Best Methods to Fix Event ID 41 on Windows 10

by Raven T.

Best Methods to Fix Event ID 41 on Windows 10 - If you are a Windows user, you have to be ready to face several errors in the system. Event ID 41 is also one of these errors. Such errors might be bothering the users. But, most of them can easily get fixed. We understand your needs, and that is why we have decided to present the possible fixes for the error Event ID 41 to you. But, before that, let's learn about the basics of Event ID 41.

What is Event ID 41 Error?

This error is referred to as Kernel-Power Event ID 41. It is a critical error that is generated on starting the computer after the last shutdown. The Windows find that last time, the computer wasn't shut down properly. Hence, the critical error Event ID 41 appears as a message on your screen. This error is more likely to appear in the Windows Event Viewer.

Why does Kernel-Power Event ID 41 Occur?

The sudden stop in system responding, system crashes or losing power unexpectedly causes this error to appear. Basically, this error occurs in case of an unexpected system shutdown.

Is Kernel-Power Event ID 41 Harmful to the Device?

Although, being a Windows user comes with an experience of dealing with numerous bothersome errors. However, not all of the errors are dangerous for your device. But, if the error is Kernel-Power Event 41, then you should fix it without wasting any time. Otherwise, this error might lead you to face the blue screen of death on your device.

How to Prevent the Kernel Power Event ID 41 Error?

Windows 10 is considered to be a busy operating system. It requires its own space and time to process systemic operations. In order to prevent any error from occurring in your system, we suggest you keep up with a regular check of it. Keep a check on the memory usage of the device. High memory consumption is one of the reasons why Windows 10 faces a lot of trouble while processing, eventually resulting in giving rise to errors.

Best Ways to Fix the Kernel Power Event ID 41 Error?

The purpose of writing this guide is to serve you with the easy and simple ways of fixing this error. So, if you are worried about how to deal with this error, you should give up on all your worries! Because, we have mentioned such ways that by following them, you can easily troubleshoot the Kernel-Power Event ID 41 error.

All that you need to do is read the full guide!

1. Scanning for Problems Using System File Checker (SFC) and Check Disk (CHKDSK)

This is the first fixing method that we would like to share with you. If you ever face a problem related to the Windows operating system, try to run System File Checker to make sure that there isn't a problem within the system. Otherwise, it can result in severe damage in the system, later.

If you are willing to implement this method to troubleshoot the Event ID 41 error, then all that you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below.

· Go to the Windows search bar.

· Type the keyword for Command Prompt.

· Now, proceed by going to the Advanced Options.

· On the cmd window, type "sfc /scannow /offbootdir=c:\ /offwindir=c:\windows" and "chkdsk c: /r."

· After typing each one, press Enter.

· Wait for a few minutes until the system processes each command.

· Once the commands have been processed and proceeded, close the window. Now, restart the computer, normally.

2. Run the Windows System Clean Boot

Memtest86+ is a software that can help you in scanning your Windows system for any error. Not only detect, but it can also remove all the files that are corrupted.

This method works better than the built-in scanning process, because it operates outside the Windows system.

To use this method, follow the simple to understand, and easy to use steps mentioned below.

· Into your personal computer, insert a blank disc or an external drive.

· After inserting it, install the Memtest86+ Auto Installer.

· Once the file is downloaded, right-click on it, and select the option that mentions "Extract here."

· After finishing the extraction, open the folder.

· Run the Memtest86+ USB Installer.

· Select an external drive or blank disc where you would like to burn the MemTest86+ software as a scanner.

· Now, insert the respective disc or drive into the Windows system that has been affected by the Kernel-Power Event ID 41 error.

· Once you are done with all the steps mentioned above, restart your personal computer.

· Also, don't forget to boot the computer from the external drive. This way, you would be able to run the Memtest86+ scanner, successfully.

· Soon after running Memtest86+ on the system, it would start hunting for the corrupted files that might be harming the system.

· There is a total of 8 phases of the scanning process. Make sure to pass all of the 8 phases. If so, the memory of your Windows system is working properly.

· But, if the scanner stops at any phase, this means that there is a corrupted file present in the Windows system that you need to get rid of. Remember that such corrupted files can cause the Kernel-Power Event ID 41 error to appear.

· Once the Memtes86+ detects the harmful files, you have to replace the RAM within the windows personal computer.

3. Modify the URL in the DeviceMetadataServiceURL

Although by performing a few modifications, you can try troubleshooting the respective error, we suggest you modify the URL in DeviceMetadataServiceURL.

If you are fed up with typing a new set of commands to launch the disc checkers, try using this method. To do so, follow the easy steps mentioned below.

· Press Windows and R buttons. This way, you would open the Run box of the windows system.

· In the search bar, type Regedit.

· Press Enter after typing it.

· Select the option Registry Editor.

· Once the Registry Editor is opened, type the following location in the search bar of the Editor:

Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Device Metadata

· As an alternative, you can also type DeviceMetadataServiceURL after pressing Control and F3 buttons. Press Enter.

· On the current window that has been opened, go to the right panel of it. Then go for the option "DeviceMetadataServiceURL".

· Decide the key, and replace its value with

· After following the above step, close the Registry Editor after clicking on Ok.

4. Update All Drivers

As a software, device drivers are supposed to inform the operating system on how to interact with specific hardware. You can also refer to it as a translator that works to build the communication between software and hardware. Without drivers, it would be nearly impossible for the computers to receive and send the data to one another.

This is how important the drivers are for our Windows personal computer. If this driver becomes outdated, it might fail at working efficiently for your device. This failure is likely to give rise to several errors such as the Kernel-Power Event ID 41 error. If not treated properly, these errors can lead to major damage within the software system.

To prevent this from happening, you should keep updating the device drivers from time-to-time.

If you are willing to update the drivers manually, follow the simple steps mentioned below.

· In the search bar of the Windows, type "Device Manager."

· From the result, click on the Device Manager option. This way, you opened the device manager successfully.

· Now, you would see a long list of all of the devices that are connected to your personal computer.

· Locate the arrow near it, and right-click on it. After that, select the "Update Driver" option from the menu.

· Now you would be asked if you want to locate the desired driver manually or automatically. We suggest you choose the second option, because it is less time-taking, and more efficient. Once the drivers are detected, update them accordingly.

5. Go with the Repair Install Windows

If none of the methods that we have mentioned above work for you, then you should try this method. This method can fix the Kernel-Power Event ID 41 error easily. Not just this one error, but the method of repair installing Windows can help in getting rid of any possible error that you might be facing as a Windows user.

This method uses the in-place upgrade. By doing so, it fixes the errors that occur within the system. If you are worried about getting the user-data deleted from the system, this is not going to happen! This method does not harm the user-data of the system at all!

But, if this method does not fix the issue that you are facing, then it is the time to forget about the software, and start worrying about the hardware problems.

If you have tried every possible way that you knew in order to fix this error, then you should consider visiting a technician. An expert in this field is more likely to become your savior! Trust them, and leave your personal computer and all other essentials to the trusted expert. Within a very short period, you will get your computer back, and all the errors would be fixed. However, this might cost you money as a fee of the technician.

If you found this guide helpful in getting rid of the Kernel-Power Event ID 41 error, share it with your friends and family who are also Windows users, just like you! We are always very happy to help you out in difficult situations!

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