Most Expensive Sports In The World

by Raven T.

Sports are generally referred to as activities involving both young and old, improving the participant's physical fitness and entertainment to the spectators. Not only do sports helps in the improvement of the participant's physical wellness. The participants enjoy sporting because every bit of it provides them enjoyment. To enjoy sport, all that is required is to be dedicated and practice often.

Some sports cannot be accessed easily by everyone. This is because they are specifically for the elites, considering the cost of training, maintenance, and other things. These types of sports are termed expensive. Because of this, they found their way to the list of the most expensive sports in the world. Participating in any of these requires more money. However, there are lots of fun attached.

Summary of Most Expensive Sports In The World

The table below summarizes the most expensive sports globally and what makes them enter the list of the most expensive in the world.

S/NNames Of Expensive Sports In The WorldFactors That Makes Them Expensive
  1. It involves five different sports events, including Running, Pistol shooting, Fencing, Swimming, and Show Jumping.
  2. Cost of equipment purchase
  3. Cost of training (requires the service of five different coaches)
  1. The wingsuit itself costs $2500
  2. Training cost
  3. Insurance cost due to the higher risk involved
  4. Cost of purchase
  1. The cost for constructing a bobsled (can take up to millions of dollars)
  2. Cost of participation $25000
  3. Cost of training
4.Hot Air Balloon Racing
  1. Cost of purchase $20,000
  2. Cost of training $3000
  3. Cost of participation $300 for an hour ride
5.Ski Jumping
  1. Cost of equipment $2500
  2. Training cost
  3. Insurance cost due to the risk involved is far much expensive too
  1. Cost of maintenance
  2. Cost of training
  3. Cost of purchase of a horse which is quite much expensive
  1. Cost of purchase
  2. Cost of maintenance, traveling, and training.
  1. Cost of purchase (to purchase a boat costs up to $100 million).
  2. Cost of storage place for the boat when not in use.
9.Formula One
  1. The cost to start a Formula One race is around $190,000.
  2. Cost of purchase( the cars, tires is quite expensive also)
  3. Cost of training
10.The Whitianga festival of sportCost of equipment and the purchase. (to own the equipment costs about millions of dollars.

Nevertheless, you must not overlook the cost attached. These sports require a sponsor or teaming up to finance them. This is because investing as an individual will have a considerable effect on your bank balance.

Most Expensive Sports In The World

Most Expensive Sports In The World
Most Expensive Sports In The World

This article will clearly explain the lists of the most expensive sports globally and what makes them expensive.

1. Pentathlon - Link


One of the main reasons why Pentathlon is among the most expensive sports in the world is because it involves five different sports events. These five sports events include: Running, Pistol Shooting, Fencing, Swimming, and Show Jumping. Considering this, it shows that Pentathlon is extraordinarily expensive. To participate in Pentathlon means you should have prepared your mind to spend on Five (5) different sports that are unrelated. Show Jumping alone is far more expensive because it requires the use of a horse. Horses are relatively expensive when you want to buy them. For other sporting events involved in Pentathlon, participants have to train under different coaches. This makes it an extra cost to bear. Also, the cost for maintenance and purchase of equipment that is essential is worthy of consideration. This is because you cannot use the equipping of one for another.

2. Wingsuiting - Link


Putting on a wingsuit alone costs $2,500. Wingsuiting is a sport that involves putting on a wingsuit to jump and falling freely from an aircraft by deploying a parachute to land safely. Wingsuiting is a sport that makes humans go against the law of gravity, making it extremely risky. Point Break is a Movie that shows a more practical scene of Wingsuiting. The sky-diving training, renting of planes, and astronomical insurance contributed to the expenses to bear, making it an expensive sport.

3. Bobsledding - Link


To bobsleigh costs about $25,000 aside from the cost of the training. Bobsledding is a Running sport. It is a team sport that involves four people. It requires team sponsorship as the whole expense is divided among the four people involved. To construct a bobsled can take up millions of dollars.

