Com.Facebook.Orca to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages in 2023

Best Tips on Com.Facebook.Orca

by Raven T.

In this world, you cannot undo most of your actions. You can't take back the words that have left your mouth. You can't repair a heart that you have broken. You can't make a dead person come back to life. You can't relive the days that have been passed by. However, there are still some actions that you can undo, just like recovering a deleted chat on Facebook messenger.

In this guide, we are going to tell you about ways that can help you in restoring the Facebook messenger conversation that you just deleted by mistake. There is no need to regret it anymore! We have got your back! All that you have to do is keep reading this guide until the end.

But before you jump to the hacks and ways of recovering deleted messages on messenger, let's start with the basic knowledge. The more you know, the easier it will be to understand and follow the steps.

What is Com.Facebook.Orca?

Com.Facebook.Orca is not an application that you need to install on your device. Instead, it is just a folder that has always been lying in your device's File Manager ever since you installed Facebook messenger in your android device.

The purpose of this folder is to save all the plug-ins, cache, cookies, images, audios, videos, and other data files. Just like you need a spacious closet to shove in as many clothes as you can, similarly, you need a spacious folder to store piles of important data in it. This is why Com.Facebook.Orca consumes huge space on your device.

It is like a hidden treasure that you haven't discovered yet. Once you do, it can make your life amazing by letting you recover what you have lost! It doesn't work for everything that you have lost, but Facebook Messages can matter so much to people!

A lot of people have various queries and misunderstandings about Com.Facebook.Orca, because this folder is not something that everyone is familiar with. If you are also unfamiliar with this folder, keep reading the FAQs about Com.Facebook.Orca below and you will get all your confusion cleared.

Is Com.Facebook.Orca a Virus/Malware, or a URL?

The answer is none of these. Com.Facebook.Orca is neither a virus nor a URL. It is a very basic folder that is generic. It is used to store the data of your Facebook account, including the messenger data. There is no rocket science behind it.

Can Com.Facebook.Orca be Deleted?

You can never delete this folder permanently; however, you can always disable it temporarily. Whenever you'd launch Facebook messenger, Com.Facebook.Orca will be regenerated as a folder.

Is Com.Facebook.Orca Important?

Yes! It is a very important folder that is needed by the Facebook app to store important data in the backup. You never know if you'd want a deleted file back. Most importantly, Com.Facebook.Orca makes it possible for you to recover the accidentally deleted conversations. Do you still want to believe that it is not important? It is an important folder that can do miracles!

Now, let's begin with our main topic. You might be in an utter rush to recover the most important conversations that you accidentally deleted, or you might want to reread an old, deleted conversation that you had with your colleague. Be it any reason, we are here to help!

Recover Deleted Facebook Messages on Mobile/Tablet

If you are using an android device, be it a tablet or your cell phone to recover the lost messages on Facebook messenger application then follow the easy and understandable steps mentioned below:

1. Go to the File Explorer of your device. If you want to pull off these steps like a pro, we suggest you use a third-party application as the file explorer.

For example, you can use ES File Explorer .

2. In the File Explorer , if the storage location of your device is SD Card, go to SD Card . If the storage location of your device is Phone Storage , navigate to it.

3. Now, tap on the Android folder.

4. After opening the Android folder, go to the Data folder and open it.

5. In the Data folder, locate Cache and open it next.

6. Here, you will see fb_temp . Copy it.

7. After copying the fb_temp folder, uninstall the Facebook Messenger app from your device.

8. Once the uninstalling process is finished, re-install it on your device.

9. When the Facebook Messenger app is reinstalled, don't log in to your account. Leave the application aside.

10. Now, repeat the steps that you did earlier. Follow the same pathway that is:

Recover Deleted Facebook Messages on Mobile/Tablet
Recover Deleted Facebook Messages on Mobile/Tablet

11. After completing the above steps, go to the Cache folder.

12. Now, paste fb_temp in the Cache folder.

Recover Deleted Facebook Messages on Mobile/Tablet
Recover Deleted Facebook Messages on Mobile/Tablet

13. Go back to the Facebook Messenger app, and log in to your account by using your Facebook email address and password.

14. Just as you log in, you will see all your conversations restored!

Recover Facebook Deleted Messages on Computer

We just told you how to recover the Facebook messages that you have accidentally deleted on your android device. Now, let's tell you about doing the same by using your personal computer.

To do so, follow the easy steps mentioned below:

1. Connect your mobile or tablet that you are using to your computer. Use a USB cable to do so.

2. Go to My Computer , or File Explorer . It totally depends on what update of Windows you are using.

3. Double-click on your device. Access the files on it.

4. Now, double-click on the folder of Internal Storage .

5. Click on the Android folder.

6. Next, go to the Data folder from Android folder.

7. Once you have opened the Data folder, open the Applications folder from there.

8. Now, locate Com.Facebook.Orca and click on it to open the folder.

9. Now that you have almost made it, click on the Cache folder to open it.

10. In the Cache folder, you will find fb_temp . Right-click on it and copy the folder.

11. From your device, uninstall the Facebook Messenger app, and then reinstall it without signing in.

12. Before you move forward to log in to your Facebook Messenger account, repeat step #4 to step #9 that have been mentioned above.

13. In the Cache folder, paste the fb_temp that you had copied earlier.

14. Now, log in to your Messenger account, and that's it! You're good!

After following either of these methods, you might as well face an error with a statement that " Process Com.Facebook.Orca has stopped working ."

But, don't you worry about it! We are about to tell you a super easy way of fixing this issue, in case of facing it! So, keep reading, and you'd be grateful!

Best Method to Fix Com.Facebook.Orca Error

To get rid of the error, follow the easy steps mentioned below:

1. Unlock your Android device, be it your mobile phone, tablet, or any other device that you are using.

2. Go to Settings .

3. Locate the Applications folder, and click on it. You can also use the search bar in Settings to find this folder without wasting any time.

4. Now, in the Applications folder, you will see the option of ' All apps .' Click on it.

5. A list of all the applications running on your device will show up on your screen. From this list, choose the Facebook Messenger app.

6. Now, you will see a ' clear all data ' option.

7. Click on it.

8. Restart your device.

9. Once the device has been restarted, launch both Facebook and Facebook Messenger app one by one.

10. You will see that the error will no longer show up on your device while trying to recover the deleted messages from messenger.


We tried to clear up your queries about Com.Facebook.Orca as much as we can. We told you all about this folder and how it can work wonders by helping you in recovering the important Facebook conversations that you might have deleted by mistake. However, there are still possibilities of this method not working for some people. This can be due to the type of device that they are using or they must have been following the steps improperly. Either way, they'd face a hurdle in recovering the accidentally deleted messages by using this amazing folder.

Make sure that you follow all the steps properly, and let us know if these methods worked for you. To make things a lot easier and comfortable for you, we have also mentioned the method that you can use to fix the error that might occur before or after recovering the deleted messages. This is a wholesome guide that we have prepared for you because we care about our valuable readers, and you are one of those!

If you found this guide helpful and wholesome, share it with your friends and family. Help them to realize the worth of this folder that has been lying in a secret corner of your device for so long now. This is just like magic how it can restore the lost messages on your device! So, without wasting any more time, share and spread the word as much as you can!

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