Apps to Watch Videos Online with Friends Together in Real Time

by Raven T.

Watching TV shows and movies in the company of your cherished friends is one good way to relax. It is an exciting moment and everyone likes to hang around with their friends every now and then. But then, what happens when you and your friends are both away and want to watch your favorite shows at the same time? This is the case for many TV shows and movies lovers. The recent evolution of the internet has ensured a lot of things. One of it is the bridging of this gulf. The Internet hosts a lot of apps that does the magic. These apps can enable you watch your favorite TV shows and movies with your friends. And the best thing is that you don't have to be together.

List of Apps to Watch Movies Together Online with Friends in 2023

This is also a great way to watch any video with your date or family members. So grab a coke and some pop-corn and check out our wonderful list!

Syncplay - App Link


Syncplay is one of the best cross-platform software for seeing videos with your pals. This platform integrates some of the popular video apps. Apps such as KM Player, VLC Player and Media Classic Player are all synchronized in this platform. What is more interesting about this wonderful tool is that it is free. So you don't have to worry about paying a dime. You can synchronize videos streams on this platform with your friends. Contrary to the conventional way of storing movies in your PC's hard drive and watching it later, this is not the case with Syncplay. Syncplay enables you and your friends to stream your desired video contents and watch them at no fee at all.

Watch2gether - App Link


Watch2gether is another good site to watch exciting entertainment contents with your friends. One of the first things you'll get to notice when you visit this site is that its build is apt. There is no need for you to register before any usage. But then, Watch2gether requires that you use a nickname when accessing their platform.

To start with the streaming of your favorite movies, enter the "Create a Room" bar on the front page. This will lead you to a new chat room (which also doubles as a video room) with an option for adding your friends. Right in the room, you can change the default nickname to any nickname of your choice. Also Watch2gether ensures that you can also join an existing room. You may like to join any of the rooms created by your friends.

This is one other interesting feature about watch2gether. You can also stream video contents from SoundCloud, YouTube,DailyMotion and Vimeo.

Gaze - App Link

Apps to Watch Videos Online with Friends Together in Real Time: Gaze
Apps to Watch Videos Online with Friends Together in Real Time: Gaze

If you are the type that loves to stream contents from a very simple platform then Gaze should be your number one destination. This is a choice platform for streaming YouTube videos. At first sight, you can't help falling in love with the site. Its build is apt and quite lovely. Just as in Watch2gether, you can create a room and add a friend. You can generate a link which you send to the room for anyone that wants to get added. Just as simple! After having your friend join the room, you both can then start watching any video content of your choice.

A notable downside of Gaze is that it doesn't allow for more than two viewers at the same time. So if you want more than one friend in a room, you might want to use another platform. This platform also gives you the benefit of synchronizing the media contents in your PC too. But then, you and your friends must both have the content on your individual PCs.

Rabbit - App Link


The Rabbit platform has some benefits as a video streaming platform. To add to its excellent services, it also enables users to have the enjoyable taste of the "Share Browser" functionality. This means that users can synchronize their choice contents across a sizable number of devices. One more interesting thing about the Rabbit platform; synchronizing of your favorite games is also a possibility here.

The web build of rabbit is excellent and apt. To get started, go to their official website. After that, browse through any of the contents in Rabbit that you feel you may like to synchronize in your browser. Proceed to creating a room and copy theURL and send to your friends. Once added, room members can chat among themselves in a video or text format. Roomies can simultaneously watch a video content at the same time. Every member of a room can exert equal control on the room. One more interesting thing about the Rabbit platform is that there is a Google Chrome extension for the platform. This extension is of a great benefit as it makes it more efficient to use the platform.

Netflix Party - App Link

Netflix Party
Netflix Party

If you are an avid movie lover, you may have come across this platform. This platform is unique among all the ones we discussed earlier. Unlike the others, it is an extension for Google Chrome. It's mode of operation is such that it lets users to sync video contents across some devices. All you have to do is to install it in a PC first and then sync with other PCs. It is that easy to set up. Browse through Netflix and select a TV show or video to watch with your friends. As the video is loading, click "Pause" and then select the "NP" option in your browser. This in turn creates a link that you may like to share with your friends. With this link, you can add your friends to the room that you've already created. Also there is a chat option where you and your friends can discuss about any content that you are viewing.

One of the upsides of this platform is that the extension only has to be installed on a system. That means that all other parties are not required to install it on their systems or subscribe for it. One major disadvantage of this platform is that it is just a browser extension. This means that you can't use it without Google Chrome. Hence if you are a fan of other browsers, you may have to switch for the moment.

Sync Video - App Link

Sync Video
Sync Video

Sync Video may be your best choice if you are so meticulous about your personal privacy. This is one of its biggest advantages. Of course it is also a free platform where you can watch free movies with your friends. You do not need a nickname to access the platform but you must register to use it.

Immediately after the registration process, Sync Video will provide you with a virtual room. This is the room to which you may invite your friends. Click on the "invite" option at the far-right part of your browser. But you may also like to set your room in a public mode. The choice is yours. So whenever you want to use Sync Video, this should be your destination.

You can also add and save YouTube and Vimeo videos to playlists. Videos stored in these playlists can be viewed with your friends in your virtual room anytime. You also have the option of creating a new room if you so wish.

The build of the site is such that it prevents the activities of some online bullies and trolls. This is achieved by keeping them off your virtual space.

MyCircleTV - App Link


MyCircleTV is quite a big name in the industry. It is also notable because it integrates Voice over Internet Protocol functionality. This functionality enables users to chat using voice notes. This is in addition to enjoying their favorite movies with their best friends. This tool is a big plus for MyCircleTV because a lot of users find this particular tool to be pleasant.

There are a lot of different ways you can invite your friends into this platform. You can use tools like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. You do not have to register to use this platform but you can register if you wish.

You can also share videos from YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion with the aid of MyCircleTV's voice chats. A free 5GB space would be allotted to you to store some of your favorite videos.

Plex VR - App Link

Plex VR
Plex VR

Sync using the Plex Virtual Reality platform is a fun-filled experience. This platform enables you to share creepily barren void, drive-in theatres, virtual loft apartments and other interesting simulated environments with your friends. These virtual environments let you watch your favorite videos and chat with your friends. The videos can be from any of your friend's library. You and all your friends can simultaneously watch a video but each person can decide to change the position and the size of the screen to fit what they want.

Plex VR is one of the most interesting and creative ways to watch your favorite movies with your friends. But with one notable disadvantage; it is expensive! Also if you are an intending user, you need to have Oculus Go hardware, Gear VR and Google Daydream to use this platform.

Conclusion of Online Watch Together Movies with Friends

There are a lot of different ways of viewing your favorite movies. Many of these ways have little or no provision for people who want to view the same video but are far away. Our list includes some of the top sites and apps where you can stream your favorite movies with your friends.

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