Best Free CPU Temperature Monitor Tools for Windows OS

by Raven T.

It is important to monitor CPU temperature whenever you are actively working on your PC. The Central Processing Unit of a personal computer can crash or get damaged when it gets overheated, so it's advisable to use the help of quality temperature monitor software to avoid such occurrence.

Are you looking to keep an eye on your system performance anywhere you go? Do you want to know how hot your CPU gets? Or you just want to study and measure the current and maximum CPU temperature for your computer system? - Here is a well-researched solution guide.

In this guide, we will show readers the best CPU temperature monitor tools available for windows on the internet and how they can be installed. The CPU temperature monitor tools listed are absolutely free and safe to use.

Best Free CPU Temperature Monitor Tools - CPU Temperature Monitor

Best Free CPU Temperature Monitor Tools
Best Free CPU Temperature Monitor Tools

Here is a list of the best temperature monitoring software for Windows OS

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Speed Fan - CPU Temperature Monitor

Speed Fan
Speed Fan

Speed Fan offers one of the best service when it comes to CPU temperature monitoring. This application monitors and controls the fan speed for compatible motherboards and computer processors. It is a very unique program used in accessing digital temperature sensors for most computer systems.

Speed fan helps to access and display important hard disk temperature info of a computer system. It also displays graphics card info for multi core processors. It has amazing features and is compatible with all Windows versions and supports most processors. It is a perfect program for monitoring PC temperature.

Benefits of Speed Fan

  • You can view, control and change the fan speed of your PC.
  • It can be used to filter fan speed noise by reducing it.
  • It helps to monitor the voltage in computers with monitor chips.
  • Speed Fan gives access to SMART hardware information.

Real Temp - CPU Temperature Monitor

Real Temp
Real Temp

This CPU temperature monitoring tool is a program designed to read temperature information for PCs. It has a Digital Thermal Sensor (DTS) test feature that reports core temperature data which is safe for operation on a CPU. When a computer starts heating up, it makes the processor to thermal-throttle which in turn helps the computer to run at full speed.

Real Temp supports most single core, dual core and quad core Intel Processors. We highly recommend it because it works on all Windows versions from Windows XP to Windows 10. Installation modification is not required on this program.

Benefits of Real Temp

  • Real Temp works on 32-bit processors and 64-bit processors.
  • It gives the ability to report temperature info for each core of a CPU.
  • The full logging features helps to keep track of min and max temperature.
  • The high temperature alarm feature shuts down the CPU when at risk.

Core Temp - CPU Temperature Monitor

Core Temp
Core Temp

This is an accurate CPU temperature monitor program that shows users vital information about their computer processor. We included this application on our list because it offers a feature that allows users to view temperature information of individual core of all processors on a PC.

Core Temp is a powerful program that displays temperature fluctuations in real time. It is a unique program that supports VIA, Intel and AMD processors. Core Temp is one of the most used CPU temperature monitor tool due to its easy to use user-interface. You can download the mobile app for your smartphone.

Benefits of Core Temp

  • Core Temp offers high resolution temperature readings.
  • It allows users to install plug-ins and add-ons to improve functionality.
  • View additional information such as frequency and processor model.
  • Its high level customization feature makes it perfect for developers.

Open Hardware Monitor - CPU Temperature Monitor

Open Hardware Monitor
Open Hardware Monitor

This is an open source software that monitors voltages, temperature sensors, clock speed and fan speed of a computer system. It is one of the best CPU temperature monitoring tool because it supports most hardware monitoring chip found on several motherboards.

It is free and monitors CPU temperature by reading by reading the core temperature sensors of most processors such as AMD processors and Intel processors. Open Hardware Monitor also have a feature that allows users to view SMART hardware info. It is compatible with all Windows Operating Systems.

Benefits of Open Hardware Monitor

  • It has a simple and user friendly interface.
  • Developers can use OHM source code for their personal projects.
  • This program can be installed on Linux Operating Systems (x86 based).
  • Open Hardware Monitor supports Nvidia Graphics Cards and ATI sensors.

CPU Thermometer - CPU Temperature Monitor

CPU Thermometer
CPU Thermometer

CPU Thermometer is a free CPU temperature monitor that displays CPUID, Core Number, Load Capacity, Frequency, and Temperature information of a computer system. This program has a Mozilla Public License and can run on all Windows Operating System versions from Windows Vista to Windows 10.

CPU Thermometer has series of functions that allows it to reboot or shut down a computer when the temperature of the CPU is high. It monitors system temperature and displays a warning message whenever it overheats, so as to avoid any form of damage to your personal computer.

Benefits of CPU Thermometer

  • CPU temperature is easy to access through a system tray.
  • It has a feature that allows users to set maximum CPU temperature.
  • You can view live CPU temperature of your computer system in real time.
  • Supports 32-bits and 64-bits Windows OS and works on several processors.

Speccy - CPU Temperature Monitor


This is a fast and lightweight CPU temperature monitor program used to create detailed system reports related to storage disks, RAM, motherboard, graphics card and hardware information. It is a free computer system monitoring tool used to view key temperature info of several components on your PC.

Speccy is an advanced system information monitor used to check the necessary software details you need to know about your personal computer. Speccy offers a free version and can be installed on all windows version. We recommend this program because it offers more detailed information about system hardware.

Benefits of Speccy

  • It allows users to save snapshots of scan results.
  • It provides a bundle package that includes Recuva and CCleaner.
  • Speccy allows users to view hardware performance over a period.
  • The premium version comes with automatic update and customer support.

HWMonitor - CPU Temperature Monitor


This is majorly a computer hardware monitoring program that helps users keep track of vital components information on their PC. We included this program because it helps users monitor excess voltage and current being supplied to the system to prevent any temperature overheat damage.

Its simplicity feature makes it convenient to use and it is one of the best CPU temperature monitor tool you will find on the internet. It acts as a main health sensor that monitors device temperature and several other factors such as voltages and fan speed. Ensure you check it out this well-equipped temp monitor.

Benefits of HWMonitor

  • This program supports and record log files on a PC.
  • It displays temperature result on a single organized window.
  • It reads hard drive temperature via video card GPU and SMART.
  • HWMonitor is a fast program that handles most common sensor chips.

Rainmeter - CPU Temperature Monitor


This guide on best CPU temperature monitor will not be complete without including Rainmeter. It is an open source software that stands out because it offers series of amazing features and also acts as a free program for customizing your system desktop display.

Rainmeter allows users to view series of data such as temperature check, RAM usage, weather info and disk usage. This program allows users to download skins that comes with useful information. We suggest checking out Rainmeter as it will meet your temperature monitor information demands for your PC.

Benefits of Rainmeter

  • It comes with a feature that allows users to customize skins.
  • Rainmeter is a robust CPU temperature monitor tool kit.
  • Rainmeter runs very fast on any PC with Windows Operating System.
  • It also provides a community where users can share ideas and get help.


Monitoring CPU temperature is very essential because it prevents your computer from issues like overheating and overloading which could damage the hardware. The free CPU temperature monitor tools discussed in this guide will help you keep a close eye on the temperature fluctuations and health of your personal computer. You can also monitor other factors such as clock speed, CPU load capacity, RAM usage and fan speed of your system with these amazing programs.

It can be very complex to take manual temperature of your PC but with this free temperature monitor tools, it becomes a lot easier. Don't hesitate to check them out and install the preferred one on your personal computer.

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You can share your thoughts in the comment section and suggest other free CPU temperature monitor tools you know or have used. Thanks for sharing in anticipation.

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