How to Cancel Pandora Plus Subscription 2023

by Raven T.

How to Cancel Pandora Plus Subscription 2023 - Music streaming is one of the most significant ways of making money is from producing music nowadays, and Pandora Plus is one of the many platforms available for the streaming of music. Just like Pandora Plus, many of these platforms have both the free and paid services, ranging from enjoying hundreds of music and other forms of entertainment like radio. Definitely, more value comes from paid or premium services. This is not saying that the free service does not have great offers too. However, you may become tired of paying for this service monthly and may wish to return to the free mode. This post is for you, then.

How to Cancel Pandora Plus Subscription 2023

On the premium or paid mode of Pandora Plus, there is an unlimited supply of songs to stream from, which comes with features like ad-free streaming session and special skip the song. Sometimes, most of the users prefer Pandora Plus because of the ability to customize their playlist which seems cool enough considering the price of $4.99 per month

There are other things to learn about this streaming service, and if you read on, you will get to know them, including how to cancel the subscription plan if you ever feel like doing so.

Guide to Cancel Pandora Plus Subscription for Apple IOS, Android, Windows Devices

Guide to Cancel Pandora Plus Subscription for Apple IOS, Android, Windows Devices
Guide to Cancel Pandora Plus Subscription for Apple IOS, Android, Windows Devices

Most people believe that compared to other music streaming platforms like Spotify and Amazon Music Unlimited, Pandora Plus seems to be out of date in terms of cool features and cheap subscription plans.

People overlook the price because of this and cancel the subscription to enjoy the other streaming platforms. That same amount of money can fetch them excellent subscription plans that come with other cool features on any of this other streaming platforms

Thus, the cancellation of the subscription has to take place on any mobile device including apple and android, and PC, as long as the registration and subscription process took place on the same device.

The main catch to this is that you must cancel the subscription on the same device where you opened it, if you created an account with Pandora Plus on a PC, canceling the subscription must be done on the PC too. This procedure also applies to other devices.

So, let’s get into different ways by which we can cancel the subscription plan on Pandora Plus.

Canceling It for Apple iOS Devices

If you have opened and subscribed to the premium service on Pandora Plus via Apple devices, you must cancel the subscription through the device. Here’s how;

Go to “Settings” on your iPhone and look for “iTunes & App Store.” The next page that comes up will have several options including “Apple ID.” When you click on “Apple ID,” you will enter the password when asked and this will lead you to the Apple ID page.

At the bottom of the “Apple ID” page is where you will find “Subscriptions,” click on it and locate the Pandora Plus icon, when you click on it, the next page will show you the option “Cancel Subscription.” Clicking on that option and confirming it will cancel your subscription and the service won’t be renewed on your device again.

Canceling It for Apple iOS Devices
Canceling It for Apple iOS Devices

Canceling It for Windows PC

Cancelling via PC is on the official website of Pandora Plus, and this can be done by accessing through the web browser on the computer. On the site, sign in to your account and log in. When you signed in, your user name and profile display picture will be seen at the upper-right part of the screen.

Now click on that display picture, and a drop-down menu will appear. On that menu, you will see “settings” as part of the options.

When you click on “settings,” click on subscriptions next. Other options like “Switch plans” will come on display. If you click on that, information about your current subscription plan will be displayed. On that page, you will see the “Cancel Subscription” option. When you click on that option, the system would request for your account password. Enter the password to continue.

Processing for the cancellation of the subscription plan takes effect within 24 hours. Following these instructions will cancel your Pandora Plus subscription plan.

Canceling It for Android Devices

Most of the Pandora Plus users are android device users. So I think this is the part most of us need. If you had signed up for Pandora Plus on an android device, the starting point is from your Google play store.

On the Google play store, click on the three strips found at the top-left part of the page, and a menu will appear. Click on “Account’ look for “Subscriptions” option. When you click on that option, all the plans on which you have subscription will appear. Look for Pandora icon and click on it. Just below the icon, the box “CANCEL” will appear.

Clicking on the “Cancel” option will automatically stop the subscription. However, this does not affect the current month’s subscription. This entails that you will still pay for the current monthly subscription even though you have canceled it.

Subsequent Actions after Canceling Pandora Plus Subscription 2023

With the steps above, you should be able to cancel your subscription successfully. All you need to note is remember the device which you used to sign up for the service because that is where you will need to end the service.

Besides the steps listed above on canceling the subscription, other tips which you should note to help ease the process include

Subsequent Actions after How to Cancel Pandora Plus Subscription 2023
Subsequent Actions after How to Cancel Pandora Plus Subscription 2023

Keep an Eye on the Billing

You still need to be checking out the Current bills on your phone even after you have unsubscribed from the service also, though it is normal they would bill you again.

There are cases, however, where you could still forcefully pay even after canceling the subscription of a particular plan. So the next month after you cancel the subscription, keep an eye on the billing for your credit card and if you still see Pandora Plus billing, be sure to contact the customer care service via the app and lay a complaint.

Make the Cancellation at the End of Billing Cycle

Enthusiasts have found that the best time to cancel the subscription plan is around the end of a billing cycle. The ending is around the end of the month. This is because if you cancel at the beginning or the middle of the billing cycle, the billing for that month will not revert, and the subscription will still be on until the end of the billing cycle.

Remember the Pandora Plus Password

This hack is necessary because you can only cancel the plan when you input the password. This is very important for the users of Pandora Plus app on the android and apple devices.

The Android and Apple users may only have to put the password when they are signing up on the device and thus, inputting the password will not be a regular task.

We can easily forget the password since it’s just once they are putting it in the beginning. So it is necessary you write them down or even save them elsewhere so you will not get stranded if you cancel the subscription.

Uninstall the App Right On Your Device ASAP

If you still keep the app installed on your device even after canceling the subscription, the app is active and can still render services. This could be bad if you eventually forget to subscribe and still keep the app. It may still run on the background, and the system will charge you at the end of the billing cycle.

So, it is highly advisable that once you cancel your subscription on the app, uninstall the app at once since you no longer require the service.

It is a 2-way win because you are saving your money and you also free up space on your mobile phone for other things. You definitely should not forget to do this.

Most users move on to other streaming services like SiriusXM or Slacker Radio after they have deactivated a streaming service.

But it is highly necessary you as a user should know what works for you and what does not. So, if you decide that Pandora Plus with the features is enough for you, then there is no need for you to cancel the subscription plan.

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