities.

  • First of all, you can make a donation while getting rid of the old car. When you get rid of the old car without selling it, you will have to spend money for the towing service to pick it up for you. Not to mention that you should manage the process – finding a place that is willing to accept your ride.
  • If you donate your car to Salvation Army, you won’t have to worry about anything. You simply contact them and they will manage a pick up – it won’t cost you extra.
  • If you donate the car instead of selling it, it saves you a lot of things: it saves you hassle of having to fix it, clean it up, or even advertise it. You can donate the car as it is – it saves you money, energy, time, and efforts.
  • If you donate the car instead of selling it, you won’t be so ‘heart-broken’ when it is being valued.
  • The Salvation Army is the oldest social organization that has handled a lot of social missions. You can be sure about their professionalism as well as social principle. You can also be sure that they will do everything in the most transparent and fair way.
  • The Salvation Army appreciates every effort made by their donors. That’s why they will try their best to make the process go easier and faster – at least, it won’t create another burden for the donors.

So, you finally decided that you want to donate your vehicle to Salvation Army. How to Donate Car to Salvation Army 2018? If you live in Arizona or California, you are lucky because the arrangement can be made easier.

You can arrange the pickup schedule at your convenience – even to pick it up at any place you want: your office, your storage compartment, the repair shop, and much more. What if you arrange for other people? Let’s say that you arrange the pickup for your dad or your mom who doesn’t drive anymore. Just manage the schedule and the towing service will be coming at the schedule time.

How to Manage the Donation

How to Manage the Donation
How to Manage the Donation

Salvation Army believes that you don’t need to go through complicated or difficult process for donating your old car. So the stages that you need to undergo are:

  • You need to log into the official website of Salvation Army
  • Keep in mind that you can donate any kinds of vehicle, including RV, boats, ATV, motorcycles, or others.
  • You should be able to see the button ‘Donate Online’ – which is located either at the below or the top
  • You will be required to provide some important information about your cars – or other vehicles. No need to worry because it won’t take long. The process alone will take around 3 minutes to 5 minutes. The representative will be cooperative and friendly. They will ask you questions and listen to your descriptions.
  • Once it is done, you will get an email about the temporary receipt or confirmation, along the reference donation number. The email also contains further outline of what to do – or what should you expect next
  • Manage the scheduled time for the pickup. It is up to you to decide the time, date, and also place. When the towing service comes, the driver will show you paperwork and documentation that you will need to read, understand, and sign. The proper way will include the information of the contact person contacting you in the event there are problems about the donation or there are questions about the condition or title. Don’t forget that you MUST get the receipt.
  • In most cases, the pickup service is very accommodative, friendly, and helpful – they have gained a lot of positive reviews for it.
  • You will get the tax deduction 1098-C form from IRS within a month of sale. The donation requires a length process. When the car arrives at the location, the Salvation Army will have to assess the condition – including making repair when needed and deal with the paperwork. Afterward, they will have to put the vehicle to the market and sell it. It can be sold during an auction or it can be placed in dealerships, waiting for interested buyers to come. After it is sold, you will get two copies of the form. One copy is for you and one is for the accountant. The organization and IRS will also get the same copy. Everything is totally transparent so you won’t have to worry about a thing.
  • Remember that you will get the 1098-C form in 30 days AFTER the sale – not after you donate the car. It is a completely different term and condition, so you need to understand it.

Some Extra Facts and Tips

Although donating the car to Salvation Army is good for your consciousness and you can make a good deed for others, it would be handy if you know some of the basic facts.

How to Manage the Donation
How to Manage the Donation
  • It would be great if you can drive your own car to the Salvation Army branch in your area – provided that it can still run. In the event that your car is totally broken down and it can’t be driven, then you should contact the towing service. Salvation Army will reimburse the cost of towing and also repair). That’s why if you can drive it to them, it will save them the towing cost.
  • Be sure to completely check the terms and conditions of the organization. It would help if you can learn about the details so you can be sure about making the donation or about the overall management of the donation.
  • If you aren’t sure about how much tax deduction you will get, you should contact the customer service and ask about it. They can help with the calculation and determining the value of your donation – and then how much you will get for the deduction.
  • Be really sure about donating the car and not regretting your decision, no matter what. Most people donate their cars for the sake of tax deduction. But when the deduction isn’t as much as they have expected, they regret their decision and become angry – and unsatisfied with the organization.
  • When you donate your cars, be sure that the intention is to help others. Even if it isn’t going to benefit you much (at least in the financial aspect), don’t you think that it is a consolation that you have done something good for others? That you can relieve their burden with such a (seemingly) small gesture? For you, it may not be much but it can be a life changer for them.

Important Considerations

There are some things that you need to consider when you want to know about How to Donate Car to Salvation Army 2018.

  • Some organizations take what kind of conditions for the donated cars. Whether it is still running or having a flat tire or whether it is being a complete wreck, they are willing to accept the vehicles. However, you need to provide the information and be truthful about it. Not every organization will be willing to accept a wreckage. Be truthful about providing such info to the administrators at the Salvation Army.
  • If you have problems managing the online system, just call them at 1-800-728-7825. This problem will be direct
  • But if your decision to choose whether you want to report the donation or not in your tax report. It is your personal choice, after all.
  • In the event that you have questions about how to donate car to Salvation Army, go to the customer support and ask for further info.

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