Cannabis Sativa and Depression and Mood Affecting Disorders

by Raven T.

Sativa Cannabis Seeds and Depression: A Natural Mood Booster

Sativa Cannabis Seeds and Depression: A Natural Mood Booster

One of the long-lasting debates in the cannabis world is whether Sativa is better than Indica. This debate often gets resolved with personal preferences in mind. Some people prefer one strain to the other, which is expected.

From a genetics point of view, these two types are remarkably different. They have different effects once ingested. The fact that stores stock wide varieties of these types does not help confuse users. Within the following subsections, we will look at the benefits of cannabis with an emphasis on Sativa strains. Hopefully, this will help you decide if you are pro-Sativa or Indica.

Are Sativa Seeds Better than Indica Dominant Variants?

Marijuana currently exists in three main types. You have Sativa, Indica, and the Hybrids. The latter is often a combination of two or more variants. Regardless of the kind you want, will have multiple options for you to choose from with different flavors and everything. They also have Sativa-dominant hybrids and pure Sativa hybrids.

In analyzing which of the two seeds is better, we can start by discussing some of their differences. At the seed level, it is hard to differentiate between Sativa and Indica. The plants, on the other hand, grow very differently.

Sativa strains are known to grow as huge plants with thin and pointed leaves. They have good aeration and require minimal pruning. The size and appearance of the plants also translate to buds. Their flowers are not compact and are airy. Due to this factor, their yields per square meter differ from Indica.

Indica is the exact opposite of Sativa. They grow short and stocky with dense leaves and branches. Most of them require constant pruning and training to ensure that all parts of the plant receive light and water. Regarding the buds, they also take the characteristics of the plants. The buds are normally dense with very compact packing.

The two types also differ regarding the environmental conditions they need to thrive. Sativa strains are suitable for warm climates due to the aerated arrangement of the plant. Indica is suitable for colder regions as they are compact. These characteristics also influence maintenance practices, as overwatering Indica can lead to mildew and mould.

The choice between the two, as mentioned, falls on personal preferences. Depending on the bud content and the ease of growing the plants, people choose between pure varieties or hybrid ones. The beauty of the process is that there are so many to choose from that it is likely to find one that tickles your fancy. As you choose the one you want, conducting some research is helpful.

Consider past experiences, your needs, and the brand from which you buy the seeds. With proper care and research, you can get high-quality seeds that can do favorably in your ideal climate.

Common Effects of Using Cannabis Sativa Strains

The pro-Sativa debates cite several reasons they believe the type is superior to Indica. These benefits are often in line with how people feel after they ingest them in whichever form. The common assertion is that Indica is better for relaxing and inducing sleep, while Sativa energizes and increases focus.

These are the major benefits of Sativa over Indica.

They are Energizing and Increase Focus

Some people smoke cannabis because it relaxes their anxieties and allows them to socialize. Daytime users prefer strains that make them talkative and generally focused. These properties are present in Sativa. They energize the person and help them focus on whatever they must do during the day. It is rare for a person to report fatigue after using them. Even with edibles, taking a gummy or two in the morning could bring about a day of enhanced focus and energy.

They are Energizing and Increase Focus
They are Energizing and Increase Focus

Tend to Uplift the Mood of the User

Depression and other mood-affecting conditions are among some general conditions that marijuana helps with when taken responsibly. Users report feeling uplifted moods when they take Sativa variants. This effect could be due to terpenes, flavonoids, or cannabinoid levels.

Plants with higher THC are more likely to be uplifting than those with lower levels. It is advisable to understand your tolerance levels to determine what is best for your needs. A strain that could work for you may not work for a friend. For the uplifting effects, you need to take weed at levels that are at par with your tolerance levels.

Increase Creativity

Artists and creative people are among the top users of cannabis. There is a connection between creativity and the use of Sativa strains. Users report a burst of creativity and ideas almost immediately. It can also help writers suffering from writer's block and many other issues. This creative boost is attributable to THC's psychoactive properties and CBD's relaxing effects. A combination of the two allows creatives to think and come up with revolutionary ideas.

Promote Introspection and Reflection

Besides being a mood booster, this strain is also helpful in reflective practices. The mind-enhancing and body-relaxing effects create suitable conditions to meditate or practice introspective techniques. Smoking or ingesting marijuana products centers you in a way that allows you to reflect on various matters. Going with products with a balanced THC and CBD content is advisable for the best results. You may get too energized if you get too high, hindering proper meditation and reflection.

The specific effects of these strains speak to how they influence a person once they get ingested. These effects all relate to the general effect of the person. How do these effects come to be? The interaction between weed and the body has extensive research backing some of its major claims. Through its interaction with CB1 and CB2 receptors, there are several benefits for the user.

The following are mood-specific benefits and conditions that these Sativa variants can help.

Help in the Treatment of Depression

Statistics show that depression affects more than 300 million people globally. The current depression treatments include a combination of pharmaceuticals and therapeutic techniques. Though these are efficient in ensuring treatment, pharmaceuticals often result in the development of adverse side effects.

People have been turning to marijuana to alleviate their depression symptoms to avoid medications altogether. A study published in a journal in the Frontiers of Psychology offered that regular marijuana users often have fewer depressive symptoms compared to non-users. The study evaluated several people with depression and compared the marijuana users in the group with non-marijuana users.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Besides depression treatments, anxiety is another mood disorder in which Sativa variants help alleviate symptoms. Psychological research shows that in the right amounts, cannabis helps reduce anxiety levels. Studies found that the right amount of CBD to reduce anxiety is between 150mg and 300mg, depending on the person's tolerance levels. Using small amounts, such as 50mg, proved ineffective, and so did high levels. They also argued that the method of ingestion matters. Their preference was vaping and smoking which breaks down cannabinoids faster within the body.

Relax the Body

With mood-related conditions, anxiety often leads to constant worry within the body. Even with depression, patients report feeling uneasy and restless. Cannabis Sativa variants contain sufficient THC and CBD, facilitating reactions in the body and mind. To be more precise, CBD is better at enhancing stress than THC. THC is better known for its psychoactive properties and should be avoided if what you want is to relax.

Help with ADHD and PTSD Symptoms

ADHD and PTSD are mood-related anxiety disorders undermining the patient's quality of life. ADHD causes over activeness in some cases, which is classifiable under rash decisions. PTSD, on the other hand, comes about when people experience traumatic events. Neuropsychologists and psychologists concur that the use of marijuana can help in the management of both.

Since Sativa helps increase focus, it has a cerebral effect on people with ADHD making them calm and attentive. With PTSD, it helps break the connection between a trigger and the symptoms associated with the condition. For both conditions, it is advisable to take the recommended dosages to ensure maximum benefit from the products.


Weed has several health benefits that most users and researchers confirm. These benefits range from the treatment of pain to the management of depression and anxiety. With cannabis as a medicinal component, it is important to know your tolerance levels. On top of that, it is helpful to take the right amounts. One of the ways you can ensure the right dosage is by consulting a professional. Sativa strains are suitable for treating depression due to their mood-boosting abilities. You can choose the potency and strain that suits your needs as a user.

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