Best And Legal Backpage Alternative Websites For 2023

by Raven T.

Backpage was once the go-to destination for classified ads. It was a place where people put up ads to sell their stuff such as smartphones, gaming consoles, and autos. It was also a place people go to when they are looking for jobs. The ease with which to get anything you need on this site made it very popular, and many visited the site every day. This made the site's popularity grow and grow.

However, over time, the backpage became famous for adult ads which were massively posted on it. it also became a place where people who were looking to hang out found others. The massive turnout of people who wanted the work posted on the site was so much that the site soon became notorious as the best place to hook up with sex workers or online dates. As if that was not enough, child prostitution ads were also massively posted on the site.

With the notoriety of the site growing, the Department of Justice on Friday, April 2018 sized This was done as it became a popular marketplace where human trafficking, as well as child prostitution, was carried out. This is why if you run a Google search of "" or "back page the UK" you will find a legal notice from the FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation on the website after clicking the website's link. Backpage was not the only site that was permanently seized by the FBI. The Federal Bureau of Investigation also sized all sites affiliated with

Because of how important the site was and the positive impacts of the sites in helping people get real jobs as well as selling old stuff, there is a need to discuss alternatives to backpage which they can use to advertise. As a result of this, we have compiled a comprehensive list of legal backpage alternatives that you can use to advertise a business or stuff online.

Best Backpage Alternatives in 2023

1. Craigslist - Site Link


Craigslist has been around since 1995. Without mincing words, it is a veteran site when it comes to anything classified ads. It is a dominant advertising company that was founded by Craig Newmark an American entrepreneur. The company has its headquarters in San Francisco, California.

Craiglist receives more than 55 million visitors every single month and thousands of product services are posted and sold online daily. The main reason for this huge stats apart from the large traffic is because people can post ads for free. There is also a fee-based service which ensures that your ads receive more search results. Even with the fee-based ad posting package, people prefer using Craiglist to send their ads out because it allows them to choose the free ad posting service.

Another reason hundreds of thousands of people visit the site is that Craigslist offers its service to over 100 different countries. In other words, the audience an ad receives is simply large. People from over 100 countries can see ads posted from anywhere in the world.

Craigslist also makes searching for a job very easy. this is because job seekers do not have to contact middlemen before applying for jobs that they are eligible for.

There is also a mobile app for android and iOS users. The mobile app makes accessing the site much easier for people that want to view the ads posted on the site.

2. Facebook - Site Link


Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. It might come as a surprise but the ads system Facebook has today makes it one of the biggest and direct alternative websites to Backpage. Facebook is used by millions of users to buy and sell their products and service. This is done by posting ads in their Newsfeeds so that their friends and even friend's friends can see it.

Facebook also allows you to boost yours so that it can be seen by only potential buyers of the product or service you want to sell.

3. Classified Ads - Site Link

Classified Ads
Classified Ads

Classified Ads is a free-ad hosting platform where tons of ads from different categories are posted. It does not have as many visitors or traffic as Craigslist because it is a startup website. However, it does boast over 3 million monthly visitors. There is hardly any service you want that you would not find the ad posted for it on the site.

An interesting talking point of the site is its interface. The interface is cleaner than Craigslist and even simpler in terms of accessibility. The creator of the site is from Washington but has visitors and ads from all over the world. The site is very dedicated to removing scam and spamming content. Thus, any ad you find on the site is safe for you to interact with or respond to.

4. Pernals - Site Link


People used Backpage for a lot of things. One of them was using it to find dating partners. Pernals is a direct alternative for people who used Backpage for finding dates. Before the creation of the Pernals site, Craigslist also had a section called "Craigslist personal". There, people could find dating ads and hook up with people. Craigslist personal was however shut down by the U.S. Senate after it was guilty of sex trafficking under the newly passed Fight Online Sex Trafficking act. After this act was passed, Pernals was created. The site also allows people to post ads about themselves but only after the approval of the site owners. Before you can apply for approval, you have to create an account using an email and a nickname.

Though it seems very similar to dating websites, it is not entirely like them. Pernals is more like a community that allowed people to maintain their privacy while also looking for partners.

It has an android mobile app but there is no iOS app for the website yet.

5. Locanto - Site Link


Locanto is another perfect Backpage alternative for people looking for classified ads. Locanto was initially founded in Germany but is now available for over 60 countries. Like classified ads destination, Locanto has categories for any type of ad you want to run.

The site is mobile friendly and has mobile apps for Android users as well as iOS devices. Posting ads on Locanto is very easy and you are always guaranteed of huge response to any ad you post on it.

6. Kijiji - Site Link


Kijiji is an excellent Backpage alternative website with categories for everything and you want to put up. It is best for people who are in need of getting local work done. In other words, ads posted on this site are for people that are looking for jobs.

The jobs can be in any form depending on the type of work an individual needs. The only drawback is that Kijiji is only exclusive to Canada. People from other countries can apply for work on the site unless they are reasonably close. The site has millions of users from Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec, and Nova Scotia. It is an extremely good website because you do not have to pay before you find the job you can do.

7. Gumtree - Site Link


Gumtree was once an exclusive classified ads site in the United Kingdom. Since Backpage shut down, it has become one of the most visited Backpage alternative websites provided you are looking for real estate or autos ads.

Personal ads are not available on the website but there is an abundant collection of accommodation ads for everyone. Thus, it is not particularly useful if you want ads that showcase potential dating partners.

8. eBay - Site Link


eBay is another website that deserves a mention even though it is an e-commerce website. There is a section on eBay where people post classified ads for people who need it to see.

eBay is not like other websites on this list so you can only post an ad after paying a small fee. Doing this guarantees you of insanely large visibility for your ads.

9. Tryst - Site Link


Tryst is a good alternative to Backpage as it beats Backpage in a lot of ways. For instance, it does not have a set limit on the number of things you can buy or sell on the site. It is one of the best sites you can buy second-hand items like tables, desk, chairs, among other things. The site only has genuine buyers and sellers and uses an elaborate screening system to accept new buyers or sellers. There is also a premium package but you have to pay to get it.

10. OLX - Site Link

Best And Legal Backpage Alternative Websites For 2023: OLX
Best And Legal Backpage Alternative Websites For 2023: OLX

OLX is the last legal backpage alternative on this list for buying and selling and selling items and products. Founded in 2006, it has since grown a huge user base and is available in about 45 counties. OLX allows you to sell anything for free while only posting your ads to people that are also in your country. This means that you can only see ads from someone that is also in the same country as you. Though posting is free, you can always pay to boost the number of views an ad receives.

OLX website is unique to the country which you are accessing it from but they all have the same design. This is why the OLX site in India looks the same as the OLX site in another country like Nigeria.

Conclusion of Best Backpage Alternatives in 2023

The most important thing to have in mind when choosing an alternative site to Backpage is what exactly you have in mind. If you are looking for personal ads, visiting Gumtree is a bad idea. All the sites listed above are awesome and you can visit any of them to get classified ads.

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