Best Subreddits You Should Subscribe on Reddit in 2023

by Raven T.

During ancient times, communicating with people located faraway was quite difficult. Letters had to be written to pass messages across to anyone or the public community.

Why Subscribing to Subreddits?

Depending on the distance, these letters can take as long as a month to be delivered. Passing messages and crucial information across to a close group of people was also tiring. In this situation, town criers were the best medium to disseminate this information. Not long, newspapers and stationary posts were employed in the dissemination of messages and information. This made things a little bit easier but didn't solve the problem entirely.

But down the years, the advancement of science and technology has brought about the discoveries of unique mediums of disseminating information. Among these mediums are the World Wide Web, Social media platforms, dedicated texting apps, and lots more. Messages, posts, general information can now be delivered in no time.

Several mediums make use of the World Wide Web in disseminating information and post. One of which is Reddit.

Reddit is a platform where you get updated with the latest happenings in your community and the Internet at large. To become a registered member, a one-step registration is required. Then the registered member can now make posts that include text, images, and links to interesting and funny contents.Interestingly, members form communities that have several forums and categories of virtually all contents. These forums are known as subreddits.

Subreddits are supplementary categories or threads within the Reddit Platform. There are several (I mean thousands of) subreddit that include sports updates, funny memes, current events, drama and lots more. These subreddits have made the Reddit platform very interactive and interesting. As new members on Reddit, you might have a little or no idea about what subreddits are or the best to follow.

Best Subreddits to Subscribe on Reddit in 2023

If you find yourself in this category, there is no need to panic. We have done the tiring job of sourcing out the best subreddits for you.

TodayILearned - Subreddit Link


Did you know that astronauts observe their civic rights in space? Did you know that they do that by listing their address as ''low-Earth orbit? You most probably do not have an idea of this kind of information. Well, these are the types of topics you'd come across when you follow this subreddit.

TodayILearned is an interesting subreddit that is keen on sharing knowledge. This subreddit is very active with updated threads of interesting and new information daily. With this subreddit, you'll learn something new about what you must have known.

While browsing TodayILearned, bear in mind that not all its contents are serious. You'll definitely encounter some light-hearted contents. Without a doubt, TodayILearned is among the best subreddits to follow.

AskReddit - Subreddit Link


Several subreddits lets you ask questions on Reddit. But AskReddit is the best among these subreddits. AskReddit is a forum that allows you to ask the community questions and you also get answers to them. It also gives you answers to virtually all the questions you might be having. Reddit has a vast community so you don't need to worry about getting an opinion or an answer to your questions.

You don't even need to have questions to ask before using this subreddit. With this subreddit, you can ultimately kill your time. There are also cool ''Ask'' subreddits like" AskEngineers" and "AskScience". You can try them out while exploring the Reddit Website.

Explain Like I'm Five - Subreddit Link

Explain Like I'm Five

/r/explainlikeimfive/ is one of the best subreddit you can follow. Similar to /r/TodayILearned, it is a subreddit that shares information and basic knowledge. Just as the name implies, '' Explain Like I'm Five'' is a subreddit where you can learn easily. While browsing this subreddit, you'll come across topics like "Why are pigs never kept in pastures like cattle?" "Why do people urinate even if they are dehydrated?". This subreddit keeps you glued to your device without any feeling of boredom. If you're keen on learning on Reddit then "Explain Like I'm Five'' is the best place to be.

DIY - Subreddit Link


Have you ever wondered about building anything yourself? If yes, then DIY is the best place to be. Imagine the awesome feeling of building what you wish all by yourself. That is what DIY is all about. DIY allows you to post the details of what you wish to build. Then you'll sit back and relax as you get the detailed steps on how to build them. This subreddit is keen on making life easier.

For example, you can build audio parts, arts and crafts, metalwork and lots more. With DIY, you don't need to visit the engineer or whoever to fix your properties. It also saves you lots of cash. It doesn't matter what you want, you can without a doubt rely on Reddit to come to your aid.

IAmA - Subreddit Link


IAmA is also known as ''Ask Me Anything" is among the most interesting subreddit you can follow. It gives you the platform to ask the community anything. You can also ask renowned people and celebrities almost anything via this Subreddit. Well while asking celebrities or renowned people. Bear in mind that they might not be doing the talking.

IAmA is a versatile subreddit. It also accommodates people from all walks of life. While browsing this subreddit, you can gather tangible information that may become useful in no time. Aside from asking anything, you can answer questions and also give your opinion on IAmA.

Perfect Timing - Subreddit Link

Perfect Timing

Think about the expression on your face while seeing a perfectly timed photo. I am sure it's a good laugh. A photo captured in a perfect moment can change the story of the photo. It is pretty hard to capture photos in perfect moments. As you'd know, you can't just easily come across perfectly timed photos on social media platforms. However, this subreddit is the best place for such awkward, yet cool photos. Among the subreddits in this article, "Perfect Timing'' is my favorite.

Wholesome Memes - Subreddit Link

Wholesome Memes

If you crave a place to view funny memes, then "Wholesome Memes'' is the best place to be. This subreddit is keen on bringing you hilarious memes that are circulating the Internet. There is nothing to be concerned about because the memes on "Wholesome Memes" are offensive. They are just there to make you smile. Well, I don't know about you, but believe that memes can make our world a happy abode. So if you are good at making memes, then you'd want to try out "Wholesome memes".

Technology - Subreddit Link


Technology is one of the most active Subreddits we have reviewed while on the Reddit Website. I am sure the word technology does not need an introduction. But if you still need some hint no worries. Technology as a term is the application of scientific information knowledge. This knowledge can be applied to physical materials to attain a better resolve.

In most cases, we have to search the Internet and watch Youtube videos to know the latest happenings in the tech world. The good news is that the "Technology" subreddit has made your lessen your burden of tech findings. This subreddit aims at bringing you the updated news about technology at large. With "Technology", you can now get the latest updates on the advancements of tech in our world. This is one of the best subreddit to use. You also acquire more knowledge from scarce tech contents.

Gaming - Subreddit Link


This is yet another intriguing and interesting subreddit. "Gaming'' subreddit aims at bringing you the latest happenings in the world of games. It is a platform that is dedicated to gaming and all it entails. You can find cool and funny games on this subreddit. You can also come across game memes while browsing through "Gaming" subreddit.

"Gaming" subreddit gives you the platform to discuss your favorite game with the Reddit community. It is pretty much awesome finding gamers like you and discussing the next big thing in the game world. If you're a game developer, you can also check out this subreddit. You can get to know the pressing demand of gamers and how to improve on newer versions of games.

Food - Subreddit Link


Among all the subreddits we reviewed, we cannot overlook the importance of "Food''. As you'd know, food is very crucial in human survival. This subreddit is keen at bringing you closer to the community of chefs and even more talented cooks. With this subreddit, you can get access to food recipes and pictures.

"Food" subreddit broadens your scope of cooking and the way food is been served. This subreddit gives you the latest information about the kitchen and the world of cooks generally. You often get to see amazing food pictures that'll spore you to cook. If you love cooking and want to get familiar with food recipes, then "Food" is the best place to be.

Conclusion of Best Subreddits on Reddit in 2023

We have come to the end of our review of the best subreddits. I believe this article has broadened your scope when it comes to Reddit.

The only thing that is required to use these subreddits is to become a member. Afterward, you can now make posts, comments, and even answer questions.

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