Top Music Streaming Services 2023

by Raven T.

Listening to music is the best way to lighten up our mood. After the revolution of the internet, listening to music on Walkman and CD’s have become a thing of the past. Music Streaming has grown and has become the most famous way to listen to music. More and more streaming services are launching. It has become difficult to select the perfect Music Streaming Service for you.

Why Looking for Music Streaming Services in 2023

You can buy these streaming services and listen to music legally. You don’t have to worry about downloading music illegally or less space in your device. Here we have compiled a list of 10 Best Music Streaming Services 2023. This will help you in selecting the perfect music streaming service for you.

Before people used to download a ton of songs on their phone and listen to them. This was illegal but was the only way to listen to music. But, now people like to stream music online instead of downloading them as it saves their phone space and also it is legal. Downloading high-quality songs can take up a lot of your phone space which can make your phone slower.

Music Streaming Services allows us to stream free music online without downloading songs. These streaming services also help your favorite artists. First, we will talk about some more basic details about these Streaming Services.

List Top Music Streaming Services for Free in 2023

Music Streaming Services have become very popular among users today. There are a ton of services online which allows this and it has become hard to find the perfect one for you out of all these services. You can use these services to stream your favorite music anytime and anywhere you want.

Below is the list of 10 Best Music Streaming Services 2023. Whether you’re into music, streaming radios or want to enjoy them in highest quality. These are the best music streaming services available right now.

Spotify - Streaming Link


Spotify is the most famous music streaming service. It has more than 10 million downloads on Play Store and is the highest rated music streaming app on Play Store. You can enjoy free version of Spotify and for more features go for premium version also.

Spotify has a very deep music library consisting of different categories and genres. It has very good collaborative playlists and can stream in very good quality. Spotify is available in tons of platforms and you can use it on your computer also. It has no live radio option available which is the only drawback of using this.

If you will buy a premium account, then you can listen to certain albums before they’re released. You can also use Spotify for free but you will have to deal with ads. Spotify is perfect for newcomers and for those who want to listen to albums before they’re even released. It has a huge list of over 30 million songs and if you can’t find your song on Spotify then you won't find it anywhere else.

Google Play Music - Streaming Link

Google Play Music
Google Play Music

Google Play Music comes pre-installed if you are having an android phone. This app is created by Google and thus is packed with a lot of features. It has a huge collection of songs where you can find any song you are looking for. Also, you can upload up to 50000 tracks and customize them according to you. They also have music stations, personalized playlists. You also get YouTube Premium if you buy Google Play Music.

Google Play Music is linked to YouTube Videos and you can buy the premium version of it to get YouTube Premium for free. It has very affordable family plans and you can definitely go for it. Although Google Play Music has annoying setup for new users and you won’t find lyrics also.

If you are looking for something light which has affordable family plans then go for Google Play Music. YouTube Red Integration makes it a very unique music streaming service.

Apple Music - Streaming Link

Apple Music
Apple Music

Apple Music is perfect for Apple Fans. This app is integrated with all the Apple devices. Apple Music is the best music streaming service for Apple users. You can stream from a huge library of 45 million songs. It also supports offline playback, you can save your tracks and listen to them offline. It also has news and sports content integrated into the app.

Apple Music is free for the first 90 days and after that, it is available at an affordable price. If you’re a lover of iTunes and want all your Apple stuff at one place then go for Apple Music.

Amazon Music Unlimited - Streaming Link

Amazon Music Unlimited
Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon has expanded its business to every field. It is not a surprise that they also have a Music Streaming service. Amazon Music Unlimited has a very huge library of songs where you can find any song. The cool thing about Amazon Music Unlimited is that it has lyrics future also. You can listen to songs while reading lyrics at the same time.

If you are a prime member of Amazon, then you get Amazon Music Unlimited for free otherwise you would’ve to pay for it. It has no free version and you would have to pay for it to use if you are not having a prime account. It is the perfect streaming service for Amazon Echo owners.

SiriusXM Internet Radio - Streaming Link

SiriusXM Internet Radio
SiriusXM Internet Radio

SiriusXM Internet Radio is perfect for radio lovers. It has many live talk shows, radio shows, and music channels. It has high-profile exclusive content which you won’t find anywhere else. It also has the ability to stop and rewind while you are streaming. Unfortunately, it lacks lyrics feature but it may be added in future.

SiriusXM Internet Radio has many live stations and radio stations which make it a must-have app for radio streaming fans. You won’t find any other streaming service which is this much focused on radio streaming.

Slacker Radio - Streaming Link

Slacker Radio
Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio is one of the few streaming services which have a non-musical component to it also. Not only can you listen to unlimited music, playlists, and DJs using this app. But, you can also enjoy news, podcasts, radio, weather news, and many more things. Sometimes it also streams live music events which is amazing for die-hard music lovers.

It also lacks lyrics and has no family plan like Google Play Music. But, you can find other individual plans and enjoy this amazing app.

Pandora - Streaming Link


Pandora is one of the most famous music streaming apps ever. It is available on many platforms so you can enjoy it from any platform. It has a free radio-streaming service consisting of thumbs up/down algorithm. This algorithm is very famous among old users. You can buy its premium service to enjoy unlimited free streaming like other apps on this list.

You will enjoy your ad-free experience while using Pandora. It also has very good family plans like Google Play Music. It has no live content and you can’t browse categories which are the only demerits of this service.

Deezer - Streaming Link


Deezer is one of the most respected music streaming services. It has a huge library of 55 million songs and also allows lyrics. You can listen to podcasts and enjoy live radio in Deezer. You can also upload MP3 files on your desktop which is a unique feature in this app.

It has no free mobile version available right now but you can select from family and student plans. Deezer is a very good application. But, it lacks in features when compared to other streaming services.

Tidal - Streaming Link


Tidal is the best app for those who want to enjoy music in high resolution. If you don’t want to compromise on audio quality then Tidal is perfect for you. It also has concerts, live streams, and other exclusive content.

Tidal lacks lyrics and also there is no free version available of this service. But, given the high-quality music, it delivers the subscription fee is worth it. Tidal is for hardcore audio fans who don’t want to listen to low-quality music.

iHeartRadio - Streaming Link


iHeartRadio is the best streaming app if you want to personalize it according to your needs. It also has lyrics included in it which is rare in this list. It allows unlimited skips, and you can also save songs from the radio. They have very good playlists and you can enjoy radio stations also.

iHeartRadio has no family plan and some people think it has a very unattractive design. You should check out this app if you want to combine live radio with streaming audio.

These were the best Music Streaming Service 2023 and you can select any one of them according to your taste. After downloading these apps you don’t have to fill your mobile with a ton of songs. You can download any of these apps and stream the song you like.

You will have to invest some money in buying the membership. But after that, you can enjoy unlimited streaming. Also, you don’t have to worry about illegally downloading songs from the internet anymore. You can also support your favorite artist by using these services. Also, you can enjoy podcasts, live radio, news and many other things with some of these apps.

Music streaming services are the future of music. It will be helpful if you will learn how to use Music Streaming Services in 2023.

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