4. Hot Air Balloon Racing - Link

HotAir Balloon Racing
Hot Air Balloon Racing

On hearing the name of this sports, "Hot Air Balloon Racing," many will wonder how on earth will a balloon race? It seems impossible. But in the case of this sport, it can be achieved base on its velocity. It involves moving at a faster rate. Therefore participants must be well trained for this sport and know the safety tips. It makes it to the list of the most expensive sports because to own a balloon comes at a very high price of $20,000. The amount to pay is close to $300 for an hour's ride. Hence, the cost of training a pilot for this sport is $3000.

5. Ski Jumping - Link

Ski  Jumping
Ski Jumping

This sport is a very popular and exciting one. However, it is costly to play this kind of sport. The equipment cost for Ski Jumping is about $2500. The cost of the training, among other expenses, is quite expensive. To engage in Recreational Ski Jumping is extremely costly. It is specially designed for the elites. The insurance cost involved is due to the risk attached. Therefore, it is advisable for participants or whoever is willing to participate to get a sponsor.

6. Equestrian - Link


This sport is often known as horse riding. It is a sport that involves the skill of driving, riding, and vaulting with a horse. It is among the most expensive sports in the world due to its cost of maintenance and training. One has to maintain a horse for the equestrian sport. To purchase a horse comes with a considerable cost. If you get a horse on a global circuit, it will cost you a higher price of $200,000 in a year.

7. Polo - Link

Most Expensive Sports In The World: Polo
Most Expensive Sports In The World: Polo

The cost of purchasing a single horse in an equestrian sport contributes to what makes it an expensive sport. But Polo sport is more expensive. The Polo sport involves the use of four horses, as the strong ones substitute weak horses. The category of people involved in these is the rich class. Horses are purchased at a higher cost, plus the cost of maintenance, traveling, and training. Serious injury can be sustained as a result of this sport. To be a sponsor for polo team cost about $300,000 to $1,000,000. It is required to exercise a polo ponies regularly at $2,500 in a month.

8. Sailing - Link


To sail is just by only one means, which is through the use of a boat. The sailing sport is competitive. To own a boat is far more expensive because getting a sailing boat can cost up to $100 million. The factor that enhances the sailing sport to be costly is because the sports take place within one month and it has to be stored on dry land when not in use. This is what most of the money is being spent on.

9. Formula One - Link

Formula One

The word Formula is referred to as a set of rule to which every participant cars must fit into. Formula One is the apex of Motor Racing. To get to this level, drivers ought to have engaged themselves from a very tender age on go-karts. There is a rise in cost at every level. It is essential to get corporate sponsors because starting a Formula One race costs around $190,000. The cost of the cars, the tires are expensive than an average vehicle on the road. This makes it exclusive to very few people. The cost of the astronomical insurance premium also adds to the sport, making it among the world's most expensive sports.

10. The Whitianga festival of sport - Link

TheWhitianga festival of sport
The Whitianga festival of sport

One of the recognized expensive sport in the world is the Whitianga festival of speed. It is a very popular sport in New Zealand, and it takes place annually. The equipment required in this sport includes parachute, Boat, Ski racing, and Helicopter racing. To own these pieces of equipment is greatly expensive, and the cost is worth millions of dollars.


The main factor that determines participation in any of these sports is the Money Factor. It is advisable to count the cost to know the price involved to avoid draining your bank account to participate. As the costs include;

  • Cost of Purchase
  • Cost of maintenance and
  • Training costs

More importantly, going for non-finance sporting activities is highly recommended for an average personality. It was earlier stated that not all the sports in the world are accessible for all. Some are mainly for the selected few belonging to the wealthy class, as these sports involves great expenses to get it on board or to participate fully. Check your capacity to know where you fit in so that you wouldn't have to spend all you have on a sport. However, these most expensive sports are fun attached.

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