Free Samples by Mail 2023

by Raven T.

We all love buying new products. Thus, we get tempted very easily when we look at interesting advertisements of some new products. But, you should not buy a product just because you liked the advertisement.

It is not a good idea to immediately buy an advertised product. Most times the cost of these products is high. Also, advertisements can be very misleading. The marketing team of any company always wants to increase its sales. Thus, they will always try to promote their product as a good quality product when in reality the quality of the product is very poor.

Some companies offer various samples of their products to consumers. You can directly get these samples by mail. Thus, you can test the product quality before buying it. This helps in building trust between the brand and the consumer.

Free Samples by Mail 2023

Companies give these freebies to their future or prospective customers. They test out how their product will perform in the market. Also, they get a review of their future products directly from the consumers. This is also good for the marketing of their product. Most people will tell their friends about the freebie they received.

If you are a consumer, then you must try to grab this chance. Everyone loves freebies. You will get expensive products from reputable companies for free. Thus, you must apply for these freebies. If you like a freebie, then you can also buy the product from the company.

How to get Free Samples by Mail with Neither Prerequisites nor Requirements 2023 ?

Everyone loves getting freebies. But, most people don’t know how to get these free gifts or freebies. Thanks to the internet, it is very easy to obtain a free sample of reputed products. There are various platforms and websites which allow you to grab these products for free.

Mead4Teachers - Sample Link


Mead4Teachers is a freebie website for teachers. If you are a teacher, then you will definitely love this website. They offer various school supplies and school-related products to teachers. You can get various kinds of notebooks, pens, art supplies, calendars and planners from this website.

Of course, you also have to do something for the Mead4Teachers. They ask you to write an honest review of the product you used. Participation is limited to only US residents. If you are a teacher who lives in the USA, then this website is perfect for you. Follow the below steps to get your freebies.

1. First, open Mead’s website on your browser. (

2. Click on “Register Now” option and enter all the required details.

3. You will find various products after registering.

4. Select any product which you would love to try.

5. Now all you have to do is wait for the product. They will take anywhere between 3-9 weeks to deliver this product.

6. Once you have received the product, don’t forget to review it.

7. Send a review of the product to the company.

Walmart - Sample Site


Walmart is the largest retailer company in the world. Almost everyone in the world knows about Walmart. You can buy home utility products, groceries, and even electrical items from their stores. Their shops contain almost of the products that you can ever imagine.

Walmart also offers various freebies to their consumers. Although the options are limited but you can still get some stuff for free. For now, you can only get two free samples: Beauty box and baby box.

Baby Box is a product specially designed for mothers and pregnant women. You can find various baby supplies also in their box. Meanwhile, you will find several cosmetic products in the Beauty Box. These samples are free but you have to pay $5 for handling and shipping fee. This is not much when you compare the actual cost of the products.

Follow below steps to get Beauty Box in your Mail.

1. Open the official website of the Beauty Box in your browser. (

2. You will see the option “Let’s get started” on their homepage, click on it.

3. They will ask you important information like your beauty style, skin type, and age. Make sure that you try to be as honest as you can. The type of product you receive will depend on the information you filled.

4. Now, just do the payment of $5.

Here are the steps to get the Baby Box in your Mail.

1. Open the official website of Baby Box in your browser. (

2. Now, register for a new account. Enter all the required information like your baby birth date, name, and gender.

3. There are a various baby box available like: newborn, toddler and prenatal. You can choose the perfect one for your baby.

4. Now, login into the website using your id and password.

5. They will ask you various questions. Make sure that you provide honest answers.

6. Now, just do the payment of $5.

Mom Select - Sample Link

Mom Select
Mom Select

Mom Select is the best website for Mothers who want to provide top quality products to their children. It is difficult to find good quality products for your children. Also, most of these child-related products are very expensive.

Mom Select is the perfect platform for Mothers where they can try out a wide range of child-related products. This website is not limited to freebies only. You can also become an influence producer of these child-related items. Thus, you will directly help the company in improving their product’s quality. Follow the below steps to get free sample items in your mail.

1. First, open the official website of Mom Select in your browser. (

2. Now, register for a new account by clicking on the “Join Momselect” button.

3. Now, fill in all the details. They will ask you for certain details about your interest and what kind of product you like.

4. Choose any program which you like.

5. You will receive free samples in about 4-10 weeks.

6. Don’t forget to review the product you received.

PINCHme - Sample Website


PINCHme is another great website where you can get freebies. There is no specific niche of this website. Thus, you can receive various types of products like food items and beauty products.

You won’t get only one or two items in every box. PINCHme sends a lot of times in their box. This website is also location restricted. Thus, you are only eligible for these freebies if you are living in the United States.

Follow the below steps to get freebies from PINCHme.

1. First, open the official website in your browser. (

2. Sign up for a new account on PINCHme. You can also use your Facebook account for signing up.

3. Now, you need to fill in all the required information.

4. Open in your browser and select the sample you like.

5. You will receive free samples in about 2-8 weeks.

6. Don’t forget to post a review of these products.

Women Freebies - Sample Link

Women Freebies
Women Freebies

We all know that women-related products can be costly. Thus, Women Freebies is the perfect platform to grab women related freebies. There is a wide-range of freebie products available like household products, food, skincare, and pads.

They also offer some products which are not women-related. Some of them are kid toys and food items. The best thing about this website is that they frequently collaborate with companies for new products. Thus, you will receive new products very frequently. They also host various contests where you can win big prizes.

Follow the below steps to get freebies from Women Freebies.

1. First, open the official website of Women Freebies. (

2. Click on “Navigation”.

3. You will see various kinds of different products.

4. Select the freebie which you like.

5. Just enter the required information and wait for some days.

SheSpeaks - Sample URL


SheSpeaks is one of the largest freebie websites. They have currently more than 200,000 members registered on their website. This website also has a similar mechanism. You have to write reviews about the freebies you received.

Thanks to the large community, you will learn about other products also. Thus, you will easily know which product is good for you.

Follow the below steps to get freebies from SheSpeaks.

1. First, open the official website of SheSpeaks. (

2. Register for a new account by clicking on “Join Now”.

3. Fill all the required information.

4. Now, login into your new account.

5. You will see various freebies listed on the panel. Select the freebie which you would like to test and review.

6. You will receive this free sample in a few weeks.

7. Use the product for some time and provide an honest review.

McCormick Consumer Product Testing - Sample Link

McCormick Consumer Product Testing
McCormick Consumer Product Testing

McCormick is another platform where you can get freebies. They read reviews of the consumers to improve their products. You will mostly find food-related products like spices, snacks, and seasonings.

You will find many new products on this website. Some companies first release their product on this website for the testing purpose. Also, they provide monetary compensation to their panelist.

Follow the below steps to get freebies.

1. First, open their official website in your browser. (

2. Create a new account by clicking on “Apply Here”.

3. Fill in all the required information on the next page.

4. Select the products which you want to receive.

5. You will receive these products in the next 1-2 weeks.

6. Write an honest review of the product.

These were some of the websites where can get freebies by mail. You can test out these freebies and then decide which product to buy.

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